Fucked (M24)y best friends older sister and her friend on a grad trip update (Xpost from r/sluttyconfessions) erotic short stories

Check my profile for the first part of this story. It gives context and is mostly full of teasers for this story.

Names changed obviously.

So tl;dr i’m on a grad trip with a bunch of friends and family including my friend Tom’s smoking hot older sister Jessica (5’4ish blonde cheerleader) and her friend Sarah (5’8ish brunette cheerleader). Sarah has been teasing me for years, (flashing, suggestive comments) and on this trip its ramped up to 11. We finally fucked the last night of the trip in the same hotel room as Sarah and another friend of mine, Mark.

Literally seconds after we finish we hear a knock on the door from Tom, Jessica’s brother, asking if we are ready for dinner. Jessica, smooth as hell, says the two girls were naked and still getting ready.

We all get dressed and head to dinner and let me tell you these girls pulled out all the stops. It was a fancy dinner as it was our last night so Jessica was in this low cut dress that she was practically bursting out of. The dress was shimmering black and hugged her curvy body down to her incredible ass that i had just came all over not 20 minutes before.

Sarah is taller and has a tighter body. She was wearing a similar blue dress except it opened in the back. When Mark was fucking her in the hotel room she was even louder than Jessica. We sat relatively far from each other to keep up appearances as this was all very much on the down low.

I was rock hard the entire dinner, catching glances from Sarah and Jessica filled with this intense lust. I’d also catch Mark’s eye and we would get this big shit eating grins on our face.

I should mention that Mark is about 6,1 and slightly skinnier than me with shaggy black hair. I’m about 5,10 with a darker complexion, a little more muscle and close cropped brown hair.

Practically the second the bill hit the table we were out of there. Jessica and Sarah left first while me and Mark bounced our knees impatiently. We didn’t want to all leave in the same direction at the same time. Finally we cant hold it and just book it to the girls room. When we got there the door was locked and we were both jittery as we waited for the answer. I remember several, agonizing minutes as waited for the door to open.

Finally the door opens and holy fuck did I just about cum my pants right then and there. Both girls were standing there in lingerie. Jessica was wearing bright pink lacy panties that curved high over her wide hips and a matching see through bra. Sarah was in a lacy, see through black leotard. My ex gf didnt have anything like this and my young mind was fucking blown.

Jessica’s deep green eyes met mine and the only way i can describe it was an all consuming hunger. It felt like an electric spark passed between us and she grabbed me by my tie and yanked me in. I suspect something similar happened with the other couple but i don’t really know. All my attention was on Jessica, it was like she was consuming me, and I her. We practically attacked each other with lust, before I knew it I was naked and she was riding me, those big tits brushing against my face. I gripped her ass and sucked and bit at her nipples which sent her into over drive. After a couple of minutes of her using my body like this she came hard. I remember pulling her against me, lifting my hips up and fucking the shit out of her as she came over and over again. She eventually slumped over exhausted so i took things from there.

My ex gf was obsessed with getting head so i had a ton of practice and still pride myself on it to this day. So I kissed and caressed her from the neck to the inside of her thighs. Finally i licked her clit and i could feel her thighs shudder against the sides of my head. I fucking performed for her, gave probably the best head i’ve ever given. She was running her fingers through my hair as her legs shook from pleasure. Her abs would contract with the waves of orgasm and she would shoot up into a sitting position at times.

She dragged me by my hair towards her lips and then begged me to cum inside her. I positioned myself on my knees with her on her back and legs over either of my shoulders. Now that i knew she wanted a cream-pie i didn’t hold back. I fucked her hard for about a minute before i shot ROPES into her throbbing pussy. We laid there like that for a few minutes, pretty fucking exhausted until i noticed Mark was still fucking Sarah. He had her bent over the bed in a standing position facing me. They were panting like dogs and fucking even harder. Me and Sarah locked eyes and I could immediately tell she wanted me too.

After they finished we all were in a post orgasm daze, we decided to drink more tequila and played kings cup. Eventually, The girls start making out heavily while me and Mark watch with jaws dropped. During the game Sarah mentions that she saw how much i made Jessica cum while giving her head and is jealous. Mark and Jessica start making eyes at each other around this time and i knew what i needed to do. I shoved Sarah back on the bed and began messaging and kissing her thighs. She was squealing in delight. Out of the corner of my eye I see Jessica take Mark’s slightly longer and thinner cock into her mouth.

I give Sarah the same treatment, but after a few minutes she wants to suck my cock so we start 69ing. She was a world class dick sucker and if i hadn’t just cum less than 30 min ago i would have filled her throat with cum.

I see Mark fucking Jessica from behind and he gives me this look suggesting we smash the beds together and we quickly do so, barely stopping our fuck-fest.

I had had enough of Sarah’s mouth so i grabbed her by the hips and forced her to her back. She clearly loved being tossed around where as Jessica loved to be in control. I slid my cock into Jessica’s soaking wet pussy as she moaned.i then gripped her throat and begin to fuck her as hard as i could. I just remember this beaming smile on her face and a wild look in her eyes that made her look like she was loosing her goddamn mind in the pleasure.

Eventually i was fucking Sarah in missionary while Mark fucked Jessica in doggy so that jessica was over Sarah. The girls were making out while we fucked them and Mark and I did the Eiffel tower for the meme.

At this point i was fairly drunk, but i remember there was a flurry of sweating bodies, moans, screams, and cum. I was in and out of both girls pussies and mouths and maybe Marks mouth at one point.

This went on ALL night. We were all fucking insatiable, no matter how hard i choked sarah she wanted more, no matter how much Jessica came she was thirsty for my cock. We would split up to shower or take a drink while the other two fucked or cuddled. We ended up waking up in this pile of sweaty bodies.

It felt like we weren’t even human anymore, like we were sex demons out of some fantasy.

I fucked Jessica a few times after that but she lived far away at a different college. Eventually she got married to this guy she met there but her wedding night had a few surprises i’ll tell in another post.

I never fucked Sarah again but i follow her on social media and every time she posts this nice picture with her vanilla looking boyfriend i remember her big smile and wild eyes as i choked her and pumped her full of cum.

Thanks for reading i hope ya’ll enjoyed it. I haven’t really talked with anyone about this stuff and it is exhilarating to finally do so. I’ll definitely be posting more escapades in the future.

Writing the post got me super horny so dm if you want to chat

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