[F] My Airbnb Wet Spot Reaction non-fiction sex stories

This post was prompted by a post from a guy who works in a hotel. We have a little guesthouse at our home that we rent out on Airbnb. since the pandemic we have been quite busy because a lot of people want to avoid the social contact at hotels.

A couple of months ago we had the cutest lesbian couple stay for a weekend celebrating one of their birthdays. When I went into clean the next day, my black light revealed a huge spot on the white comforter that was not visible to the naked eye. It had to be a wet spot from them making love.

I bent down and buried my nose in the material and I’m pretty sure I detected a faint smell of vagina. The size of the stainn made me think that she must have squirted. The thought of them having amazing sex there made me get wet and I took off my shorts and panties, put a pillow under the comforter, lay over it and masturbated rubbing my pussy on her dired fluids imagining I was one of those darling girls.

I’m not a squirter but when I was finished there was another, very visible, wet spot on the comforter.

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