F, 41, guy from reddit surprised me, short sex stories

I’d been chatting to a guy here, seemed really nice, turns out we wasn’t that far away from each other, so we decided to meet for coffee and see what happened. We met and chatted and was definitely some chemistry, he asked me to go to his place with him, I was getting very wet on the drive over, he told me he had a few surprises for me, when I walked in his front room the surprises were 3 of his friends sitting there, he said it ur not into this or uncomfortable I can drive u back, I looked and smiled I pulled the straps on my dress down and let my dress fall to the floor, reveling that I was totally naked, he smiled and pulled me towards him, kissing me, his hands all over me, I felt another pair of hands behind me and turned to kiss him to the guys were stripping off clothes I felt the guy behind rubbing his hard cock between my legs, the other pushed my head down to suck him I guided the other inside my pussy as I sucked. One said let’s move this to a bed, next I was on all 4s sucking the guy slowly but being rammed hard from behind moaning like mad, as another was cupping my boob and teasing my ass as his friend pounded me, the guy in my mouth moaned and then filled my mouth with cum I carried on sucking till he could no longer take it, then I swollowed his load, the other was moaning now and said he wanted to cum in my mouth to I spun around taking him in my mouth he grabbed both sides of my head and began cumming in my mouth one of the others moved underneath me as I was still sucking and guided his cock inside me I swollowed the guys cum and now started to ride this guys cock he was playing with an sucking my tits I told the other to go behind I grabbed his dick pulling him in and guided him in my ass they were now both fucking me, I was cumming like mad after about 15 minutes I felt them both cum one in each hole, we all collapsed on the bed then I felt someone moving up my body he pushed inside me another told him to wait and pulled me on top so my back was on his chest I felt the tip of his cock against my ass, I slid down now he was inside the other pushed in side my very wet pussy kissing me as they both fucked me, both cuming inside me the other 2 now fucked me one at a time one cum in my pussy one in my mouth, I then went and took a shower, I walked back to the living room I was about to put on my dress when one pushed me to the table pushed me down and pushed inside my pussy, I moaned as he fucked me then he blew his load in me, as he pulled out another pushed in they all fucked me over that table, I went and showered again then I looked and said uv all cum in me and iv swollowed all ur cum but nobody has eaten me, I sat on sofa and opened my legs then each one took a turn earing and fingering me, once is cum enough I gave each a long kiss then put on my dress and got in my taxi,

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