Hooking up with a Sophomore Comrade [MF] non-fiction sex stories

Another story from the Lair! The freshman Party Dorm floor where I and all my friends got laid a loooot in college. Sorry, this one’s weirdly political xD

I’m Alyse and I’m short, curvy, brunette, and slutty.

Back in my freshman year I wasn’t very political, but I knew I didn’t like the politics I was raised on. But I thought it was edgy to even be a Democrat. I knew nothing about unions, capital, praxis, all that fun shit.

And neither did most freshman. But every now and then an upperclassmen would descend to the Lair to relive the glory days (and try for an easy lay).

This one night I ended up talking to this Sophomore philosophy major named Jon. He was a nice guy, kinda nerdy, but very smart and easy to talk to. They say sophomore means “wise fool,” and this guy kinda met that criteria. He was pretentious and you could tell he was sort of regurgitating information on whatever topic we talked about.

He ended up asking me about my politics and I told him that I didn’t really have any. He got really excited, then apologized. He explained he really really liked to talk about radical leftism, communism, revolution etc, but most people didn’t really wanna listen. I was down because this guy seemed chill and he was cute.

We ended up in some random empty dorm on someone’s bed. I kinda just sat and listened and asked occasional questions. I’ve learned since that a lot of what he told me wasn’t exactly right (Anarcho-capitalism doesn’t really count as Anarchy, for example). But he was so excited it was cute. And I was drunk.

I kissed him in the middle of a sentence about landlords and we made out for a few minutes. He broke the kiss and said he’d never really done the hookup thing before. Turned out he was a transfer student and had only heard legends about the Lair.

“So you came down here to see if it was true…and get your dick wet?”

He blushed so I giggled and kissed him again. Then I grabbed his crotch. “Hope you don’t mind if I seize your means of reproduction…” a cheesy and obvious joke but he appreciated it.

He stammered out some joke about power and consent of the masses?

He let me slip off his pants and well, let’s just say he was hoarding wealth in his own way. I wanted his hammer in my sickle…is that anything?

I told him to keep talking while I messed around. So as he explained the evolution of exchange goods and capital, I sucked his cock. It was really hard for me to take the whole thing, but I’m nothing if not a worker.

He obviously got pretty distracted but believe it or not I continued to learn as I pleasured this nerdy leftist’s nice dick.

I really wanted him to fuck me hard but, he ended up surprising me in my mouth. I swallowed every drop then whispered, “thank you comrade!”

He was a proper feminist, and ate me out until I came. He was actually pretty good at that, using his hands and tongue to apply pressure at the right places and took any instruction I gave him.

After that we were both pretty beat and went back to our respective dorms…but he was my friend until he graduated, and we went to a few protests together even. 10/10 would suck cock for praxis again

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