[F]riday fun with hubby real sex stories

My husband (like many men) loves seeing me in his clothes, oversized shirts, boxers etc. This isn’t always possible as I’m bigger than him, so when I had some new lingerie delivered, I decided to treat him to a show.

I told him I wanted to show him it, and left the room to put it on, and topped it with one of his suit jackets, barely buttoned over my tits. I walked back in, and he was sitting in our arm chair in just his boxers, with my collar on his lap and the restraints waiting for me on the bed. Clearly he had more ideas than I did! He made me stand for a few minutes, as he admired my outfit, before he ordered me to my knees, and made me crawl across the floor towards him, his eyes never leaving my body. As I reached him, him fixed the collar around my neck, kissing me deeply before freeing his cock, and pushing my head down. I took him deep in my throat, smiling as I heard his moans, and start fucking my own throat. It didn’t take long before he was pulling me to my feet, and leading me round to the mirror on the wall. He spread my legs, pushing my hands against the wall, and began fingering me, making me watch as he fucked me. I was so wet, and desperate for him.

He dragged me round to the bed, and pushed me down, lining his cock with my pussy before reaching forward to strap my hands above my head, and spread my legs wide, pulling the straps tight. He pushed my underwear to one side, and his cock was soon deep in me, making me moan. It wasn’t long before I came, my orgasm shaking my thighs as I panted beneath him. He leant down, and told me “that was the last time you cum without permission tonight.” I was so turned on, that when he began fucking me, his thumb rubbing my clit, my next orgasm was almost immediate. I asked for permission, and he made me count down from 5, which I did, desperately holding back before my immediate release as I hit 1.

He un strapped my legs, and flipped me over, pulling my hips up and fucking me deep, pulling my hair back, and using the leash of my collar to whip my ass cheeks. I didn’t get a chance to ask permission, I came so hard. He pulled is cock out, leaving me begging for forgiveness. He reached down and pulled out the riding crop, and made me count as he smacked it down on my ass cheeks, getting harder with each hit. He stopped at 13, before sliding back in me and fucking my now dripping cunt. He told me that I had better be ready to get to my knees, as he wanted his cum down my throat, and I barely whimpered a yes Sir before he was telling me to move, and quickly pushed his cock down my throat, pumping cum without letting me taste.

He strapped both my hands and legs onto one side of the bed, pulled a blindfold over my eyes and pushed the crop between my teeth. I heard him move around the bed, before returning and taking a photo of me waiting and needy. He left the room, leaving me there for however long he was gone, desperate and hungry for more.

When he returned, he slid into bed behind me, and unclipped one of my leg straps, pulling my panties down and spreading my legs wide. He was rock hard, and pushed his cock deep in me, reaching round and pulling at my nipples, making me gasp and moan with the mix of pain and pleasure. He pulled back on my collar, telling me how good I looked in the picture he had taken. He pulled away, and unclipped the straps, leaving the cuffs in place, and laid back on the bed. He ordered me to suck his cock and balls, and I happily did as I was told. I took him deep down my throat, tasting my own juices on his cock, and moaned happily. I got his cock sloppy with my spit, before moving down to his balls, my hand stroking him as I gently sucked.

He pulled my head up, and I straddled him, his cock sliding in deep. I lost count of the times I asked for permission to cum, and he granted me everytime. I rode his cock hard, as he reached up and twisted my nipples. As he got close, he told me I couldn’t cum until he did, and made me hold it until he filled me with his load. I came so hard from denying myself. I climbed off him, and cleaned his cock, hungrily tasting drops of his cum.

After 15 minutes we started to hide away the straps (damn kids) and he came round to help me lift the mattress and hide them. I was removing ankle cuffs as he moved behind me, his semi hard cock rubbing against me. I half protested, telling him i thought we were done. He quickly pushed me to the bed and fucked me from behind, pulling my head back and growling in my ear “I get to decide when we are done, cause who’s fuck toy are you?” I gasped my response as he fucked me harder, spanking my ass, and pushing my head hard into the bed as he pounded into me, not caring about anything other than his pleasure. He dumped yet another load of cum deep in me, and coated is fingers in it before making me suck them clean.

Safe to say we were both very satisfied

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