Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Twenty-Five – The Second Task erotic short stories

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It was the twenty-third of February and Harry Potter was in deep shit; his inability to find a solution to the Second Task’s predicament had caused him great concern. Both Hermione and Ron had been helping him for days; looking through every book in the library for the answer to surviving underwater for an hour. Hermione’s assistance was more than a hindrance than a help; in large part due to her ridiculously slutty attire. Her shrunken clothing had kept both Harry and Ron as hard as rocks and slowed down their researching the entire time, and although Hermione’s keen mind was always an asset, Harry wondered if her ass was an encumbrance to his survival. Ginny’s tight floral patterned panties accented her sexy and curvaceous ass and pussy; serving only as a sexual distraction for the horny duo of Harry and Ron. Half the time he was suppose to be researching; he was imagining what he could do to her if only he had his Spellbook of Desires and the time to properly satisfy his growing lust. As Hermione walked back down the restricted section aisle to find another unhelpful book, Ron looked over at Harry with the same idea in mind.

‘Come on Harry! I can’t think about anything else with her strutting around in those clothes!’ Ron pleaded, trying to force Harry to run up to his room and find a suitable spell for the situation.

‘We can’t… I just don’t have enough time… I’ve only got a few more hours before the Second Task begins’ Harry replied, clearly fighting the urge to risk his survival with another opportunity to split Hermione in half.

‘Well… Maybe you could get it for me… I mean… If I’m not going to be any help and if Hermione is such a distraction…’ Ron begged, trying to cover up the large bulge in his pants.

‘Fuck you Ron! We made an agreement… We’d only use the Spellbook on her together, so you can just suffer asshole!’ Harry said forcefully, knowing full well that the Spellbook was securely locked in his trunk and Ron wouldn’t dare break the promise they had made. Harry and Ron had made a pact on the particular subject of screwing Hermione; neither one would use the book on her alone. If Ron were to break that pact, Harry might feel it only justifiable to have a little fun with Ron’s little sister again and this time, leave a little something extra in her slutty teen pussy.

The trio was interrupted only an hour later when both Hermione and Ron were asked to leave the library to meet with Professor McGonagall in her office. Harry was sure that helping him had gotten them in trouble and now they were going to be forbidden to help Harry with solving the task at hand. Eventually however, Harry was shooed from the library by Madam Pince and he carried what books he could back to the Gryffindor common room, vowing that he’d return to the library later under his invisibility cloak if he was unable to find a suitable spell.

While Harry continued to pour over several thick and useless books, Hermione and Ron were being told that they were going to be placed in an unconscious and near comatose state for the Second Task. They would be the objects Harry and Victor Krum would have to locate and save during their hour long task in the deep water of the Hogwarts Lake. Both Ron and Hermione consented to being induced into the near coma state and Professor Dumbledore, with the help of Professor McGonagall made all the arrangements with the duo. For the purpose of maintaining utmost secrecy, Hermione, Ron, Cho Chang, and Gabrielle Delacour would all be placed into the catatonic state as soon as the four agreed to take part in the dangerous task. Dumbledore assured the four willing participants that they would be in no danger before placing the coma-inducing spell on each one of them.

‘Miss Granger sure leaves little to the imagination, doesn’t she Albus?’ Professor McGonagall told Dumbledore after all four of the participants were in their comas.

‘She sure doesn’t Minerva!’ Dumbledore said, eyeing Hermione’s sexy little outfit before calling for the school’s house elves to come and retrieve the four deep sleeping youngsters. The house elves were to take them to a special secret chamber for the night and then, using house elf apparition, transport them to the shore of the lake an hour before the task was to begin. The Merpeople were then going to take their bodies down to one of their villages and tie them to four separate posts.

What Dumbledore didn’t know however, was that the house elves of Hogwarts had quite a dislike for Miss Granger and fully intended to pay her back for her attempted meddling a few weeks earlier. In the last few weeks, the house elves had been treating Hermione with extreme hostility. They never openly disobeyed any orders, they just neglected to do their tasks when it came to Hermione. Lost and shrunken clothing, tainted food and drink, and a complete disregard for any duties to help the young witch were the first phase of their revenge. The next more actionable phase, was to take advantage of the young girl while she was completely defenseless. Over fifty male house elves were going to vent their frustrations with the nosy human bitch, doing the only way they could think of. The female house elves had opted to let their male counterparts exact their sexual revenge against the human girl for all house elves at Hogwarts and therefore were not going to take part in violation of the young human girl.

The three girls and one boy were taken by the house elves to the Room of Requirement to remain hidden until the task. It was there that every single male house elf converged, all bent on releasing their frustration through sexual deviancy. Taking extra caution to safely and comfortably place the other three children on soft beds for the night, the elves moved Ron, Cho and Gabrielle to soft feather beds in the corner of the room. Their treatment of Hermione was nowhere near as gentle. They roughly tore off her shrunken clothing and panties, making sure she was completely naked before they all congregated around the helpless teen. House elves might be the servant of man, but they still had to procreate with their kind, and therefore had genitalia. House elf sperm could not impregnate human women however, and therefore Hermione had no possibility of getting pregnant.

Without a single word, the house elves began to undress themselves as they observed the naked girl in front of them. Although Hermione was a particularly attractive human female, the house elves could have cared less what the girl looked like. All they cared about was getting their revenge on the meddlesome slut. Her nice little boobs, tiny rosy nipples and completely shaven pussy did seem to have a positive effect on the male house elves however. Her sexy teen body was more than enough to get every single one of them erect and if Hermione had been conscious, she would have fainted at the sight of the house elves’ inhumanly large cocks. Each and every one of them were sporting cocks over six inches long, with some even longer.

It didn’t take long for the first house elf to slide underneath Hermione’s juicy ass and stick his six inch cock up towards her virgin asshole. Hermione had never had her ass fucked before, and as the first house elf slid his fairly thin shaft into her extremely tight hole, Hermione’s unpleasant but unconscious ordeal began. As the house elf began to slowly move his cock into her tight opening, another larger house elf began to prod her teenage pussy. Her pussy was no where as tight as her ass and the house elf’s cock easily slid into her sexy bald pussy with relative ease. It didn’t take long for both the house elves to be moving in a synchronized rhythm with three or four other elves using her body, mouth and hands to help them get off as well. Hermione was fully stuffed within a few short seconds, with two elf cocks pounding her pussy and ass, while three others violated the rest of her body.

‘UNGHHH!’ grunted the house elf driving his cock up into the unconscious Hermione’s ass. For such a small creature, the house elf had a considerable amount of pent up cum. Several hot streams of his seed filled her rectum, just as the house elf on top of her, began to cum as well.

‘Ahhhh!’ the house elf ramming his rod into her cunny moaned, spurting several long thick streams of warm sticky seed into Hermione’s human womb. The transition between the house elves who had cum and those who were waiting for their turn seemed almost choreographed. House elf after house elf either spent their massive load on her pretty face, small teen tits or inside her ass or pussy. In fact, after only a few elves, Hermione’s pussy and ass were packed full with hot sticky cum. The house elves used their own brand of magic to quickly remove the excess cum from Hermione and continued violating the unconscious teenage witch. Each and every house elf had blown their load at least once in or on Hermione before they finally called it a night. By the time they had cleaned her again and made her presentable by redressing her, there were only a couple of hours left before the Second Task was to begin. The house elves were pleased with themselves; they had degraded a nosy human student without her knowledge and had gotten away with it without anyone ever finding out.

As agreed upon, the house elves apparated down to the lake with the four participants an hour before the Second Task was to begin. Before leaving them to the Merpeople, one of the house elves gave Hermione’s ass one last squeeze and smack, and then disapparated back to the kitchen to celebrate the success of their flawless revenge with the rest of his comrades.

The Merpeople, following the request of Professor Dumbledore, slowly rose out of the dark murky water and scooped up the four unconscious task participants. Their role in the proceedings would be to tie the four children to four separate posts near their village at the bottom of the lake. The champions would then have to swim to the bottom, cut the ropes and return to the surface with their treasured friend or love. The Merpeople of Hogwarts would have never agreed to such and intrusion to their privacy except at the behest of their close friend and ally, Albus Dumbledore.

It took only a few minutes for the Merpeople to swim down to the depths of the lake carrying their unconscious human captives in their arms. They quickly tied them to their posts and waited patiently for the Triwizard Champions to make the perilous journey to the bottom of the lake.

While Hermione, Cho, Gabrielle and Ron were taken down to depths of the lake, Harry was sound asleep in the library, having never found any solution to the difficulties of the Second Task. He woke with a start only ten minutes to the beginning of the task when Dobby the house elf woke him suddenly. Apparently, Dobby had learned of Harry’s predicament and had come to help him out in his time of need. He gave Harry a handful of Gillyweed and told him to eat it prior to going under water. Harry thanked Dobby and without hesitating another second, ran from the library and down to the lake.

As the task was just about to start, Harry made it just in time, sprinting to the starting line without a moment to spare. Harry was almost completely out of breath when he reached the cold shores of the lake, but as he laid eyes on his competition, he nearly fainted after taking in Fleur’s unbelievably revealing swimsuit. Apparently, she had chosen to go with a streamlined and somewhat skimpy two-piece swimsuit. Both pieces were incredibly tight and as she turned around to get ready to jump into the freezing water, Harry was delighted to see that she was also sporting the tightest thong he had ever seen. It wasn’t just Harry who was staring at Fleur, the rest of the champions along with half the crowd gathered to watch had their mouths wide open, drooling at the sight of such an incredibly beautiful specimen.

As a small bulge began to grow in his pants, Harry was woken from his goggling and drooling reverie by the sudden explosion of a starting gun. Fleur was easily the first one to dive into the water; her flattering bikini had been used as a distraction to give her a good head start. Ten seconds later, the rest of the contestants dove into the water. Harry gulped down the disgusting Gillyweed just before hitting the freezing cold water. Harry couldn’t believe the transformation that took place shortly after; gills, webbed feet and hands, and the ability to breath underwater became natural to him. The water instantly became warmer and in no time at all, he was quickly gliding along underwater towards the bottom of the lake. Harry was astonished at how quickly he was moving; if he was able to keep up his pace, he’d find the Merpeople and his friends in a few minutes. The hour long time limit seemed laughable to Harry as he passed long seaweed and sharp rocks. Within five minutes of the firing of the starting gun, Harry had found the Merpeople village and his friends tied to long wooden posts.

As Harry made it to the underwater village, Fleur, Krum and even Cedric Diggory were still struggling along at a fraction of the speed that Harry had been able to swim. However, unlike Krum, Cedric and Harry, Fleur had gotten herself into a spec of trouble in the long weeds. A few long-fingered Grindylows were able latch onto the French beauty as she swiftly swam past some thick weeds. Unable to fend off the vicious sea creatures, Fleur used her wand to try and stun and petrify them. As a final ditch effort, she tore off her teeny bikini in order to slip out of the grasp of the pesky magical creatures. The trick would work, but as she got ready to swim away towards her goal, one of the Grindylows was able to pop the protective air bubble around her head. A rush of cold water broke through the bubble and as Fleur bean to choke and gasp for air, she resolved to swim to the surface before she ran out of air. Just as the last of her limited oxygen ran out, her head broke the surface of the water and she gasped for air. Her task was over as she struggled to tread water and was rescued shortly after by a few professors on brooms.

While Fleur forfeited the Second Task, Harry was speedily swimming through the Merpeople village and towards the four imprisoned and unconscious task participants. He instantly noticed two Merpeople guards standing beside the four poles, obviously making sure that everybody followed the rules and took only one captive each. Harry’s first instinct was to help all four captives before leaving for the surface. He made to help them all, but the guards quickly intervened. Harry, realizing that he’d never get his way as long as the two guards remained at their posts, sent two stunning spells at them. He was unable to say ‘Stupefy’, but the spell worked nonetheless, knocking both guards unconscious in the process. Harry was just about to cut the ropes binding the four captives until a devious thought came to his mind. Hermione, Cho and the young Gabrielle Delacour were all unconscious, tied and completely at his mercy. No other Champion was in the vicinity and Harry reckoned he had several minutes before anyone else would be able to make it to the village.

A bulge in his pants began to form again as he quickly swam towards the three girls. He knew he wouldn’t have enough time to properly violate and fuck each of them, so he decided instead to see and compare how each of their pussies tasted. Harry’s mouth watered at the thought of how great each them would taste, even the very young sister of Fleur, whose burgeoning body was already developing into a near replica of her older sister. Harry had never had the pleasure of tasting any of the three girls’ pussies, and the thought of slipping his tongue into their warm tight twats was nearly overwhelming. Hermione was closest to him and was therefore the first contestant in his taste testing game. To his utter glee, Hermione was still wearing the slutty clothes she had donned the previous day, including the pair of Ginny’s tight floral patterned panties and a ridiculously short skirt.

Harry quickly cut the bindings around Hermione’s ankles before pulling off her tight panties to reveal a completely shaved pink pussy. He stuffed the floral patterned underwear into his pocket and swam underneath her gorgeous tight teen twat. He held her juicy ass as he moved his head in towards her shaven pussy. Harry’s long tongue slowly penetrated her wet folds and as water rushed through his mouth and back out his gills, his tongue began to delve in and out of her. Harry’s cock quickly stiffened as he got his first taste of his good friend’s delectable pussy and although he had little time to enjoy the unbelievably and tremendously tasting cunt, he swore to himself that he’d get another taste as soon as possible.

Harry quickly moved onto his next victim after getting one last lick of Hermione’s sweet tasting snatch. Cho was next and as Harry again cut the bindings around her ankles, he pulled off her pink underwear in short order. Harry stuffed her panties in his pocket as well and was extremely overjoyed to see that Cho had trimmed her pussy into a cute little triangle, just above her tight little clit. Harry had had the pleasure of fucking Cho once before, but never had he had the opportunity of tasting her scrumptious little Asian pussy. Just as he did with Hermione, he got under Cho and after grabbing her firm little butt, he slowly jutted his long tongue deep into her pussy. A whole new flavor flooded his taste buds as her pussy juices gushed into his mouth along with the water moving through his gills, and although she tasted amazing as well, she just couldn’t match up with Hermione’s delectable twat.

The final contestant in Harry’s little game was Fleur’s little sister Gabrielle, and although Harry would probably never consider fucking such a young girl, there would be no harm in violating her tiny pre-teen pussy while she was still unconscious. He quickly sliced the ropes around her ankles and positioned himself under her tiny body. Just like Hermione and Cho, Gabrielle was wearing a small skirt, making her little panties easily accessible to him. Gabrielle was wearing a tiny pair of light blue panties which Harry pulled off to reveal her tiny smooth and bald pre-teen pussy. Harry stuffed the panties into his bulging pocket and grabbed her tiny ass, before slipping his tongue into her puffy pink pussy. The extremely tight twat quickly gave way to his protruding tongue and within seconds, a rush of extraordinary flavor covered his taste buds. After delving his tongue into her for a few more short seconds, he was completely surprised but overjoyed to discover that it wasn’t Hermione but little Gabrielle who had won the contest. Although Hermione’s juices were nearly irresistible, Gabrielle’s young cunt was somehow even sweeter.

Just as Harry was about to put the three girls’ panties back on each of them, he saw Cedric Diggory approaching out of the corner of his eye. ‘SHIT!’ he gurgled, as he swam to Ron and started to cut his bindings. Cedric quickly cut the bindings around Cho’s wrists before swimming away with her, not even noticing that she had no panties. A strangely transfigured Krum followed Cedric a few minutes later as Harry waited and whisked away Hermione moments later. Harry continued to wait a few more minutes for Fleur to show up and rescue her sister, but as the hour deadline quickly approached, Harry decided to untie both Ron and Gabrielle and drag them to the surface. He struggled mightily as the Gillyweed quickly wore off and just as he was about to run out of air, he broke the surface with both Ron and Gabrielle in his arms. Both quickly snapped out of their coma-like states and Ron helped Harry drag the struggling Gabrielle back to the shore. Everybody cheered for both Harry and the other Champions as the Second Task came to an end. A smoking hot and wet Fleur, covered by only a thin towel ran up to Ron and Harry after making sure her sister was okay. She gave both of them two swift kisses before stealthily rubbing her hands up against their crotches and whispering something extremely naughty into each of their ears. The scores were quickly tabulated and after the Merpeople Chief told Dumbledore of Harry’s valor, Harry was awarded several more points. All and all, the Second Task went very well for Harry; not only did he do exceedingly well in the task, he also got away with violating three extremely good tasting and gorgeous girls.

‘Where the hell are my panties?’ Hermione, Cho and Gabrielle said in turn as they were dried off and noticed that they were in fact panty-free.

Before questions could be asked and an investigation begun, Harry ran off towards the castle with Ron in tow, laughing the entire way back to the Gryffindor common room.

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