Got an golden opportunity with neighbor’s daughter sex stories

This story starts from when this pandemic started my family (Mom, dad & younger sister) and the neighbor’s family planned to attend a wedding in other state. At that time my principal didn’t gave me a leave and so my neighbour (let’s call her rosy). Yes we were in the same college and we both were good friends.
So the day came and my and her parents left. I was very decent in front of rosy’s parents. So they trusted me and they all left. It was 4 days trip and I planned full on enjoyment with my friends at my home.
The day when they left I ordered my dinner and started waiting for the delivery guy. I was very hungry. And then I decided to go in the balcony. Rosy and mine house were side by side so our balconies had small gap in between them, and from in room there was a window through which I was able to see rosy’s kitchen.
One day I was listening to music and was watching outside in the kitchen of rosy where thr lights were turned on. After couple of minutes I saw rosy there baking some cookies for her and I was staring at her beauty. She always used to wear thick clothes when her parents were home, but that day she was wearing a thin top with leggings. I saw her like this for the first time. While I was stalking her, she saw me from there and started to call me from there, I told her to meet me in the balcony and she came there. Then she asked me to help her with her notes. I agreed and then she asked me where will you complete those, this was a good chance to stay with her alone. I told her that I’m feeling lonely in the house and wanted company, she asked me to come at her house I agreed and jumped from the balcony to her. Then I went with her till her bedroom where there was a big study table. Then she brought the cookies for both of us and we started to talk a little about how we would have enjoyed the wedding. And after that all of a sudden we got silent, it was becoming awkward and then I took my cellphone and started scrolling instagram and she sat besides me and we both were laughing at memes. And all of a sudden from nowhere a post from the memer in which there was a model half naked came I quickly scrolled and then again there was silence.
We both were looking at eachother and smiling continuosly, for a while I thought that she may thinking I’m so dirty but then she asked me to eat the cookies and I took two from the plate and the notebook fall down, to which rosy quickly picked up by bending down and then for the first time I got to see her boobs from so close, they were really big, usually they were hidden in the clothes but seeing that I instantly got hard and she noticed that I’m hard and she saw me while I was staring at her boobs.
Now I was out of control and very horny, I rushed on her kissing her lips badly and to my surprise she didn’t resisted, then I got to know that she also wanted that, while kissing her she took us towards the bed and we both fell on it. She started to kiss me on my neck and then I got busy with those juicy boobs, They were warm and my hands were cold, when I touched them she got goosebumps on her while body and damn that looked so good on her boobs. I started to lick the boobs and she was moaning softly. After finishing my lust for her boobs it was time for her sweet pussy. I harshly pulled her pants and she laughed and said that calm down, I’m not going anywhere. I told her that I was wishing to fuck her from many years and then she said me too. After that I directly went in between her legs and started to stare at her pussy. It was clean shaved and tight, in no time I started to lick it and she moaned loudly because it was her first time and while moaning she said to stop, but I was a hungry lion and didn’t stopped and in 5 minutes she came on my face. She got embarrassed about It and started to wipe it from my face, I grabbed her hands and rubbed my face on her naval and clean like that. I was ready to fill her holes…….

End of the part one…. Please tell me about my mistakes, English is not my first language.
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