From Straight to Curious (Part 1) [MM] real sex stories

Hi. From the age of 19, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another man. I considered myself straight, having several girlfriends and always believed that this was me until I eventually met “the one”. When I moved to university, it was a chance for me to explore myself, seek goals and opportunities I didn’t have back home. I could be a new me.

My university was around 60 miles away from home. Far enough to seek new opportunities, but close enough to return at anytime. In my second year, I developed a relationship with a girlfriend which was fun, but not fulfilling. This eventually broke up badly leaving me in quite a bad place mentally. But I was free…free to explore.

I decided since I was single to explore the sexual side of myself that always scratched the back of my head. I wasn’t physically attracted to Men, but I always enjoyed the thought of being submissive to one. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps I just wanted to be dominated, the thought of being owned. I wasn’t sure at the time, but I knew that this might have been the only opportunity and period to explore in my life.

I decided to download a few applications to meet other men who were interested in sex too. I found that Grindr was the most opportunistic as there was a plethora of other people using the app and like minded. At first I was anonymous on there, testing the water and seeing the responses to other people, to see if I was actually ready or prepared to meet someone in person. There was plenty of people that were too old or too off-putting, therefore I decided to meet someone who also studied at a university around my age.

I started talking to someone who was Gay but had been with plenty of straight guys. He was ok looking, not something I was fussed about but someone who would get the job done and someone who didn’t mind being sexually explorative with me. After a couple of weeks, we continued talking and agreed to meet. I lived with 6 other people, therefore it was extremely difficult to meet in person as they were also unable to accommodate. I knew that the holidays were on the horizon and that my flatmates would be leaving to return home for an extended period. This was my only opportunity and open window to meet.

We decided to meet face to face outdoors in public first at a coffee shop. I was nervous, but this person assured that my nerves were understandable and that I could back out at any time no questions asked. I wanted anonymity and was assured of this which made the experience much smoother.

The following day, my flatmates had left for home. I messaged the potential meet whether they were free that evening. They were…

At around 8.30pm, they arrived, fully clothed as if it were two mates meeting as normal. I had showered in the previous few hours, cleaned myself inside and outside, trimmed my hair and tried to look as presentable as possible. We moved upstairs to my bedroom and closed the door.

I asked whether he would like a drink to settle the nerves. They agreed and I quickly drank mine, knowing what was about to come. He asked what I wanted to do and what I was open to trying. I told him that I’ve always had a scratch in the back of my mind to be dominated, submissive. He laughed and said its something he’s done before. This made me feel at ease but I almost began to submit at that point…

I asked to suck his cock. He laughed again, but opened his jean zip to me. His cock was around 7-8 inches, thin but presentable and something I was awed to. I asked if it was ok to suck. He laughed again. “Sure, please go ahead!” he said. As my head lowered, my thick lips began to slowly draw towards the head of his cock. Was I actually doing to do this? I’m straight though, I told myself.

The cock hit my lips. The flavour of his cock was intense, powerful, but amazing. It felt liberating. My lips slowly caressed his cock head and my mouth slowly enveloped his cock deep. It felt amazing. I had an actual cock in my mouth! He groaned in pleasure, and he must have been enjoying it. I felt a hand on the back of my head. Was he pressing my head onto the penis? Was he about to control me? I felt pressure slowly on my neck. He was controlling me, dominating me and I was submissive to his cock and him. But I loved it. He was owned me. And I wanted it.

The taste was amazing. Salty, warm, succulent and much like the taste of my own cum but someone else’s in my mouth.

And then I heard it….”I want to fuck you”…

End of Part1

(If there is enough interest I’ll do a part 2, thanks for letting me open up with this story) 🙂

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