[F] 24 roommate part deux erotic confession

[part 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/k7bqo0/i_f24_watch_my_f_roommate_masterbate_sometimes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)

So for those of you who read part 1 here’s part 2

I’ve never been so nervous but when I came home I went upstairs and she was doggy style with MY DILDO in her so I headed in and moved her hand and took over the strokes for her (god she has cute moans) I started to kiss her ass as I pulled that toy out all the way to the tip then slide it back in, when she was close to cumming I pushed my tongue into her asshole and I knew she wasn’t ready I could hear the air rush out of her lungs, I pushed my tongue in and out for 20 seconds when she starts screaming she forces the dildo out and squirts a little every time my tongue goes in her. When she calmed down she came up and kissed me and broke off and said “it took you long enough to get the clues, I figured me using your toy would make you come in” I said “shut up and take my pants off” she took them off and I ripped my panties off and pushed me back, I spread my legs but she told me to hold on and came back with handcuffs and made a motion for me to flip over, with me doggy she cuffed my hands together just below my ass and fucking Christ I was ready to cum already from this. She started eating my pussy and every time I moaned she would stop, at this point I’m begging for it like a slut, I must’ve said please a 100 times. Next I heard her spit then two fingers went in my ass (like all the way in) and she started working half circle turns while going in and out and rubbing my clit and holy shit was I moaning like a whore pushing my ass back on those fingers, I begged her for more so she pulled her fingers out and put the toy in my ass and pulled my hair and fucked my hungry asshole until I was crying to just CUM, she undid the cuffs and let me rub my clit as she continued to fuck my ass and then I came and came and came until I was just to tender to continue and just laid there. I said “why didn’t you just ask me to come in” she replied with “well I kind of liked teasing you and the longer it went the more explicit I got until I couldn’t take it anymore” she kissed me and we took a shower together and then went to our rooms, let’s see it goes when we see each other in the day time 😳

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  1. Fuck, I felt my heartbeat go up when you saw your dildo and when you cried. A good rush of excitement while I was reading 🩺💓


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