Helping out a “Frustrated” Coworker [pt2] short sex stories

I didn’t get anything accomplished for the rest of the day between people worrying about the snow, and me getting myself more and more worked up fantasizing about how I could take things a step further with my married coworker, James.

He wasn’t getting much work done either. At 4 o’clock, I got another text *”You are very distracting”* – with a zoomed in picture of my chest, hard nipples very apparent through my thin dress. It took all my willpower to fight against my bashful instinct to cover myself. I looked up to see him watching me again and my face flushed as my nipples tightened further and I could feel my heartbeat pulsing between my legs.

With the snow not easing, our boss declared that he was letting us all off early. Myself and the other 2 coworkers he had said he would give rides to wandered over to James’s desk after gathering our things. It turned out, James needed to “run an errand” on my side of town and asked if it was ok to drop me off last so he wouldn’t have to back track as much. As we were walking to the truck, another coworker (James’s friend) told me to sit up front since I would be riding the longest. I wondered if James had already said something to him about me. I couldn’t tell if that made me more nervous, or more excited – my heart was beating so fast. James helped me into the truck so I wouldn’t slip on the ice, making sure to grab a big handful of my ass in the process. Under the guise of stowing his work bag by my feet and while the other two were distracted by getting in themselves, he slipped a hand up under my dress. I instinctively opened my legs a little wider as he reached further up, his fingers brushing very lightly against my bare pussy. He grinned and carefully pulled his hand away while mouthing silently “just double checking.”

As he walked around to his side of the truck, I looked down to see my bra peeking out of an open pocket of his work bag. Luckily, my coat provided a little modesty from my other coworkers as we headed out. It was hard to stay focused on the conversation and I truly can’t remember what we talked about to save my life. All I could focus on was the rumbling of the truck and *how close he was*. Dropping off the others took far too long and also came to quickly. As his friend closed the truck door and walked up his driveway, we were finally alone.

James pulled out and started out of the neighborhood, the silence and tension building. I didn’t know what to say or do and was thinking, at the point, maybe we would both chicken out. As the panic was starting to swell up, James lowered the volume on the radio. “I really *really* want you ….. but I don’t want to make you feel like you have to do anything. You’re driving me crazy but I can take it” he says while keeping intense eye contact on the road, his face a little flushed.

All my fear left and I grinned while asking “How good of a driver are you?” He looked over and saw my grin which make him relax a little himself and smile, assuring me that he hand things under control. While he turned onto a less populated side road, I slipped off my seatbelt and coat and slid closer to him, my dress riding up slightly as I did so. I set my hand on his thigh, slowly pulling it further and further up while we both got more at ease. It didn’t take long for my palm to graze against his hard, hot cock, straining against his work slacks. I didn’t want to give him the chance to tell me to stop, after giving him a firm squeeze, I knew I had to see more. Feel more. I shifted so I had better access to his zipper and pulled it down, quickly reaching in to free him.

His wife is an idiot. His dick was perfect. I started gently stroking him and I could feel myself almost dripping with how wet feeling him in my hand was making me. His breath came more rapidly and shallow – I could tell he was trying to make sure he enjoyed this for as long as possible. My heart dropped as I realized we had pulled into my neighborhood. *Not enough time!* I thought. He reached down and pushed my dress further up, slipping his hand between my thighs and spreading them. He stroked my bare pussy, teasingly and my hand started moving up and down his shaft a little quicker. I wanted to make sure he came before he had to go back home. He pulled into my driveway, pulling his hand from my pussy to throw the truck in park. But instead of sliding his fingers in me like I had hoped, he grabbed my wrist and stopped me from continuing my explanation of his cock, glistening with pre-cum. I looked up in confusion, worried that I had taken it too far.

He made sure I was looking him dead in the eyes before asking with a hungry grin, “Can I walk you inside?”

[Edit to say Part 3 is up!]

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