[FM] Bumped into my ex boyfriend at a party short sex stories

This took place a little over a year ago. I was attending a friend’s 30th birthday party at a bar/dance club.

My husband and i attended it together. My ex boyfriend “T” was there too. T was the last guy i dated before i got married and i occasionally bump into him since we have the same circle of friends. My husband is well aware that we use to date. I’m still on good terms with T and sorta remain friends.

A gal pal was at the party. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and was trying to get over him and get back on the dating scene. So i have a gal pal who is cute and single and ready to mingle and T who also happens to be single. I figure why not try matching these 2 up. T is a fun loving guy and good looking and hes a huge upgrade over her ex.

So i went to talk to T just to get a vibe from him and got caught up talking about life with him. Then i brought over my gal pal and introduced them. They started talking to each other and i walked away from them two. I figured mission accomplished and i went to the dance floor to do some dancing.

While on the dance floor i peeked over where T and my gal pal were at and they were gone. I thought maybe they went off somewhere together. A moment later i see T by himself at the outer edge of the crowded dance floor. About a song later i see him on the dance floor and we made eye contact.

At that moment i kinda thought “oh no”. My ex and I on the same dance floor with my husband over by the bar. Just didnt seem like a good idea. And i can sense T was slowly making his way towards me.

I turned my back to the direction where he was at hoping he ignores me. Somebody came up behind me and started dancing on me. I already knew it was him. I figured it was a crowded dance floor. No one will notice. Im sick of dancing by myself and it was just harmless fun. So i danced back with him.

I turned around face to face with T and wrapped my arms around his neck, our bodies up against each other, and his hands on my hips, and we locked eyes and we moved together with the music. A lot of emotions and memories came back. Within those few minutes i remembered the good times that we had. I wondered if he missed me. Im still unsure why it didnt work between us. After about 2 songs i was able to release him. i smiled at him and walked away.

Hooking up my ex with my gal pal was a fail.

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