(f18) Suction cup dildos are the best thing ever invented sex confession

My desk chair is made of wood. Like with a hard bottom. A few of my friends have asked why I don’t use something softer and I usually just say it keeps me from sitting a lot or it is good for my back or whatever. Technically true.

But really it is because I have a few dildos that I can stick to my chair and ride on. Plus I hated how padded chairs would always get wet and be impossible to clean. I love the feeling of cock in me and how full I feel. I love that any time I move in my chair its there moving and pushing into me. Lots of times I’m not even fucking myself with it or anything. I just like the feeling. No lie if I’m on my computer there is prolly a 50-50 chance I’m sitting on something cock shaped.

The best is when you get a skirt or sometimes shorts that you get it just right and it doesn’t even look like there is a dildo. Not that it matters much cause my door is always closed. But it is fun.

3 thoughts on “(f18) Suction cup dildos are the best thing ever invented sex confession”

  1. Wow really hot story, I didn’t know girls liked doing that sort of thing. Maybe you should leave your door open sometime 🙂


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