[FM] I had sex with a much older man and I have no regrets non-fiction sex stories

Early last year I (19f) was playing around with chat apps and found one that let you find people in your local area. I was bored and lonely and “liked” a few people on there near me. I wasn’t on there to hook up so I didn’t care too much about age. And that’s how I got chatting with Andy, who was…71. Yes, 71.

He was good to chat with and we swapped pics after a while and he had actually kept in good shape. He cycled and looked after himself, and looked good for his age. He was a gentleman with me and didn’t try to hit on me after he’d seen what I looked like (average height, a little extra weight but not too much, big butt and D cup boobs). That was a nice change from most guys on those apps.

Anyway, we got to know each other over a few weeks. One Saturday night we were both stuck at home again and he jokingly (but I guess half seriously) invited me over for a glass of wine. It wasn’t too far away and I felt comfortable that it would just be that (wrong!) so I surprised him by accepting.

I have to admit the thought of sex crossed my mind on the way there but it was just that…a random thought I quickly dismissed.

Anyway, he was again a gentleman when I arrived and before long we were sharing a bottle of red. He was handsome in person, in good shape like his photos and looking good for his age. He’d told me earlier when we talked about relationships that he was divorced and had given up on women – so he hadn’t had sex in 14 years. I would have been five years old!

As we talked more, my attraction grew. I found myself thinking about how many women he’d fucked long before I was born and something made me turned on thinking about that. I wanted to be the next in his line of sexual conquests. Maybe it was the wine affecting my judgement…

Maybe he was thinking that too, as a couple of minutes after that thought I leaned across him to put my wine glass on his table, my boobs “accidentally” brushed across his arm, our eyes locked, and then…so did our lips.

It was on from there. We kissed like two people who had been starved of affection for a long time (six months in my case). I took my top off and I dont think I’ve ever seen a man happier to see boobs. He kissed them and touched them like a man possessed. This just turned me on even more, so I very sweetly asked to see his bedroom. He took me by the hand and led me there, where I lay down on his bed while Andy pulled off my tights and underwear and showed off his special skill.

OMg. It might have been a long time but the man had forgotten nothing. Best licking I’ve ever had.

We moved on to sex pretty quickly and that was pretty conventional. I did have a moment of WTF when his cock first slid inside me and I realised that was a 71 year old cock entering my 19 year old vagina…but it felt amazingly good after so long. I had an orgasm – and soon after that same 71 year old cock filled my 19 year old vagina with cum. I felt weirdly proud of being the latest in what I guessed to be a long line of women to take Andy’s cum.

Is this fucked up? Probably. But I haven’t told anyone. I have no regrets. He was the right man at the right time. And yes, I went back for more…

6 thoughts on “[FM] I had sex with a much older man and I have no regrets non-fiction sex stories”

  1. It’s not fucked up and you don’t need to tell anybody. People are to judgemental. You got a FWB! Just enjoy life! 😉

  2. Dont get pregnant or catch any diseases. Other than that just do what feels good. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. I dont see any harm in what you did. Sounds awesome actually.

  3. Not fucked up in the least. If it’s good, get it! I bet he never thought he could ever be with a teenager again.

    So so hot you had him cumming inside you


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