Friendly neighborhood sluts 3 – Vanlife Edition continued [Group] Long real sex stories

The short summer adventure of living the van life with my wife and our neighbors has brought us both valuable life lessons and plenty of adventure with memories we will all never forget after spending more than a month roaming the country taking in beautiful sites and accepting what life decided to give us on the road.

After my last van life post here: []( the four of us returned to the van life hitting the road in our rentals again during the last week of June. This time our first destination was to meet up at campground with a couple that Kristen and Jamie were good friends with before they moved out of the Northwest and became our neighbors. We had never met this couple but over the last few months of getting to know Kristen and Jamie they had told us about their friends before and a few of their stories from their own adventures swapping together so Danielle and I were filled with excitement of what might come.

Their friends beat us to the camp grounds since it was only a 2 day drive for them and it took us 3 but we had reserved 3 spots ahead of time all next to each other. By the time we arrived they had their own personal van which was a 90s Chevy van built out by them and surrounded themselves in a few pop up tables and a shade that they had attached to their roof strung with Christmas lights. They were grilling up burgers for all of us since we were arriving close to dinner and had just finished up an 8 hour drive from our last parking lot.

As soon as we parked Jamie and Kristen got out of their van and reacquainted themselves with their old friends while Danielle and I walked up slightly timidly waiting for our introduction to their friends Ben and Cori. We were surprised when we saw them based on the stories we had heard that Ben and Cori were closer our age compared to Kristen and Jamie who are in their late 30s. Ben is slightly shorter than Jamie and I at 5’10” with long brown hair that he had in a bun held up by colorful hair bands. He was shirtless when we arrived showing off his slender but toned body with tattoos covering his biceps and shoulder blades. He has a short but messy beard and carried himself much like a hippie as a free spirited snowboarder type of guy who went with the flow of life and liked to try any outdoor activity but overall a nice dude. Danielle would later tell me that she initially wasn’t attracted to him due to him being very skinny and blue his personality but was more attracted to his wife Cori.

Cori also had the free spirited hippie style persona and seemed to live and breath that especially when it came to her appearance. Cori is a 5’5″ skinny bundle of fun. Her shoulder length brunette hair was wavy with two short beaded braids worked in along the side of her face and a blue streak of hair running down the same side. Cori also had tattoos that were hard to miss with the little clothing she had on. She was wearing a small black tight tube top (or bandeau as my wife calls it) that revealed she had hoop piercings on both of her small nipples. She had a tattoo between her small breasts that depicted some sort of bird that had a wing under each of her breasts, along with Vietnamese writing down her back (shes half Vietnamese and it says something her grandmother had written). She had on tight black leggings pulled up high waisted but we would later find out she also had a tattoo on her upper thigh that wrapped around her leg, another just above her pubic area off to the side and one more on her foot. Her bubbly personality is infectious and she immediately made us feel welcomed giving us both big hugs and kissing us on the lips as she greeted us.

After initial greetings Ben continued cooking while Cori bounced around between our van and Kristen and Jamies helping us unload our chairs and some wood we had bought at the entrance to build a campfire and set up other snacks we had brought. The whole time she was having friendly flirty banter with Kristen and Jamie talking about old friends or places they had gone to along with complimenting the shape they were in and how they still looked amazing. When we settled in and began eating we popped champaign and went through a few bottles as the night went on. The flirting continued with both Ben and Cori beginning to compliment Danielle and I as well as getting into personal questions about the two of us the whole time being open books about themselves. The chemistry was building but wasn’t fully yet there on our part so we let Jamie and Kristen lead the way.

The camp site our three vans were parked at was far enough away from others and the three vans parked together offered an obstructive view from the front, while the backside of the vans where we were hanging out faced an open field that seemed to go on for miles. Kristen was getting tipsy and becoming handsy with both Jaime and Ben anytime she got up to get another drink or if she would come back from the bathroom and stop to rub Bens shoulders. Eventually she took things to to another level when she came back from the bathroom, stopped by Jamie to give him a kiss then walked behind Ben and rested her hands on his head to play with his hair. She then started whispering in his ear and began letting her hands wander down to his shoulders and then to his chest. Her hands slowly rubbed him and she began kissing on his neck.

Danielle rested her hand on my thigh while both of us watched and Cori and Jamie continued to chat in the seats next to us. Ben now leaned into her kisses from behind and started to kiss her slowly. Kristens hands lowered directly to his crotch as they kissed where it was becoming evident that he was definitely big down there. Kristen groped him and stroked him over his pants while they continued to kiss causing the mood from the group to change. I now lightly started rubbing my fingers on Danielles thigh just at the edge of her short summer dress. She uncrossed her legs and shifted her hand lower on me which usually is her way of telling me to do the same. When she found my now growing cock due to all the excitement from the outside of my shorts she lightly squeezed it keeping her eyes fixed on Ben and Kristen. I let my hand slip under her dress further up her thigh before I felt the thin material of her thong on her waistband.

Kristen tiptoed her way around Bens chair until she was in front of him then proceeding to lift her top up over her head allowing her perky breasts to be exposed. The cool desert air quickly began stiffening her nipples while Kristen knelt before Ben and retrained her hands to his crotch. Danielle gripped me tighter now beginning to rub my dick through my pants. Ben leaned back into his chair closing his eyes while Kristen now unzipped him and revealed his large hard member. Danielle and I were surprised to see how large Ben was in contrast to his slender body and without much warning. We would later find out his measurements to be 7.4″ by 6.3″ which our neighbors happened to leave out from the earlier stories about him. Kristen now worked her hands onto his bare uncut cock lightly stroking his full length.

As she began slowly jerking him off I moved my fingers along Danielles thighs and underwear line in-between her legs where I found the crotch of her panties already wet from watching Kristen work. Danielle now gripped my cock harder when my fingers began tracing the outline of her pussy through her wet thong. We had been so trained on Kristen and Ben that neither of us realized that Cori and Jamie had stopped chatting and had begun their own fun until we heard a smack. Cori had removed her leggings and was now down to just a small g-string and her bandeau straddling Jamie on his fold out beach chair. His hands gripped her small tight ass where he had just spanked her as her hands were holding onto either side of is face holding him close making out. Cori was slowly grinding against Jamie providing a lap dance for what was to come.

Danielle finally provided me the relief I needed by undoing my shorts with her hand and pulling me out to begin jerking me off. Cori and Jamie continued their make out lap dance while both Danielle and I focussed our attention back to Kristen who was now fitting as much of Ben into her mouth as she could and stroking the rest of him with her hand. Bens head was still laid back with his eyes closed taking in the pleasure of Kristens mouth. Between the sloppy sounds of Kristen spit and the occasional gag or two, Danielles panties were getting wetter and wetter while I continued teasing her. I finally gave in and pulled her thong to the side and slipped a finger inside which caused her to let out a gasp followed by a moan before she chugged back her champaign to finish it. Kristen had heard Danielle moan and looked over briefly when she came up for air flashing her a wink and a smile with spit drooling out of her lips down her chin with Bens fat dick still in hand.

As she got back to work on Ben, Jamie stood up with Cori still wrapped around his waist and then laid her down on her back on top of one of the pop up tables they had set up. Cori pulled off her bandeau revealing her light brown pierced nipples and allowed Jamie to shimmy her out of her thong. We couldn’t see at the time based on where Jamie was standing but later found out that Cori kept a cute wide, trimmed and neat rectangle of pubes like a wider landing strip. Jamie then stepped out of his shorts leaving them both naked before slapping and teasing his dick on Coris trimmed bush before then slowly entering her causing her to let out a high pitched yelp and moan calling out Jamies name that seemed to echo for miles.

Jamie stood with Coris legs up on his shoulder slowly fucking her on the table top illuminated by the campfire and christmas party lights. At this time Kristen told Ben that she was ready to get fucked and stood up pulling his arm with her and leading him over to a blanket near the fire. She slipped out of her shorts and laid down first on her back with her head facing towards Danielle and I keeping eye contact with Ben while he climbed on top and entered her slowly. She held her moan in and seemed to hold her breath while adjusting to his large size and began rubbing her clit. I was fingering Danielle faster now while she grinded in her chair against my hand while she was still squeezing and stroking my cock.

The two couples fucked right in front of us progressively increasing their pace filling our corner of the campsite with moans, spanking noises and plenty of “oh fucks” for the next 20 minutes. Cori was the first to cum and when she did she surprised Danielle and I, by squealing, yelping and moaning like an animal before squirting all over Jamies dick while he quickly fucked her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her body shook and her legs quivered coming down from Jamies shoulders and tightly wrapping around his waist. Jamie didn’t give her a break and kept up his pace stretching out her shattering orgasm. He pumped a few more times until finally pulling out and absolutely covering Cori from her pussy to her chin and even getting a few shots in her hair with his messy now notorious load. Cori squealed in excitement still slightly shaking from her built up orgasm and now sensitive clit. Danielle stroked me faster now continuing to aggressively grind onto my fingers in her chair. I was throbbing and in desperate need of her pussy so after Cori and Jamie had regained their composure rolling off the table and moved back to their chairs with wobbly legs to cool down from their hot fuck still covered in each others juices, I finally got out of my chair and brought Danielle over to the table they had just used.

Quickly pulling off her dress Danielle assumed the position bending over the slightly sticky table sticking her ass out and pulling her panties to the side. I walked behind her and guided myself in feeling the sweet grip of my wife pussy latch around my dick. She reached back and massaged my balls between her legs while I fucked her hard in the excitement of what had been happening around us. We both faced the group watching while Jamie and Cori caught their breath as Jamies cum slowly dripped down Coris and her cum glistened off Jamies. Ben was having his way with Kristen while still on top of her with her legs wrapped around Bens waist and her feet locking him in.

Putting on a show I slapped Danielles ass and pulled her hair while fucking her harder causing us both to grunt and moan into the night inspired by Coris animalistic behavior earlier. It didn’t take long for my wife to begin coating my dick with her creamy pussy while her lips gripped me tightly. My wife pawed at my balls squeezing them now with each thrust and began moaning “I need you to cum inside this pussy baby I’m so fucking close”. Kristen was also talking dirty now to Ben telling her how close she was and to keep fucking her “just like that”. Ben returned the dirty talk and played with her tits while they bounced with each thrust. Kristen finally began to lose it and began biting Bens arm to muffle her moans while she came on his big dick. Ben didn’t slow down and continued to buck his hips into her asking her how much she liked it.

Between her muffled moans and Bens grunts, Kristen finally managed to beg him to cum in her mouth which quickly prompted Ben to pull right out and kneel forward now straddling Kristens tits. While she began furiously jerking him off over her face, Danielle had now laid flat on the table pushing her face in the messy combined fluids of Cori and Jamies earlier session and had moved her second hand between her legs quickly rubbing her clit toward her eventual orgasm.

Before Danielle could cum, we watched as Ben moaned one last time and began pumping his load into the willing lips of Kristen while she pulled him in by his thighs ensuring she didn’t miss any of his nectar. Kristen licked, sucked and kissed Bens spent cock cleaning it up for him before he laid down next to her and joined Jamie and Cori in watching Danielle and I finish. I reached my limit and came first throbbing into Danielle while still keeping my rhythm and fucking her while one of her soft gentle hands massaged the cum out of my balls and the other rapidly rubbed her swollen clit. I grunted and spanked Danielle cumming inside of her desperately trying to keep going now feeling the sensitivity of my spent dick.

Danielle worked her kegel magic milking everything she could from me and one of her legs began to jiggle feeling me fill her up. I fought to keep fucking her through to the end now alternating spanking each ass cheek harder than the last. This caused Danielle to yelp and moan while she worked her clit and pushed back onto my cock that was now covered in a mix of her cream and my cum before I eventually started feeling her tighten around me. Her leg was now uncontrollably shaking as we stood and she started moaning loudly “fuuuuck… that… feels… sooo.. goooodd” to the beat of every thrust. Danielle came with power bucking her hips back into mine with both legs now jiggling with only my body pressed against her to hold her up. She immediately collapsed forward further onto the table to take her legs off the ground and was breathing heavily resting her head against the table to cool her reddened face. When I pulled out, one of her legs was still shaking and both of our cum started trickling down her inner thighs. Her ass was bright red from all my spanking and she looked back at me with her big doe eyes and a huge smile before biting her lip and giving my wrist a squeeze.

The six of us all just sat and or laid where we were naked smiling at each other and laughing about how quiet it seemed now wondering if we had provided some sexual acoustics for the other few campers to hear. Cori eventually got up first mentioning how she was in need of a shower and shampoo since she was till covered in Jamies now drying cum and her own. She got up and looked around saying that the next closest van was over 6 or 7 spots away which was around the distance of a soccer field alerting us we were safe. Ben then joined Cori under their shower at the back of the van and Danielle and I stumbled to ours to begin washing each other off. Kristen and Jamie joined each other in their chairs and sipped on their drinks a while longer snuggling beside the fire until eventually turning on their shower and rinsing off. After our showers we all retreated to our own vans exhausted ready for bed.

Ben and Cori joined Jamie, Kristen, Danielle and I on our next adventure to the mountains where they spent the week with us joining in on all our fun, but i’ll save that for another post since this became so long.

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