[F] Getting fingered in a coffee shop bathroom by an older stranger [M] non-fiction sex stories

A few years ago I happened to be camped out at a local coffee shop for a few hours while doing some reach. The shop was fairly quiet for the majority of the time but a few people stopped in here and there, all of while were clearly just on their normal coffee route and going about their day. Because this was a quieter day, there were only a few baristas on staff and they seemed to spend more time in the back or glued to their cellphone the majority of the time I was there, clearly paying no attention to me.

In the afternoon, the shop was empty except for one other person, a man dressed in nice business casual attire and who was glued to his laptop other than to make occasional direct eye contact with me, and a lone barista. The man was handsome and clearly at least a decade older than I was, which made him all the more attractive to me at that time.

After about an hour of us both being in the coffee shop and stealing glances and smirking at each other, I noticed it was nearing closing time as the lone employee in the shop was starting to clean up. As she moved to the back while moping, I figured this would be my opportunity to do something while so I got up and walk to the bathroom which was a one person bathroom. Before opening the door, I glances over, made eye contact with him and mouthed, “join me” then smiled, walked in and closed the door behind me, hoping that I didn’t just embarrass myself completely and that he’d follow me.

Much to my delight, a few moment later I heard a gentle knock and the door open. We smiled at each other for about one second and I figured we only have a few minutes before the lone barista would move back and notice we were both gone but our belongs were still there, so I pushed him against the door and started aggressively making out with this stranger, which I noticed had a wedding band.

Within a few moments of making out and his black and silver facial hair scratching my lips, his hand was unbuttoning my jeans and slipping directly down my pants and find my clit and already very wet pussy. We continued to deeply kiss while pushed against the door of the bathroom while he rubbed my clit for only a few minutes longer when both stopped, looked at each other, fixed ourselves and then ultimately left, myself a few moments after him. As I was leaving, I caught a glance of the barista who seemingly did not notice out a sense. Without saying a word, we both went back to our respective tables, glanced at each other one last time and smiled. I packed up my things but not before writing my number down on a piece of scratch paper and while I was walking out, I stopped briefly at his table to give him my number and said, “you should text me if you want to finish what we started” and to my disappointment, he smiled shyly, said, “I’m married”. I was a bit dumbfounded because he just fingered me and had his tongue down my throat just a few minutes earlier but, I still left my number on his table hoping that he would still reach out, which he never did.

I still had a lot of fun for those few minutes in the bathroom and that was my first experience with hooking up with a stranger. Hope you enjoyed my story and If this sounds familiar (ie. You are this man) please DM me because I’d still like to finish what we started, even 5 years later! 😉

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