Great first Night/Date sex stories

Short back story. Me and this girl have been texting off and on for over a year now. Interestingly enough we started talking on social media because of our love of memes. Anyway, she didn’t really want to meet up during the pandemic because of the risk of Covid. We’re both vaccinated now. Anyway last week our texting got quite explicit and intimate. We decided to finally meet up that weekend and get a room. We met, had dinner, and went back to the room, we watched a movie that was available streaming, and after the movie she set the lights and we both got in the mood. The sex was phenomenal. About an hour or more of great foreplay. She brought her rabbit toy, which absolutely made her soaking wet. Her moans, squeals, twitching her thighs when I ate her out. I haven’t been turned that much on in a long time. Her head game was on point. She sat on my face for a duration of time. I absolutely loved every nuniance of the way she tasted. Then we finally had imtercourse. Missionary and she rode me until completion. We just laid there and giggled and made out a bit before falling asleep. We’re meeting soon again and I absolutely cannot wait to get dirty with her again.

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