[F] Club’s free use. erotic confession

Do you recall when you enter a restaurant for example and they offer you a free welcome drink? It is a free of charge drink for you to warm up.

My mistress makes me that welcome drink to people in the swingers club. In such clubs, people meet to explore and experience their sexual fantasies. Not all people are open for everything so it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for. But not if I am there!

The first thing my mistress do is write on my body with lipstick “Free use, no limits!”
Free use means you can use me as you like without asking my permission. No limits means that you can whatever you like! ANYTHING!
So from sucking your dick to lord knows what. This makes a great opportunity for first timers to try new things. So for example if a guy never did anal, now is the time, a free anal hole to do whatever u like with. For girls, if she is looking to be eaten or even pissing on someone, no problem. You can easily make me even swallow it! Not sure that huge dildo is good for you? Why not try it on my gapped holes first, and so on…

As a result, i end up being limitlessly used!

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  1. Post your pictures when you’re drowned in other people’s juice and specially when your mistress humiliates you. We all would love to see your degraded self


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