How I was seduced at work by a hot redhead… Ava Pt. 4 sex stories

*It was mid-way through the next week before I heard from her again, once again by text.*

*“Hey, how’s your day going? Xx”*

*I stared at it for a minute; one part relieved and happy to hear from her and one part really annoyed that she could be so blasé about it after us basically imploding and then not speaking for almost a week.*

*I started to type a response several times and then just wound up deleting it. By the time I’d done this two or three times though my phone buzzed again.*

*“So… I broke up with Steve xx”*

*My jaw practically bounced off my desk.*

*I was flooded with an emotion I can’t quite describe; equal parts relief and exhilaration with a dollop of trepidation thrown in.*

*Shit had just gotten real.*

*“I’m away at the moment but I’ll be back around on Friday afternoon… Are you working then? Xx”*

This happened around about 2013 or so and aside from having changed the names it is a completely true story to the best of my recollection. As ever, some details have been left out and some I cannot remember the exact interactions, but otherwise it is accurate, for better or worse.

I continued to stare at my phone for a while, my jaw no doubt visibly on the floor. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head.

I couldn’t quite believe it; whilst I had been enjoying the excitement of it all no doubt, I had also found the whole thing incredibly frustrating and in the back of my head I was sure the whole thing would end in failure ultimately. In my experience, these things always did.

But then, here we were.

There it was in written form; she was single.

She was still interested.

She was coming back, for me.

Someone spoke my name across the office with a question and I snapped back to reality and got back to work.

Needless to say, the next few days were a maelstrom of keeping myself busy and honest-to-god cold showers at least once if not twice a day.

I didn’t really hear at all from Ava during that time and my head still insisted on telling me it was all fake and wasn’t going to happen. I focused on work and anything else I had to do and kept my head down as much as I could.

Friday finally rolled around and I still didn’t hear anything from Ava. The morning passed in a slow grind and eventually one o’clock rolled around and everyone else was leaving for the weekend, leaving me in the office solo as per usual.

It was baking hot in there; the roof being one of those old ones with old glass panels on one side that turned it into a greenhouse in summer and on old wall-mounted air conditioning unit that didn’t do much besides blow the warm air around in a room it was too small for.

I did my best to avoid checking my phone but did look a few times and… nothing.

After about an hour I had just about given up when I heard a loud knock on the front office door.

I froze.

As I started to get up to go and open the door and see who it was I heard it open on its own and froze again like a deer in headlights. I hovered near my desk and after a few seconds the door to the main office opened a few inches and one, pale-skinned hand reached through and beckoned…

I noticed her sunset-red nail polish and the smoothness of her skin even in that instant and immediately my blood was pounding in my ears as I finished rising from my desk and walked, slowly, towards the door.

I walked so slowly to make her wait. After a few seconds she peeked into the room, a look of uncertainty on her face and I smirked back triumphantly from a few feet away. Advantage: me.

She frowned in mock irritation as I slowly pushed the door open and continued to advance purposefully towards her.

She looked up into my eyes as she backed away too slowly to stop me walking into her with my chest and my slightly faster pace pushed our bodies together and forced her to step backwards more rapidly. I saw her breath catch in her throat as we touched and I knew she was as excited as I was.

She was so sexy.

She was wearing a short denim skirt and matching short-sleeved jacket over a red halter top that hugged her figure beautifully and left a generous amount of cleavage on display. Her skin was so smooth and creamy I just wanted to run my tongue across every inch of her… but first things first.

I kept backing her up until we were in the entry to the kitchen and out of sight of the reception area camera, then my hand shot up to the back of her neck and held her still, our eyes locking for a few seconds. It was so intense and I noticed we were both breathing rapidly now with anticipation.

Then our mouths were together and our tongues were lapping at each other and darting in and out of each other’s mouths as our passion was suddenly unleashed.

We started to run our hands across one another’s bodies with slow urgency. It was feverish and intense but not frantic; we were enjoying this and as much as we both needed to feel one another and finally connect in that way we clearly were both enjoying it and wanted the other to enjoy it as well.

My hands moved across her back and shoulder blades, pulling her more tightly against me as she pushed her hips forwards gently, rising up on her toes so that she could slowly move her panty-clad pussy against the bulge in my trousers. We both let out a small moan as we felt the touch of the two and her hands lowered to my ass and pulled me against and slightly into her through the fabric.

I wasted no more time; my hands removing her jacket and then dropping to the hem of her skirt, lifting it enough to run my palms back up across the back of her upper legs and to the wonderfully round but firm cheeks of her ass.

I felt the slight tickle as my palms slid across the edges of her panties and my hands squeezed her cheeks and mirrored her actions pulling her against me harder as we ground into one another, our lips still locked.

As we continued to grope I moved my mouth from her lips to her earlobe and then along the smooth skin of her neck, kissing and gently nibbling and waiting with baited breath for that reaction I knew was coming.

“*Oh fuck…*”

I heard her breathy whisper in my ear and felt her hips buck slightly against me and I smiled against the warm skin of her neck and, impossibly, I got even harder against her.

With a low growl I moved her away from me enough to look her up and down before locking eyes with her again and then slowly kneeling in front of her, my hands still holding her with gentle firmness as I curled my fingers around the waist band of her panties and slowly, oh so slowly drew them down across her legs until they were loose enough to fall on their own then allowing them to drop around her ankles.

Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes seemed to be pleading me to speed up but I didn’t… I made her wait a little longer as I ran my hands across the bare skin of her ass under her skirt, down across the back of her thighs and then her calves, then slowly back up the front of her legs, her knees and then her thighs.

Instinctively, she slightly spread her legs as my hands then chose different destinations; my left hand hooking a thumb under the hem of her skirt and then lifting it up before my fingers gripped the waistband of it, pulling her skirt up enough for her beautiful pussy to be exposed to me whilst keeping hold of her enough to put her where I wanted. She smelled wonderful; her perfume and natural scent felt like it lit my blood on fire.

My other hand, moving more quickly, slid underneath her halter top and then smoothly across her tummy and to the bottom of her left breast before my hand cupped it and gently squeezed; my thumb making little circles across her already rock hard nipple.

She shuddered and half-closed her eyes and I pounced; using my hold on her waistband I pulled her hips towards my face and gave her a long, slow lick with the flat of my tongue like licking an ice cream cone. She moaned and her head lolled back, her whole body leaning with it but I held firm onto her waistband and she didn’t fall or stumble backwards; years of weight training paying off I guess!

Although in that moment I think I could have bench pressed a bus to get to her, weights or no weights.

I gave her several more like that; I had no intention of eating her out properly yet but I wanted her to feel it before we fucked.

“Oh my god I am so wet…”

She said in that same breathless whisper and I smirked and gave a little chuckle

“Are you? Hmm, let’s see…”

I stood then, and turned her around. She put her hands out and steadied herself on the cabinet as I bent her over and lifted the back of her skirt then with my left hand. My right once again feeling the taught muscles of her hamstrings from her position; straight legged and bent over with her ass sticking out proudly.

I played with her a little more and then my fingers found her shaved pussy and gently mirrored the actions of my tongue a moment before; sliding up and down the slit and across her clit, but then I slid them gently inside of her and her back arched.

“See? I wasn’t lying…” She said as I began to gently slide my fingers in and out of her; intentionally rubbing against the front of her pussy walls across the little rough patch of her G-spot.

My left hand released her skirt and it fell against the forearm of my other hand; no obstacle now it was at work inside her, and then I once again slid it inside her top, across her stomach but this time past her pendulous breasts, fondling them gently as it passed and gently holding her weight with the base of my palm on her breastbone and my fingers gently on either side of her throat.

My palm supported her body without putting unpleasant pressure on her and my fingers gave her the feeling that I was holding her by the neck and she arched her back even further.

My fingers meanwhile continued their slow rubbing inside her and I curved my thumb around to rub against her clit on the outside and her moaning increased rapidly and I knew she was about to cum.

I took her close to the edge and then stopped all motion, my fingers resting still and none of my muscles moving for a few seconds.

“Fuck… Fuck!” she moaned, almost whimpering. “Please…”

“Not yet. You’ll have to wait”

I chuckled quietly and she shot me a sidelong glance that promised I’d pay for that later… I decided I was more than good for that.

Her hips rocked as she tried to do it herself but I held off and she moaned in a pleading voice “Pleeeeeease…”

I started again and once again took her to the edge and stopped.

We did this several more times until I decided the time was right.

I pulled my fingers out of her completely, dripping with her wetness. My left hand slid down once again to her breasts but this time I used the grip on her right breast and the hook of my arm around her side to hold her still as I used my right hand to unzip my fly and unbuckle my belt.

It took a few seconds longer than it would with two hands but her impatient whimper of need was more than worth it as I freed my cock from my trousers and pants then gave her another few rubs externally with my hand before taking hold of myself and gently guiding my cock to her opening.

She wiggled her ass slightly against my tip in a furious need to be filled and I finally gave in to my own burning desire.

I’m not super huge but I am about 7” and my cock is quite thick but she was absolutely soaking wet and I slid inside her to the hilt in one thrust; holding her body in place with my left arm and grip on her breast. I felt her ass cheeks hit my hips and she stiffened once again against me, arching her back and I felt her grip on me tighten and we both gasped.

She reached back with her hand and drew my right hand to her breasts as well then outside of her top, almost frantic as my hips moved of their own accord drawing back out of her before thrusting deeply back inside her delicious warmth once again. Somehow I had the presence of mind to continue kneading her breast with my left hand and my right dipped into her top through her cleavage to give her other breast the same attention and I heard her whimper once again, moaning and wiggling.

I’d love to say we fucked for hours that first time and came together… but the truth is even with the foreplay bringing her so close to the edge all the frustration of the previous weeks combined with it having been really quite some time since I’d had sex meant that I filled her after no more than a minute or two.

I felt it start to pulse in my balls and my muscles tightened of their own accord and I gave one last deep, deep thrust and held her against me tightly as I pumped all of my cum into her pussy.

It felt like it lasted days as I throbbed and pumped weeks of anticipation inside her and then I was spent.

I half collapsed against her back and now it was her turn to chuckle.

After a few seconds I started to recover my senses and said “What are you so smug about?”

She turned to look at me over her shoulder, my softening prick still buried in her loveliness to the hilt and said

“I thought you were going to show me how it was done?”

For a second I had a flash of horror; had this all just been a game? Had she even broken up with her ex? Was she just playing me the whole time?

Then she flashed that little fiendish grin with a glint in her eye and I laughed as well.

“Next time then, eh?” she said as she straightened, pulling herself off me and turning to face me.

“Next time?” I said, raising an eyebrow. “Well, that’s presumptive…”

She gave me a mock-outraged look and stepped in close to me, one hand wrapping around my penis and I already felt the softening reverse as my body began to respond to her yet again… so quickly!

“No, it’s not” she breathed into my chest, tilting her head back to look up into my face, her hand beginning to work my now re-hardening shaft, slick with our combined juices “it’s really, really not…”

We decided that it was probably a good thing for me to go back to work and finish the rest of the day, but not before I made her actually cum on my fingers.

She went to the bathroom to clean herself up and then we made out some more in the kitchen for around 15 minutes before we were able to separate ourselves. We nearly fucked again right then and there but decided to leave it for later.

She left full of my cum and I worked for another hour or so covered in her in my pants. We arranged to see each other that evening, and after work I went home and showered before getting dressed and going back out to the car to drive back to her house, excited and nervous but extremely happy.

There’s much more to the story, but I’m not sure if I’ll explore that or not here yet. Hope you enjoyed in any case.

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