[F/F] Summer in the groves sex stories

(If you want the sex parts only, they are between the two sets of 🍊🍊🍊)

I spent a summer with my closest friend at her parents’ country house. I felt like a princess when I was there. It was a historical style plantation house, with the columns and everything. I’d never even been in a two story home before, and now I was in this sprawling mansion with 15 foot ceilings and a kitchen that was bigger than my entire house back in the suburbs. And I had my own room with an en-suite bathroom. Even though most nights me and my friend slept together in her room.

It was idyllic. We would get up and help her parents’ workers take care of the animals (horses, goats, a really friendly donkey, hens and a rooster, and rabbits) until it got to the mucky part of animal care. At that point we would run away, leave the hard work to the hired staff, and go swim in the beautiful pool. But things started changing. Now when we would swim, we would get really close to each other, our faces almost touching. Like a kiss was imminent, but neither of us would push further. And then something would happen like a worker would walk through to trim the bushes or change the hummingbird feeders, or my friends’ mom or their maid would call us in to dry off and eat lunch.

I wondered one day if maybe at night, since we usually slept together, would we kiss or something? There was all this desire and I know she felt it too. But something always happened during the day that interrupted it. Her parents or a worker or sometimes a guest of her parents’ was always around.

At night, we’d been talking and braiding each other’s hair and Snapping our friends and watching shows, and inevitably her mom or dad tapped on the wall to tell us to go to bed. I’d lay there next to her wanting so badly to kiss her. We usually turned away from each other when we finally went to sleep. And I would think, this is so silly. We are only inches apart and I want to so desperately, but something is stopping me from touching her or kissing her now. And I wondered if she was feeling the same thing. I thought she must. We almost kissed every day in the pool. And when we brushed and braided each other’s hair, now sometimes when she was done I would lean back and lay against her. So my back was pressed to her tummy and breasts. And we would watch a show that way. Or we would be opposite, with me behind her if I had been braiding her hair. She’d lean up against me and I would put my arms around her belly to hug her, and I’d look over her shoulder if she was on her phone showing me different things. I loved having my breasts touch her. My nipples would get hard, and I wondered if she felt that. I was convinced she felt the same desires. But something stopped me. The shadow of a doubt she didn’t want me the same way? She might reject me? Also, we were in the house right next to her parents’ room. It felt too weird and risky trying anything. So I endured in that agony of desire.

A few days went by, and her mom told us that the pool was being serviced and we couldn’t swim that day. We didn’t want to stick around the house and be cooped up, so we decided to go see some more of the property. They had a golf cart that she was allowed to drive, so we packed waters and crackers and grapes and went out for a ride. I didn’t realize how big their property was. They had a giant vegetable garden, but beyond that they had a whole citrus grove. It was expansive. Rows and rows and rows of pretty green trees, some with fruit and blossoms at the same time. Even though the rows were ordered, the trees themselves seemed to grow wild. They weren’t uniform in any way. She parked the golf cart and we got out and wandered among the groves.

Many of the trees grew so wild that they looked like giant bushes – there were flowering and fruiting branches that were so low, they obscured and guarded the tree trunk. It wasn’t impenetrable, but it was wild thicket that would have scratched at us if we tried to find our way to the base of the tree. But we soon found a perfect, storybook tree. It had a solid trunk, and the branches and leaves didn’t start to grow until about 6 feet up. It gave us a place to sit in the shade, and drink our waters and eat our snack.

We talked a little as we drank and ate, but we trailed off ended up just sitting quietly, lazing in the shade. The crisp scent of citrus, biting and sweet, cloyed the summer breeze. It was so warm, and the heady, overwhelming aroma of the blossoms and fruit made everything hazy.


I turned toward her, admiring again how pretty she was. Her thick brown hair was tied up in a ponytail, but little tendrils at the nape of her neck were curling like corkscrews. Small freckles adorned her gently sloping nose. And her lips were plump, with a perfect Cupid’s bow. She had a little cracker crumb right above the left corner of her lip. I went to brush it away for her, but I did it slowly. I didn’t want to take my hand away from her face. And she puckered her lips to give the edge of my palm the softest kiss. After wanting her so long, I finally leaned in and kissed her properly. I think that first time, we probably kissed for about twenty minutes under our clementine tree. We didn’t do much else the first time. But it started a whole summer of fooling around and exploring with each other.

We went back to our tree in the groves every day. We would always start out kissing again. We quickly progressed to doing breast stuff – fondling and kissing each other’s. I wore dresses every day, so for us to do breast stuff I took off my whole dress and bra. I left my panties on for awhile though. She mostly wore tops and shorts, so for awhile she would take off her top and bra but leave her shorts and panties on. And that was a comfortable pace for both of us. We both liked just doing kissing and breast stuff for a couple weeks.

As time went on, we got more bold and started doing experimenting below our panties. We never ended up doing anything with penetration. But we both touched each other’s pussy lips a lot. We would do that as we kissed, or sometimes we’d just sit under our tree and absent mindedly pet each other’s pussy.

I think both of us knew what guy/girl sex was supposed to be like, from movies. Maybe we hadn’t ever seen girl/girl stuff before. I remember seeing girls kissing, but not much else. So another thing we did, I think it was like we were imitating how we’d seen guy/girl sex. We would take turns. Sometimes she would lay on her back, and spread her legs open. I would get on top of her, and thrust myself like I had a penis. Except I didn’t have one, obviously. Now of course I know what tribbing is, but at the time I didn’t. I don’t think we exactly tribbed, because our pussies didn’t have constant contact. It was more like we took turns pretending to “be the boy.” We both loved taking turns, thrusting our hips so our pussies would meet for a second. We would kiss while we did that, and whoever was on top would kiss the other’s breasts. Because we would spend such a long time fooling around out in the grove, sometimes when it was my turn to “be the girl,” I’d lay on the ground in the shady spot that had recently actually been in the sun. The sun would have moved and the shade moved with it. I loved feeling the warm dirt on my back, getting my little pussy pounded – well, maybe “slapped” is a better word – by my best friend. She’d lean down to kiss me or touch my breasts. Sometimes she would lay down totally on top of me, and our breasts would smush together. I loved that feeling, being enveloped by her.

That was one of the best parts, honestly. Just laying together naked with each other. Here’s a thing I learned about citrus trees – there’s something called the “June drop” which is that fruits will prematurely fall off the tree around June. Once when we were laying there, an underripe clementine fell right on my belly with a big *thunk* sound. It actually hurt. But we laughed about it. It was so silly. Then we got that one and looked for more windfalls, trying to find ones that perfectly matched our breast sizes.


We had maybe two months of uninterrupted exploring with each other. Eventually we got caught by one of her parents’ workers. I’m not sure why he was out in the groves at that time of day. It wasn’t harvest time. They watered the trees very early in the morning, and in the late day they would clear out the windfalls and check the sprinklers. But he was there in the middle of the day, and he caught us naked and kissing each other. He didn’t make a big deal out of it. He just walked away. I was embarrassed, and I think my friend was too. I was also freaking out wondering what her parents would do, if the worker told on us.

And this is the sad part of the story.

My friend didn’t want to keep up our games anymore. Not only that, but she didn’t want me sleeping in her room. She got really cold with me, actually. Not mean. Just cold and distant. I guess maybe she was consumed with worry over the worker maybe telling her parents?

I tried talking to her about it, but she denied that we ever did anything romantic or sexual. She said she didn’t know what I was talking about, and eventually that I was lying. It was awful. There was only a week left that I was supposed to be there, and my friend barely spoke to me and spent all her time on her phone. I didn’t have a smartphone then. So I would swim or read books or talk to their nice maid, and the maid taught me some cooking and baking.

It was very lonely and sad, the last week I was there. My friend’s mom could tell something was wrong between us, but she didn’t press us about it. She asked me once and I didn’t want to say, so she left me alone about it. And she went out of her way to make me feel welcome, so that was nice of her. A week later my mom came to pick me up. (I think my friend’s mom would have asked my mom to come early, but my mom was out of the state.) My mom said I had gotten so dark and my hair turned even more blonde, and I must have been outside all day every day.

And then my friend didn’t talk to me for the last two weeks of summer break when I went home. And when the fall term started at school, she wasn’t my friend anymore at all.

It bums me out. I’m mostly over it, and I have made other friends since, but oranges still remind me of that summer with my best friend.

Sorry if I bummed you out, too. But actually, there’s a bittersweet thing that gives me this little glimmer of happiness.

So my friend and I haven’t spoken in a long time. She followed me on Instagram maybe a year ago, and I followed her back. We don’t talk, though.

She got married recently. I wasn’t invited. She posted her wedding pictures, and something stood out to me right away – the centerpieces on her reception tables were mini, potted clementine bushes. With blossoms and fruit.

She remembers our summer in the groves, too.

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