[F] virgin edges herself for the first time sex stories

i’ve always been super into edging and overstimming or the idea of it at least. i decided to edge myself a couple days ago just to see what it was like and if i really could do it. i always assumed i wouldn’t be able to edge because i have zero self control. i usually just let myself cum all the time. usually when i masturbate i listen to gonewildaudio because i loooove hearing guys moan it’s a big turn on for me.

so i decided to listen to my favorite person on gonewildaudio. i can get wet super easily so i was scooping my juices and rubbing it onto my clit to get myself lubed up. i slowly started rubbing my clit and that got me super wet. i could feel my juices dripping down to my butt. i could feel myself getting close and my breathing got harder when i was edging. i edged myself for 10-15 minutes just rubbing my clit slowly and everytime i got close i would pull away. my clit was super sensitive at this point and as much as i wanted to go longer i got way to needy and so when i flicked my clit once i came super hard. i had to bite my lips and suppress my moans because i didn’t want my parents hearing me. i was super tired from it and ending up sleeping in my cum filled panties.

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