Don’t Leave Just Yet [mf] erotic short stories

Catching up with you, as you’re about to leave.

Wait, don’t leave, yet! You forgot about something.

Undoing my robe, letting you catch a glimpse of my lingerie. I know how my ensemble has an effect on you, as you stand there, transfixed.

Your eyes are moving from my gloves, up my arm. Drinking in every exquisite curve.

You can’t leave me like this, all dressed up for you.

Eager to feel your touch on my skin. So unbearably eager to feel your chest pressed against me.

I know you have to leave soon. – I whisper, as you watch my robe crumple to the floor.
My fingers teasing the waistband of my panties. The smooth texture of my glove against my hip.

Don’t leave just yet.

We still have a little time.

That’s all I really want. Just a few minutes.

So you can take care of me, before you leave.

Just a few minutes of your time, so you can run your fingers along the curve of my breasts.
Feeling the rise and fall of my rib cage, as my breathing begins to quicken.

Just a few minutes, so you can trace the curves along my side with your fingertips.

So you can hear that first whisper of a moan escape my lips, as your fingers glide down again, past my breasts, down to my hip, down to the back of my thighs. To my ass. Cupping it and squeezing it.

Make me gasp again. As you pull my panties to the side. The wet squelch of my lips, droplets of juice gurgling out and spilling onto the floor.

Feeling yourself harden, as your fingers brush inadvertently against my swollen, willing lips.

And how you swallow involuntarily. Biting my lip as I roll my tights down, exposing my bare legs, inch by delicious inch.
Pale skin, under black mesh.

Before I notice the throbbing bulge on your jeans. Licking my lips impulsively before I drop to my knees. Thirsting for everything I know you’re going to give me.

Pulling your zipper down with my teeth, the sound making you moan out loud as your cock strains against the fabric.
The scent of your cock, your glistening, dripping cock-head makes my mouth wet with drool.

A small smile at the edges of my lips, as I imagine how that drool will look when I salivate all over your length.
When I take you in all the way.

Your tip leaking pre-cum into the back of my throat.

All that drool is going to make it so easy for you to slide down my throat.
So easy for you to part me open.

So easy for you to pound me as you bend me over.

As you have your way with me, ramming your cock into my tight defenseless cunt.

Over and over and over.

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