Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Thirty-Three – Seeing Double short sex stories

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It had been a very troubling and trying week for Hermione and Ginny; after losing the Spellbook of Desires and getting into a near dual with Hermione, Ginny refused to say a word to one of her best friends. Both girls gave each other the cold shoulder for over two weeks and although the school term was only a couple of months away from completion, time seemed to be moving slower and slower. Harry had been given quite a present from an anonymous benefactor, when his very own Spellbook of Desires was mysteriously returned to him along with a couple of very valuable gifts. Harry hadn’t quite decided how to use the coins; of course he could just command Hermione and Ginny to fuck him silly, but the note had given him explicit instructions to use it in another manner. So far, Harry had gotten through the first two tasks by sheer luck and chance. If he truly was to find himself on level footing with the other Triwizard Champions, he’d have to somehow find out what magic the other Champions were able to perform and how much more advanced their magical knowledge was then his. In the meantime however, he had been testing out the valuable golden coins by having Hermione and Ginny doing a few things out of the ordinary in their daily schedule. He hadn’t made them do anything sexual in nature; to him at least, because he didn’t want the coins’ magic to somehow backfire and either get him into hot water or lead to some unfortunate accident. For example, Harry had squeezed the coin labeled ‘GW’ and had told Ginny to flash her tits in front of everyone in the Great Hall during breakfast. Sure enough, Ginny stood up on the Gryffindor table, unbuttoned her shirt and gave the whole school a great look at her petite but glorious teenage tits before she sat down and continued to eat her breakfast like nothing had ever happened. Everyone had looked at her in disbelief, but Ginny shrugged off the weird looks and trailing eyes and continued on with her business as if nothing had happened. Satisfied with his first test of the coins, Harry followed it up with a test for Hermione. For her trial, Harry made Ron sit down in one of the comfy chairs by the Gryffindor common room fireplace. He then squeezed the coin labeled ‘HG’ and told Hermione to come to the common room and give Ron a lap dance until he came. It only took Hermione a few seconds to make it to the common room before she started grinding her ass up against Ron’s hardening cock. Ron sat there both amazed, astonished and speechless as Hermione continued grinding her ass back and forth on his lap for over ten minutes before Ron’s body shuddered and he came in his underwear. Hermione instantly got off Ron’s lap, looked around to see where and why she was in the common room and proceeded to walk back up to her room. Harry had only one more test in store for the coins, but he wasn’t planning to enact that final experiment until he had a weekend off.

Harry wasn’t the only one testing out new by-products of the Spellbook of Desires; Fred and George Weasley’s adult Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes line was becoming a major moneymaker at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Their products were so popular in fact, that they were having trouble brewing the potions fast enough. They had even enlisted the help of their good friend Lee Jordan to help them concoct more of their best-selling potions. Since the loss of the Spellbook of Desires, the twins had not been able to concoct any new adult oriented products. They had however, come up with a great way to make a sizeable amount of gold which had nothing to do with potions or spells.

‘A nice little calendar could rake in a nice bit of gold, Fred!’ George said to his brother after Fred relayed his brilliant plan. Fred had had a devious moment of brilliance one morning after watching Ginny flash her hot tits to half the school. Almost everybody cheered with enthusiasm as Ginny gave everybody a good look at her rosy little nipples. Fred had looked around at her adoring fans and realized that even after she had covered up, almost every guy and a few girls were still lusting after her. Only seconds after that, Fred had come up with a plan to take advantage of the hotness of Hogwarts teenagers and the horniness of the students who lusted after them.

‘We’re talking loads of gold here, brother’ Fred replied, dreaming about the gold he and his brother would be raking in. The only problem was that the twins would have to convince at least twelve of the hottest girls from both Hogwarts and Beauxbatons to pose for some rather risqu?hotos. The twins spent an entire Friday making up a possible list of names, suitable for their calendar. So far, they had; Ginny, Hermione, Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood, Lavender Brown, Pansy Parkinson, Fleur Delacour and an assortment of other girls from both Hogwarts and Beauxbatons. Their first target however, was something a little more special. As twins, Fred and George knew of the benefits the pair had over most others and like themselves, the Patil twins had a certain advantage most of the other girls around Hogwarts did not. The fact that there were two of them simply made their already immeasurable sex appeal twice as powerful. However, because Padma was in a different school house then themselves, the twins decided that it would be best to approach the twin sisters separately. Fred approached Padma and George did the same with Parvarti. They each offered the girls a lucrative fifty gold Galleons as a payment for their time and the right to distribute their pictures in the calendar they were putting together. Both Padma and Parvarti were extremely willing to agree to the terms, even before the twins offered them the fifty Galleons. The chance to be major sex symbols around Hogwarts was a very appealing idea to the twin girls and although the calendars were sure to be leaked back to the magical world and more importantly their families, the Patil twins signed a little contract the Weasley twins threw together. Both Parvarti and Padma were told to meet the Weasley twins in an empty classroom later that night. The twins had already set the room up for a pristine photo shoot, with a wardrobe specially suited for their little calendar.

‘So did Padma agree, Fred?’ George asked his brother after he came through the portrait hole and into the Gryffindor common room.

‘Yes indeed brother… She seemed to be most willing… How about Parvarti…?’ Fred replied, fairly certain of his brother’s answer. Like Fred and George, Parvarti and Padma definitely thought alike.

‘She agreed before I even offered any money!’ George responded with a smirk on his face. With that, the twins borrowed Lee Jordan’s expensive camera and made their way down to the empty classroom they had already set up. The wardrobe they had gotten for their photo shoot had been borrowed from their sister, Ginny. Two pairs of identical pink bras and panties were perfect for the shoot, and although the Patil twins were a little too big for the underwear, the outcome would surely be fantastic. Tight underwear on a couple of gorgeous young teens would be a spectacular first shoot for their newest product.

‘Knock… Knock!’ the door sounded a few minutes after the twins had finished putting the last touches on the now glamorous classroom.

‘There’s our sexy little pair now’ Fred said to George as he strode over to the door and opened it to reveal two very nervous looking sisters. The Patil twins had been very confident about their decision when first asked by the Weasley twins to participate in their little calendar, but now that the hour had come, they had become a little flustered. It wasn’t the fact that their naked pictures would be distributed across Hogwarts; it was the fact that there was a distinct possibility that their scandalous photos would make it to their parents. In the end however, the added bonus of fifty Galleons each made the decision to take part in the calendar a good one.

‘Are we ready ladies…? Fred asked the Patil twins as George guided them towards their appointed wardrobe. Fred and George were going to take a number of pictures of the girls, in their underwear and naked. They’d make the final choice about what picture or pictures they would use for the calendar at a later date. There was no dressing room set up for the girls, and for good reason; the Weasley twins wanted to make sure they able to watch every moment of the girls getting naked. Whether it mattered or not, the Patil twins didn’t seem to mind while they made their way over to the identical pair of pink underwear and proceeded to strip down until they were completely naked.

‘FUCK ME!’ groaned George, as he and Fred watched Padma and Parvarti pull off their own panties. The Patil twins were in perfect form as they began slipping on the pink lingerie. Both twins were completely shaven, with tight pussies, even tighter asses and equally brilliant petite but perfectly shaped breasts. Each breast had a small dark brown nipple capping them off and although the photo shoot was meant to be a business transaction, the twins were feeling awfully hard below their waists. Before they could get a real hard-on however, both sisters were fully clothed in their hot little pink thongs and bras.

‘So… Where do you want us?’ Parvarti asked Fred and George in an innocent schoolgirl voice.

‘On your hands and knees in front of us’ Fred whispered to George as he motioned for the girls to sit on a plush sofa they had brought into the classroom. The girls obeyed dutifully, pretending they hadn’t heard what Fred had whispered to George. A plethora of poses, stripping, and photos ensued over the next hour as the twins made sure they got every side of the girls before they finally were ready to take the last pictures.

‘Why don’t you bend over that couch, Parvarti, and Padma, how about you get on your knees behind her’ George told the girls as he repositioned himself and the camera. ‘Now, how about you stick your tongue out and lick your sister’s ass, Padma’ George ordered a reluctant looking Padma.

‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ Padma responded, a little distraught over the orders given to her. There was no way in hell she was going to dyke it out with her sister, not even for a hundred Galleons.

‘Just one picture and were done… Just don’t think about it’ Fred said to Padma as Parvarti remained bent over the soft sofa. She was just as reluctant about the whole ordeal as well, but she wasn’t the one licking Padma’s ass.

‘Come on… I’ll do anything other than this!’ Padma pleaded the Weasley twins as she sat behind her sister’s ass.

‘Anything…?’ Fred asked Padma, looking over at his brother in the process.

‘Yes… I guess’ Padma replied, looking up at her sister, who also looked a little concerned with Fred and George’s change of demeanor. Before they even had a chance to discuss the matter however, Fred and George had both already dropped their pants to reveal identical seven inch hard cocks. Two hot naked identical twins posing for the Weasley twins’ pleasure had lead to two of the hardest boners either of the brothers had ever experienced. Both Padma and Parvarti exchanged soulful looks before turning to face Fred and George with two sexy and playful grins.

‘A cock would definitely taste better than my sister’s ass!’ Padma said as she shuffled over to George while Parvarti did the same thing with Fred. The Weasley twins couldn’t help but grin as their two models began licking their respective shafts. They each let out moans of satisfaction as the girls began taking each of the seven inch cocks into their hot wet mouths.

‘I think I like being a photographer!’ George moaned as Padma started to deep throat his entire seven inches and fondle his balls with one of her hands.

‘You said it!’ replied an even more ecstatic Fred, whose cock was fully jammed down Parvarti’s throat. She was gagging in some discomfort, but Fred persisted to ram his entire rod into her mouth. ‘I think we can be considered artists though; just look at the masterpieces sitting in front of us!’ Fred continued as he slammed his hips forwards with a growing rapidity.

‘Slow down there brother… You don’t want to miss out on the good part’ George responded to Fred’s wild and powerful thrusts into Parvarti’s gagging throat. Fred slowed up moments later and instead of continuing to have his cock sucked by the beautiful and willing Parvarti Patil, he and George pulled out of the Patil twins’ mouths and sat down on the couch. Both Fred and George waved over their assigned sluts and got ready to fuck them like they’d never been fucked before.

Before they were able to get it on however, Fred pulled out his wand and hit the camera still sitting on its tripod with a spell to make it take pictures every few seconds. The Patil twins didn’t mind in the least as the camera continued to flash every few seconds while they positioned themselves over the two Weasleys’ cocks.

‘These will make for some good pictures, eh Fred’ George moaned to his brother as Padma slowly began to sit on his shaft and engulf his cock with her wet pussy. ‘FUCK… This one is tight!’

‘You said it!’ Fred groaned as the tightness of Parvarti’s teenage pussy contracted around his seven inches. Fred and George struggled mightily for the next five minutes trying to force more and more of their shafts into the Patil twins.

‘YESSSS!’ screamed Padma as George’s rod finally hit balls deep and bottomed out inside of her, invariably causing her to go through a massive and explosive orgasm, coating both his cock and lap with her warm sticky juices. Moments later, Parvarti went through a similarly large orgasm, coating Fred’s lap in her own warm cum. While the Patil sisters continued to bounce up and down on Fred and George’s shafts, the camera sitting on the tripod continued to flash away, capturing snapshot after snapshot of the taboo act. Wealth was one thing, but the joy the two twins would have fucking every single one of their models would surpass their wildest dreams.

‘You better not fucking cum in us!’ moaned Padma as she continued to ride George’s rod with a smile on her face. Parvarti followed up Padma’s warning and gave Fred a stern look that told him that she’d break his dick off if he dared to befoul her sweet teenage snatch with his potent sperm. The Patil twins had not been oblivious to the number of teenage pregnancies happening all across the school. They didn’t know however, that the twins were pretty much responsible for every single one of them.

‘Yeah… We’re not going back to Madam Pomfrey for anymore of those pregnancy potions. Every time we… Ughhh… do, she… Ughhh… gives us a dirty… Ughhh… look! FUCK… I’M FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN!!!!!’ Parvarti screamed as her sister moaned in equal satisfaction at the same time.

‘Don’t… Ughhhh… worry baby, we’ve… Ughhh… got something special… Ughhh… planned for you and… Ughhh… you’re slut of a sister!’ Fred replied, feeling Parvarti’s second coating of juices roll down his piston-like cock. The hot sensation of her pussy convulsing and clutching around his pulsing shaft, along with the hot liquid now coating his cock was too much for both he and his brother to handle.

‘Fuck… You ready for the grand finale, Fred!’ moaned George as his orgasm quickly approached and he began panting in anticipation. His timing was flawless because Fred had a similar look of stress written all over his face.

‘I sure am brother!’ Fred replied, thrusting his hips into Parvarti one last hard time before pulling out completely.

‘Then… get on your knees sluts and get ready for a little whipped topping’ George shouted as he also slammed his cock as deep into Padma as possible before pulling out and forcing her on to her knees. With both Parvarti and Padma now on their knees in front of the plush sofa, Fred and George positioned themselves on either side of the twin girls before they began pumping their already primed cocks as hard as they could. ‘OPEN UP SKANKS!’ the Weasley twins shouted in unison as a wave of euphoric pleasure overcame both of them.

‘UNGHHHHH… UNGHHHHHH…. UNGHHHHHHHH… FUCK!’ grunted both the twins at almost the same time as they pointed the tips of their spasm-stricken cocks at the two Patil sisters’ faces. As the camera continued to flash away at an ever-increasing speed, as if sensing the climactic finish, Fred and George began pasting the sisters with load after load of their hot sticky cum. Both Padma and Parvarti took it like a couple of professionals, as their faces and mouths were hit with an inordinate amount of tasty Weasley seed. Fred and George both hit Parvarti and Padma faces with a good six streams of sticky semen before their cocks finally stopped shuddering and slowly began soften.

Without even telling the Patil twins to do anything else; Parvarti and Padma leaned into each other and gave each other a long deep kiss with the Weasleys’ cum still plastered on their face.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ Fred and George groaned in unison as the Patils separated from their kiss and smiled back at the camera with a few strands of sticky cum hanging from their faces.

‘We thought you would like that!’ the girls said as they each took a sheet from the sofa and wiped their face off.

‘Fuck George… Give these girls a hundred Galleons each!’ Fred moaned as his cock twitched one last time from the Patil twins’ incestuous acts.

‘Definitely!’ George replied, pulling out the twins’ money sack and giving each Patil sister a wealth of gold.

‘Just make sure those pictures are tasteful… and… call us if those photos don’t develop just right!’ Padma replied with a wink as she accepted her gold along with her sister before she and Parvarti spanked each others naked asses and walked out of the classroom and back to their respective bedrooms.

‘Just think Fred, only eleven months left to take pictures for!’

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