Extreme story in the works erotic short stories

I’m (20f) working on a story, made up of a mixture of personal experiences and fears and fantasies. I haven’t started writing it (that seems to make it too real!) but have been plotting it out. Intrigued to get people’s opinions.

Warning: this is probably more extreme than most are into so I would appreciate no comments on that (unless you like it of course!) but more interested in the psychology of where I want to take it.

– Jen was a late bloomer…always blonde, tall and skinny, but didn’t develop breasts and a waist until well after most other girls
– this gave her a major confidence issue
– when she was 17 the hottest boy in school asked her out, pretty’s much out of nowhere. Jen had known him a long time and always had a crush on him
– Jen always thought she was a feminist, but on the date he was very clear about what he expected and what was important to him: if Jen didn’t give him head there wouldn’t be a second date
– he goes on to explain how women are valued: sluttiness, looks, personality: he would date a girl if she was a total slut even if he didn’t like her that much, he would be with a girl if she was really hot again if he didn’t really like her that much…if he didn’t thing she was hot why would he want anything more than friendship?
– Jen wants to hate this but finds it really difficult to argue with. So she gives him her first ever blow job
– they go on to date. He is very controlling and abusive. He humiliates her every chance he can, controlling what she wears, cheating on her openly, using her in every degrading way sexually he can think of (these will all be described in the story obviously), sharing her with his friends, makes her get piercings, tattoos, shave, uses her as his toilet…basically turned her into his slave. Jen loves him more than anything but basically hates every single sexual experience she has ever had
– after a couple of years she works up the strength to leave him. He threatens her with exposing her online (he has filmed her pretty much constantly their entire relationship) with her name etc.
– she leaves him, and all the videos end up online on multiple sites. However this is after he reported a “robbery” including a hard drive all the recordings were stored on so Jen can’t do anything.
– Her life is ruined. Totally. She loses her job, her family, friends…those friends that will still talk to her only want to fuck her

[this where I’m not sure which direction to take the story in. I have two ideas. Would appreciate people’s thoughts!]

1. She goes crawling back to her ex. With no preconceptions about her role, he forces her to become a porn star. He puts her in movies and sets up a site and he becomes a millionaire while she earns minimum wage, using her real name the whole time. Also have ideas of her being raped by a male porn star then later having to star in a movie with that same guy

2. She changes her name and gets into teaching. She dies her hair brown, refuses to shave as a kind of rebellion, and moves to a small town in the middle of nowhere. One day she is tutoring a young student who recognises her from the videos her ex posted. He uses these to blackmail her and Jen is now the slave of this child and his friends. They make her dye her hair back to blonde, shave and use her in all the ways they’ve seen her ex use her, all while she tries to keep her job as a teacher



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