[FM] Secret Sex On Concourse E real sex stories

My husband and I were going on a week trip, just the two of us, which obviously meant lots of raunchy, loud, sweaty sex sessions. It was our first time being away from the kids in years.

We had a connector flight in Atlanta, with a two hour layover at 9 pm. Husband is high level on a certain airline (he travels alot for work), and took us to the airline’s lounge. The lounge was beautiful, but something I thought odd was that it had a shower.

I asked hubby about the shower. He said he hadn’t ever taken one. We grabbed some food and relaxed, but it was a long wait and I got bored. Eventually, I explored the facilities including the shower room. There was literally noone in the lounge but staff. It was a room with a lock and I got an idea. I texted hubby to come join me. He knocked on the door and I let him in, and locked the door behind him.

I turned the shower on, took off my clothes, bent over the sink and told Hubby to fuck me. He did.

This wasn’t like quiet, romantic lovemaking either. This was passionate, breathless, hair pulling, nails digging into his back fucking. The running shower afforded us a *little* wiggle room on noise, but still didn’t want to be too loud. Not 10 minutes later he was cumming inside of me.

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