[F]un with [M]y three [FF]riends on my birthday! [Group] non-fiction sex stories

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of two years because she was getting violent with me and I’m not about to be that victim anymore, and I very quickly started playing the game again. Making out with strangers at my bar and getting contact info from just about anyone I found remotely attractive. I meet this girl, let’s call her Dottie, and we make out across my bar on the first night we meet and make plans to hang out later. The next night, I meet another girl the exact same way, let’s call her Rachel, except I end my shift and somehow she ends up at my apartment for a marathon night of sex.
Flash forward a couple weeks and I’m seeing the two of them fairly regularly, driving out new jersey just about every other night to see one or the other. We have an open rapport and I can freely talk about Rachel with Dottie. She’s experienced with group sex just like me and we talk about bringing in another girl for a fun night so I invite her and Rachel to my birthday party. It was initially supposed to be a beach day, but it rained so I thought it’d be pretty funny to go to Dave & Buster’s instead. As we’re gaming and having a blast, I notice that Rachel and Dottie are actually hitting it off and having a good time with each other. Then, an old coworker of mine shows up, we’ll call her Reya. Now, Reya and I had a lot of sexual tension at the bar, but I was technically her boss so nothing came of it. Now that she doesn’t work with us anymore, we’ve been talking more and getting to know each other.


We finish up at Dave & Buster’s and decide to go clubbing to finish off the night. Everyone goes home except for me, Dottie, Rachel, and Reya. We spend the next few hours dancing and drinking and Dottie and Rachel take turns making out with me on the dance floor. I need a smoke so the three of them follow me outside to get high real quick and Dottie and Reya start vigorously making out in front of the door man. I hear Dottie whisper to her, “Wanna come home with us?” and Reya gives her a “Hell fucking yes” and we practically sprint back to my apartment.
As we’re walking home, Rachel tells me she’s not sure if she wants to have a foursome, and I tell her she’d better go home then because it’s about to go down. When we get to my apartment, she pulls me into the bathroom and rips my pants off, taking me into her mouth. She sucks on my cock for a few moments and tells me she might go home. “You’d be missing out on a hell of a night” i say to her. then she stands up, grabs my cock and pulls me to my room where Dottie and Reya are already naked rubbing each other’s pussies. They’re startled when we open the door and start giggling and I say “Don’t stop on our account” and they pick up where they were as I tear Rachel’s shirt off and kiss her hard and pinch her nipples. She loves nipple torture so I’m squeezing hard when I feel a hand on my cock, and then a tongue on my balls. I look down and see Dottie and Reya start to take turns sucking my dick, kissing it on either side every so often and teasing the hell out of me. After a minute or two of double blowjob bliss, I grab Dottie’s hand and place her on her knees on the bed and slowly enter her pussy from behind.


Rachel takes the opportunity to push Reya down next to us and eat her out. Dottie and Reya kiss in between moans. Rachel stands up and meets her lips to mine and pulls me over to Reya to guide my glistening into her gleaming pussy. Reya whelps and whispers “oh fuck yes, daddy” as I slide my cock gently inside her. I start slowly, gauging how tight she is and how she responds, but she grabs my hair, pulling me close to her face and she grits her teeth and says “fuck me, you little bitch” so I oblige. I pound my cock deep inside her over and over again with Rachel’s tongue flicking the underside of my balls, Dottie comes over and plants her pussy over Reya’s face and I move up to kiss Dottie. we go like this for a few moments when Reya yells she’s about to cum. I go fast and adjust my cock to hit her upwards a little more and starts squirming and gasping under Dottie’s wet crotch. As she tightens around me and bucks her hips, i slow down and sit up, rubbing her clit with my thumb.


I pull out and Rachel dives underneath me and takes my cock in her mouth, forcing me to lean down again to let her go at it freely. Reya taps Dottie’s ass and slides out from under us and says she needs water. once she leaves the room, I climb onto my back and ask Dottie and Rachel to suck me off together. They take to it and get a really nice rhythm together; taking turns on my balls and shaft and giggling together every time they accidentally bump heads. Reya comes back in and practically jumps onto the bed to join the two girls at my cock with Dottie on my head, Rachel on my balls, and Reya now licking up and down my shaft. I tell them I’ve never felt so good and beg them not to stop. so they continue switching positions around my dick for several minutes before Rachel pushes them both away and straddles me.
She slides me into her with ease and Reya gets behind her to lick from my balls to Rachel’s ass. Dottie then comes up to my face and buries my mouth in her ass and pussy and I run my tongue up and down between them both. Rachel then leans forward with both hands digging their nails into my chest and clamps down on my cock and yells “Fuck, I’m cumming!” as she spasms all over me and falls back onto Reya who narrowly avoids getting crushed by her. Dottie takes the opportunity to move down and ride me reverse cowgirl and fingers Reya in front of her. Reya cums fairly quickly and squirts all over my sheets. Seeing and hearing this, I realize I can’t hold it much longer and pull Dottie off of me. I lean back and look at the three of them kissing and rubbing each other clits and take a quick breather before Reya jumps on top of me; pushing her plump tits into my mouth. She whispers to me “Remember when you hired me?”
“Shut the fuck up.” we smile and giggle and I wrap my arms around her back and start to pound into her from underneath while I hear Rachel make Dottie cum with her fingers. I tell Reya I have to cum and she quickly hops down and wraps her tits around my cock, sucking the tip as it comes into view. Titfucks always make me cum fast and I tell her not to stop. She looks up at me and smiles as she squeezes them even harder around me. I whimper out a gentle “fuck…” as I unleash load after load of hot cum between her tits and all over my stomach. Reya makes quick work of cleaning it up with her tongue and comes up to kiss me, we make out for a second with her hand still stroking me. Dottie comes up and puts my cock in her mouth, causing me to twitch under the pressure of her tongue on my tip. She pops my dick out of her mouth and smiles at me before saying, “Happy birthday, sweetie”.
We all giggle and cuddle until we all fall asleep together drenched in sweat and debauchery.

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