[F] My brother’s friends real sex stories

Once my brother came to stay with me for vacations ( my father made him ). He spend about 2 months here and made quiet alot of friends. Our neighbourhood has a lot of parties so after going to a few parties. He decided to throw one party at my apartment without even asking me.

I had just gotten home from a party myself, where i was fucked twice in the restroom. I came home to find out another party. My brother apologised and explained himself and me not being too harsh let it slide. Soon a guy came upto me with a glass and offered me a drink. I accepted while still feeling the cum in my pussy leaking out. I dont know how it happened but soon we were making out. I led him into my room and the make out session escalated. I pushed him on my bed, took my top off and he buried his face in my tits.

I had a really hard time unzipping his pants because he was eating my boobs like he was hungry for a year. Finally i did and got to eating his dick.

He came quick within 3-5 mins of me sucking and it went soft. I had to make out with him for another 5 minutes or so to make it hard again. By this point i was dripping. I started riding him his dick was fat 5 minutes into riding he came again, i was so horny and clearly not finished. I sent him out and told him to send a friend of his inside. I got into a doggy position for the new comer soon i heard a pant unzip and felt the tip. He flipped me over and started making out as he pounded my pussy. This guy was much better and bigger. I soon came on his came and he came inside afterwards. I called the other one inside too. Blew both of them together one more time and then they left.

Turns out both were my brothers very close friends.

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