Fun in Vegas [F] erotic short stories

Pic was a flamingo dancer outfit

100% consent story

I knew I was going to be in Vegas so I looked for dominants or men online that would be willing to help this slut have a good time. I found a few but one really was a dominant and knew I liked it rough he told me to get ready for an amazing night. He got me an outfit similar to pic I attached I loved it so much. He first took me to a nice restaurant during day and we had a good meal before going back to hotel room where I was tied up to bed and blindfolded while he and some of his friends pounded my holes, I had a cock in each of my holes at once I loved it so much. I was stuffed with cock and cum till he untied me and allowed me to shower. I cleaned up and thanked him and his friends by taking 10 spanks each. Night came and he choose that sexy outfit in pic for me to wear and we walked around the strip he treated me like a whore and made me offer to take pics with guys and do sexy dances and tease a little. Later on as night went on he managed to get a few guys to come use me so we went to a bigger room and guys gangbanged/Bukkaked me till I swear my face was covered in cum I loved it so much I came so much.

Ended the night by me sucking his cock and thanking him for using me and allowing me to service the men. I loved it and again it was all consensual.

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