House Party Hookup [MF] real sex stories

My friend invited me to a party. It was his classmate’s birthday. Her name was Karlie. She looked a bit like Hilary Duff. She was very cute. She was a softball player so she was really fit but she was straight.

We walked into the house and heard music coming from the back. We went into the kitchen and my friend introduced me to everyone, including the birthday girl, Karlie.

She was 5’4, petite but muscly. She was wearing a silk dress that formed her body and I could see her toned ass bouncing as she jumped around in excitement.

Everyone chatted over drinks and chips and dip around the dining room table.

There was an open seat next to Karlie. She was full of energy and had a plucky attitude. She reminded me of Bubbles from Power Puff Girls.

We got to know each other over a few drinks but we kept getting interrupted by people wanting to talk to her.

Karlie told everyone to go to the living room.
There was a photo station set up and everyone had fun taking photos together. We were doing fun poses and everyone was running around being silly. I made my way through the group to position myself behind Karlie.

Everyone posed for a photo and I put my head forward next to hers so our cheeks were inches apart. I felt her hand rise up and caress my face as I let my chin rest on her shoulder.

I felt her right hand reach behind and grab my wrist and pull it around her waist. I wrapped both arms around her midriff and we were now embracing as the group kept taking photos.

A big group of people arrived and the photo session was over. People trickled away to mingle until it was just me and Karlie in front of the camera.

We were being silly taking buddy cop photos, fake prom pictures. Etc.

“Oh! I have an idea!” Said Karlie as she turned to face me. She propped herself up on her tip toes and leaned in and kissed me as the camera snapped.

“We’ll have to take a look at that tomorrow.” She said with a cute smile.

A few friends of hers walked into the room and Karlie was mobbed with hugs and flowers and “happy birthdays.”

My work was done. I had laid my foundation, now time to play it cool and have fun.

The party was raging a few hours later. Dozens of people filled the house and backyard. People were playing drinking games, there was dancing, people smoking in the corner, and the rest mingling and having fun.

Karlie had just lost in rage cage and came over to a group of us talking. She asked if everyone was having fun. Everyone talked as her gaze went around the circle until her eyes landed on me.

Her face lit up when she saw me. Her sweet smile turned into a naughty smirk as her eyes checked me out from head to toe. She liked what she saw.

She went back to pleasantries with the group for a few more minutes before excusing herself. She looked at me as she walked away from the group and she cocked her head toward the house and flashed 5 fingers at me.

Five minutes later.

I excused myself from the group and walked into the house. No sign of Karlie in the kitchen or the dining room. I walked into the living room where the photo station was. No Karlie.

I heard a giggle echo in the room. I looked up and saw Karlie watching me from the top of the stair case. She smiled at me and motioned for me to follow her up the stairs.

I made it half way up when she turned around and started walking to her bedroom. She lifted her dress and flashed me her sculpted ass.

I followed her into the bedroom and shut the door behind me. The music from downstairs echoing in the walls.

I turned around and Karlie was lifting her dress up over her head. She was only wearing a black thong.

Her C cups breasts we pale and her light pink areolas were different sizes. It that’s because one was hard and one was soft. They were perky and plump and looked beautiful.

I was speechless as she slowly walked towards me and up on her tip toes again. I leaned down and we started kissing.

I felt her hand start rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was already hard.

She got on her knees and started unbuttoning my pants and zipper. She pulled my pants down to my knees and my cock sprang out.

She giggled and gasped as she admired my hard dick.

She started kissing the tip and then slowly opened her mouth and started moving her head back and forth.

She started sucking my dick and gliding her hand up and down my shaft as she did.

It felt so good. I started moaning involuntarily. She started moaning to match me. It was started to get primal.

I was so turned on and feeling so good, I had to have her. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and stood her up.

I bent her over the bed and stripped her thong off. She giggled ass her ass jiggled as I spread her legs open.

Her vagina lips parted and I could see how wet she was.

I started rubbing the tip of my penis up and down her lips and she started moaning again. Making her want it even more. I kept teasing her. Sticking the tip in ever so slightly then pulling back.

“Please! Please let me have it!”

She was begging for it now. I gave her what she wanted.

I thrusted slowly and deeply inside of her tight pussy. Stretching her out. She let out a breath of shock and then pleasure.

“Oh my god, you’re so fucking big.”

“Yeah, you like that big dick don’t you baby.”

“Yes” she whispered.

“What was that?” I asked as I thrust deeply inside of her and smacked her ass.

“Yes!” She yelped as waves of pleasure crashed over her.

I started thrusting harder and faster.

She yelled out with every stroke.

“Yes, yes, yes, yesss! YES!!”

She buried her face into her bed as she started to orgasm. Her muffled screams of pleasure put a huge smile on my face. She went rigid after multiple orgasms. I pulled out of her and came on her ass.

Karlie was laughing in delight. I started laughing as my orgasm subsided and my endorphins raced. I got a towel and wiped her ass for her.

She finally turned over and flopped on the bed. She was smiling and moaning still.

“Oh my god, that was so good!” she wasn’t taking to me, just appreciating the moment.

She moaned again and let her head fall to the side as she closed her eyes and bit her lip.

She started touching herself. She was still in the mood.

I looked down at my erect penis. Time for round two.

I walked over to Karlie and bent down and reinserted my penis in her. She lifted her head up in happiness.

“Oh baby! Yes!” She said with a look of lust as we locked eyes.

I grabbed her left leg and pressed it against my chest as I leaned forward and penetrated her deeply at an angle. She started moaning again. She grabbed the blanket on the bed. I took it deep and slow. Multiple waves of pleasure with every stroke.

She looked at me, her mouth gapping open, not breathing as she came hard on my dick.

She finally took a breath and her head fell back on the bed. I kept pumping. Not letting her orgasm stop.

She propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me with a fiery passion.

“Lie down on the bed, I want to ride you.”

I pulled out of her and laid down.

She climbed on top of me and slowly sat on my dick. She started bouncing up and down, slowly at first, then faster and faster until she was riding me like a pornstar. Her ass slapping against my pelvis over and over.

We looked at each other as we came at the same moment. Time and space disappeared and we both knew that this was the best sex we had ever had.

She let out a final breath of delight and slumped forward on my chest. We were both breathing heavily.

We laid there together for what seemed like hours until there was a knock on the door. It was one of Karlie’s friends.

We came back to reality and took a shower together and got dressed. Karlie kissed me and thanked me. I did the same. She opened the door and her friend saw me standing behind her. Her friend took in the scene and her cheeks went red. Karlie laughed and grabbed her friends arm and left her room.

I watched as she walked to the top of the stairs. She turned to me and showed me 5 fingers again and smiled. I smiled back.

She walked with her friend down the stairs. She lifted the back of her dress to show me her ass one more time. I laughed. Her friend turned to look at me and saw Karlie flashing me. Her face went even more red.

I waited 5 minutes and then headed back downstairs to find my friend. He was smoking in the corner so I joined him.

He passed me a joint and asked where I was.

“Just hanging inside.”

“I didn’t see you inside.”

“Huh, weird.”

“Why is your hair all messed up?”

I brushed my hand through my hair.

“Oh is it? Good looking out.”

I took a hit and handed the joint back.

My friend looked at me suspiciously.

I smiled.

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