How I came all over the cashier’s face while a family entered the store sex stories

I wiped the sweat from my brow. Four hours on the road. I missed the plane and didn’t have choice than to drive there. It wasn’t only my parched lips that bothered me. This was the first business trip in a long time without an ass to squeeze. I’d have to call my former secretary when I get home, maybe shower with her and fuck her while she is covered in soap. It made my dick hard just by imagining it.

I finally entered a small village. I stopped by the first shop I saw. I hoped my Porsche cayenne wouldn’t stick out too much. Unless there were women around but unfortunately I didn’t see any. I got into the store and grabbed a 12oz orange soda. I raised an eyebrow at the bottle. It was very sticky and smelled sweet and sour. I had definitely smelled something similar before, but I couldn’t figure out what it was exactly. “Sorry, it might have been a messy delivery. I got another one if you want.” I looked behind my shoulder. She was a Latina, barely legal I would say, tanned, short, wide hips and dimples when she smiled. Her eyes were like two pearls from the southern sea. She wore a red skirt and her firm young breasts pushed against her red buttoned shirt. Sofia it said on her name tag. I hadn’t seen a girl in more than a day. I couldn’t help it but to imagine my cum on her face. How it would slowly drip from her nose and cheeks. I caught something in her eyes, an interest. The eyes never lied to me. I knew when a girl spread her legs for promotion or when she actually wanted it. “I haven’t had a drink in three hours, so I don’t care.”

“Maybe that won’t be enough to satisfy your thirst then.”

I laughed a little. “You’re probably right with that one…. Not many customers here.”

“Not usually around this time.”

It was just one final step before I could uncover her clothing. “Aren’t you a bit too young to work her?”

“Not if your mother is the owner.” She smiled and tossed her hair behind her shoulders. “Don’t worry. I’m eighteen.”

“It’s a big store to handle yourself.” I only guessed because I didn’t see anyone else.

“Not always, now for example it’s only you and me here.” She twirled her hair in her finger. “I can show you around if there is something else you want.”

“Maybe a fruit or two.” She caught me looking at her breasts but didn’t mind. She showed me the fruit aisle a bit deeper inside the store. “Any special kind?”

“Maybe some mangos.”

“I’ve got some fresh ones from Brazil, do you want to touch them?”


I saw her dimples again while she unbuttoned her red shirt. She wore a black bra underneath. I started at the bottom and squeezed them from beneath. I pulled her closer, so I could unbutton her bra. I threw it behind me and started sucking her nipples. “These are the sweetest mangos I’ve ever tasted,” I murmured with her breasts close to my face.

“Mangos are our special, but we have more than that.” I reached down to her legs and felt her soft wide thigs before reaching her pussy.

“You can’t leave me starving likes this.” She got a hold of my tie and her hand glided down to my belt. “I want some as well.”

I could wait with her vagina. “It’s all yours.”

She unbuckled my pants. She got a hold of my dick in her tiny fingers. She sucked a little and then used both her hands to stroke me. It felt so good. I had to put the drink aside.

“I hope it isn’t too big for you,” I said and enjoyed her sucking more than anything.

“Maybe for my hands and fingers,” she said with the glans close to her smooth lips. “But I have experimented with bigger things.” She sucked some of the spit that was trickling down the shaft. She put it in her mouth and sucked for a few seconds more before she said, “It can sometimes get lonely here. And a girl like me is usually horny.”

I wonder who’d taught a young girl like her to tease a grown man. “Like what?”

She glanced at the orange soda I’d recently grabbed. The one that was a bit sticky. She giggled while she stroked my dick. “It wasn’t a drink that had spilled over that one. I had masturbated with that bottle.”

My dick got a lot harder. “How far did you get?”

“I can show you.”

She lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. She started with the top. She closed her eyes and moaned for every inch it went in. I stroked my dick. I was dying to see more. “You can’t do more than that?”

“If you can make me wetter, I can put it all the way in.”

I grabbed her by the legs and lifted her up to the mangos. I pulled down her panties. It was just one line, shaven and tanned. Her pussy was absolutely beautiful. I licked her, all the way from the bottom and up to her clitoris. I went deeper in with my tongue and tasted her vagina. It reminded me of sweet mangos. I could lick her all day. “Wet enough?” I asked her and kissed her clitoris.

“Yeah.” She reached for my dick. “But I would rather want this.” She turned around in a doggy position. I grabbed a hold of her ass and my dick slipped right inside her. I used only my hands for work, pulling her back and forward as hard as possible. Her breasts bounced all over the place. I switched grip to pull her back and forth with my left hand. I then pulled her hair back with my right so I could kiss her neck. “You want me to fuck you harder?”


I heard a car parking outside. “I might need a few more minutes to finish,” I said and spanked her ass.

“When you’re about to cum—” she breathed. “Just take me to the back aisle.” She breathed. “You can finish on my face there.”

The doorbell rang and a mother with her three kids entered.

I fucked her harder. It was time now. I grabbed her and carried her with me to the end of the store. The kids were playing and getting closer.

“You have to hurry,” she said and glanced at the surveillance mirror.

“Don’t worry.” I had never been so horny in my life. It was enough with five strokes. I shot my cum all over her face and made sure to squeeze out the last drops on her beautiful eyes. It dripped past her breasts and down on the tiles. “Do you need help cleaning?” I said in a low voice, so the family wouldn’t hear. She wiped the cum off and tried to spill as much as possible. “I can just blame it on vanilla cream,” she giggled. “Just how I blamed the soda on the delivery.”

She took on her clothes and so did I. I stroked her neck and made sure to kiss her on the lips. “You’re a good girl.”

“If you come back tomorrow, you can meet my mother.”

“Maybe, I live in the city. It’s a long drive.”

“You don’t want to meet my mother? I can promise you it will be an unforgettable evening.”

I wondered who’d raised such a horny girl like her. Whoever that was sure was worth meeting. It was a long time ago I had fucked a mother as well. “Alright, I will come.”

“She loves men in suit. She will be all over you, so… just make sure that you leave something for me.”

What a girl. I was already getting hard again. “I will promise you that.”

“Oh, and don’t forget your drink.”

I grabbed my wallet and took out a hundred-dollar bill. I stuffed the bill between her breasts. “Keep the change, you deserve it.”

I went outside and opened the orange soda. I swear, it was the best drink I’d ever had.

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