Date #2: The full story short sex stories

It turns out that we have to wait an entire week to see each other again…we both have busy work weeks and prior plans with friends the next Friday so date #2 was set for Saturday. Our plan was to cook dinner together and have movie night at my place. Work is blessedly busy and distracted me for most of the day but each night we would talk on the phone and those conversations were so fun as we learned about each other. You told me stories about your Dad that had me crying with laughter and I shared my stories of growing up in a large family. I found myself really missing our nightly call on Thursday – you were busy until almost 10 pm at work so there was only a short friendly text exchange wishing each other peaceful sleep.

As I got ready for drinks and dinner with friends after work on Friday, you called me. I put you on speaker phone while I got dressed and we agreed to talk before bed later tonight. “Have a great time tonight – talk to you soon babe”, you said. I loved you calling me “babe” and told you so. “Well, babe, I’ll look forward to hearing your sexy voice later..”, you replied making me smile again. “Have fun sexy man. Talk to you soon”, I signed off making kissy sounds and laughing as you replied in kind.

I met up with my girls at a local bar and grill we liked. After our drink orders were taken, we dove straight in, catching up and just enjoying getting to see each other. I gave them some highlights of our first date and they are happy as well as a little bit jealous. It’s a bit loud in the bar where we are waiting for our table to be ready and I’m happy when they come get us so we can all talk in a quieter atmosphere. As we are walking through the bar, I am shocked to see that you are sitting at a table in the bar with about 8 other guys. Your back is mostly towards me but it’s clearly you so I stealthily approach you from behind and to your friend’s amazement, I put my hands over your eyes and press my boobs against your back. Silence falls at the table and I feel you smile which transforms your friend’s expressions from stunned to confused. I remove my hands and step back as you swivel on your seat to face me. “Can I help you miss?”, you smirk with a raised eyebrow and I can see in the periphery that my friends have all followed me, watching with interest. They have figured out that you are “first date guy” and are enjoying the show, especially your friend’s reactions.

I take two steps to stand between your legs and wrap my arms around your neck so I could kiss you. I thought it would be a warm but brief kiss but as soon as our lips made contact, I fully melted into you while your legs held my hips tightly. The kiss deepened and I almost forgot where we were until my friend, Karly, said, “Damn girl….you weren’t kidding about the chemistry with this one! I’m getting turned on just watching you two!”. I look around the table and can’t help but laugh. I step back and give you a wink, “See you soon babe”, and I turn to walk away and I smile when I hear your friend’s all start talking at once. I look back to see you blushing and laughing, getting grilled for details about the random girl who just kissed him full on the lips in public.

I leave you to it – already looking forward to hearing later what they ask and how you respond – and join my girlfriends as they head to our table. As I take my seat, I feel the gentle buzz of my phone telling me I have a new text message. I knew it was you because only your texts have notifications turned on. I smile at the message, “Mind if we join you ladies for dinner?” with a winky/kissy emoji. I put the question to the table and it’s an enthusiastic yes. I text you thumbs up as my friends flag down a waiter to add another table to ours. At our now huge table, we spread out so your friends and mine are intermingled making sure that you are seated next to me. You look shyly at me and lean over to kiss my cheek as everyone gets settled and there’s a ripple of laughter around the table.

“Okay guys…this is someone I am dating…well, we had one date. One amazing date”, you stood to announce hoping to get the focus off of us. You smiled down at me and I can’t help but smile back feeling my body get soft and tingly, remembering how it felt so comfortable, passionate and connected. I want that feeling again with you and I can feel my pussy start to melt. “So, I’m sure we will both give you all the details we’re willing to share later…let’s just enjoy dinner with some new friends. I am hoping that you all will have occasion to see each other a lot in future”, and you sit back down. I reach for your hand as everyone starts to chat with each other and I squeeze it warmly, pulling your hand into my lap as I lean over to kiss your cheek this time. You turn at the last second and the warm lip to lip contact, makes my pussy throb gently. I had two thoughts in mind: firstly, this was going to be a LONG dinner for me and second, date #2 is apparently underway and so my plans for fucking you in various rooms in my house were going to come true 24 hours sooner than I expected.

Dinner is fun and distracting passing much more quickly than I feared. Our friend groups seemed to vibe well…at least for this first time and that is a win as far as I’m concerned. I had ridden with Karly and when you realized that, you asked if you could take me home instead. “I was going to ask if you could…I wasn’t sure if you carpooled as well”, a silly grin spread across my face and I was powerless to stop it. Your eyes went slightly dark and I felt a tickle unfold in my low belly. Without another word to me, you turned and told Karly, “Hey, no need to go out of your way – I’ll take her home. I’ll get her home safe. She can call you later if you like”. I loved the polite take charge attitude and I slipped my hand in yours and waved goodbye to my friends and yours. As we left, we overheard one of your friends say to another, “Well, that dude is spoken for for the rest of the weekend…” and I looked at you with a naughty smile as you winked at me.

You opened my door and touched the small of my back briefly as I got into your comfy car. I took a deep breath enjoying the faint smell of your cologne and I buckled up as you slid into the driver’s seat. You drove carefully but quickly as I navigated the quickest route back to my place. There was no hesitation as you parked and turned off the car; we both immediately unbuckled and leaned towards each other for a slow, deep kiss. I break the kiss and press my forehead on yours, “Wanna come in? It’s nearly Saturday anyway….I feel like date #2 was meant to happen this way”, I said quietly, hoping you’d say yes. Instead, you groan softly – OMG SOOO HOT – then cup my face and devour my lips again until they are tingling.

We savor it for a minute before exiting the car and heading up to my front door. You press against me as I unlock the door so we sort of burst into the entryway, you reaching to loop my waist with one arm from behind while pushing the door closed behind you with the other. My purse drops as I turn to embrace you and I love the way you pull me in, not roughly but firmly and it brings something to mind. “Oooh, will I get to see the beast this time”, I asked teasingly, “I have a feeling he’s in there somewhere and I would love to meet him. I’ve been fantasizing about that”. Your reaction was not what I imagined at all. You lean back and look at me, “I’m not prepared…I didn’t expect to see you tonight and I have no condoms”, you admit with a truly sad look on your face. I laugh and say, “Oh, I’m fully stocked already for tomorrow – brand new box of 50” and I’m delighted you see your eyes light up. “You have a VERY high opinion of my endurance” you tease pulling me close again.

We start kissing again, the urgency growing and you gently press me up against the wall next to the stairs, your hands roaming everywhere and I am moaning softly as we kiss. I’m ready to move upstairs but you hold me back and start to kiss down my neck to the soft swell of my boobs. You linger there while kissing and licking my cleavage and when you rub your slightly scruffy face on me, “You smell sooo delicious baby”, I feel your warm breath and I moan again, loving the sensation. You look up at me, “Lean back and relax baby….I’m ready for my dessert now” and I realize you are now kneeling fully pushing my skirt up. “Let’s see what the naughty girl wears underneath for drinks and dinner with her friends”, your voice getting thick with lust and you groan when you see the green lace panties I’m wearing. I hold my breath to watch you lean in and rub your lips on the lace covering my pussy and when you kiss me there, I feel my knees liquefy slightly.

I lift my left leg and slide it over your shoulder as I wantonly rock my hips against your mouth. “Fuck yes”, I hear you whisper and you use one finger to slide the panties to the side revealing my slick wet lips. With a sexy moan, you dive in tongue first, unable to hold back. My eyes close and my moans get louder as I angle my knee out a little giving you better access. I can feel a tingle at the base of my spine and I think I’m going to cum quickly. I want to savor the first one so when you lean back and reach up to pull my panties off, I slide my leg off your shoulder replacing it with my hand as I step out of them. Before you can bury your face again though, I pull you to standing and take your hand so I can lead you to the living room. I pull you down to the carpet in front of the fireplace and reach over to turn it on, casting a warm glow in the dark room.

You reach for me and we kiss again as I push you gently all the way to your back. You look up at me and smile, “What’s on your mind sexy girl?”, you ask. I straddle you and slide all the up so that my pussy is over your mouth looking down into your eyes watching them darken as you realize that I want to ride your face. “Eat me while I watch you”, I whisper feeling my cunt almost dripping in anticipation. You say nothing – just hold eye contact as your tongue probes my wet lips making me quiver. Warm wet mouth, dark sexy eyes and then your hands move to my hips pulling me down and the licking….oh dear god, the licking…I can’t help but rub my throbbing clit as your tongue drives me insane with some kind of swirling motion. “I’m going to cum if you keep that up…do you want that? You want this naughty cunt to explode on your mouth?”, the dirty talk starts flowing freely as I feel my orgasm starting to break over me. “Every night, I imagine this…you eating me so eagerly as I ride you…suck my clit baby and you’ll make me cum”, and when you do as I ask, I’m tumbling over the edge as you continue to suck me. I moan loudly this time as the waves of pleasure crash over me again and again.

When the quivering subsides, you are still licking me gently and it feels fucking amazing…no one ever did that to me before and I LOVE it. “I love this sweet pussy baby”, you say rubbing your wet cheeks on my inner thighs, “I want this dessert every night”. I’m nowhere near done with you and I start to swing my leg over to get up so I can go get the box of condoms. Who knows how many we’ll need before we make our way up to bed later. “Get naked please….I’ll be right back”, I say. You let me go and I can hear you shedding your clothes as I grab the condoms. When I return, I’m treated to seeing your sexy naked body bathed in firelight. I can see that you are fully erect, and I’m mesmerized by the sight of you stroking yourself gently, almost absentmindedly with your eyes closed as if you are imagining something as you run your hand up the hard shaft and sort of cup the head with your palm. I make a slight noise and your eyes slide open lazily watching me walked towards you naked.

“I have a little surprise”, I say as I sink down next to you and lean down for a kiss. You hold my face as we kiss and when you rub my nose with yours, I reach for your cock. I love how velvety, warm and hard your cock feels in my hand. My grip is firm when I begin to slide your foreskin up to the head and you break the kiss with a soft gasp, tipping your head back and closing your eyes. I feel my cunt throb as you enjoy the sensation. I kiss your neck and chest and your moans are thrilling. “Is this the surprise? Because it’s a really good one…”, you say a little breathlessly. “No, but I love how you respond to my touch. I got some studded condoms to try tonight….it’s probably more of a surprise for me”, I admitted as I managed to open the box with one hand. “Ooooh, I’d love to see if you like them” and you took the package from me to open it, handing the condom back to me with a smirk.

I take my time sliding it over the wet tip and head all the way to the base and I feel you get even harder as I press into your pubic bone firmly. Our hands slide over each other’s as we both explore the nubby texture and I am longing to feel you inside me. I straddle you again and I start to grind my clit on the outside of your cock loving how the bumpy texture makes my pussy start to tingle. You reach up and tug on my nipples, “Ride this cock, my naughty girl”, and I feel my pussy contract hearing you talk dirty to me in that fucking sexy voice. I lift up slightly and when I feel the head pressing on my lips, I sink slowly and fully down until the tip starts to tickle my g-spot. “Fuck baby….this pussy feels so fucking good…take me fully in and let me see you ride me”, your hands hold my hips as we get into a slow rhythm. I am sitting fully upright enjoying how your cock fills me up and feeling the delicious stretch as you throb inside me.

My pelvis starts to rock forward and back, my eyes glued to your face to see if you are enjoying this sensation as much as I am. It feels almost hypnotic riding you slowy and steadily. My eyes close to fully enjoy the feel of your cock sliding in and out. I can feel my building orgasm so I slow slightly hoping to hold it off a bit longer squeezing your cock every time I lift up. When you moan deeply, I feel my pussy contract and get wetter. We are moving in a sweet slow rhythm and when I open my eyes and our eyes connect, you smile and say, “This feels like heaven…your warm wet cunt wrapped around my cock….fuck baby”. I can’t hold back any longer and I push up into a squat position and take you in deeply. The tip rubs my g-spot and I lean down to kiss you. Before I can kiss you, you take one of my nipples in your mouth and I feel the electricity shoot from my nipple straight to my clit. My pussy grips you tightly as I fall over the edge into a pool of pleasure and it continues as you follow me with a long, loud primal moan.

I feel like it takes a full minute for us both to start to regain full consciousness and when I open my eyes, I’m fully relaxed on you and you are holding me close. I turn my head and look up at you to kiss your chin. You lean down and take my lips with yours, parting them gently with your tongue and I slowly explore it with mine. I feel our energies unite sending waves of relaxation back out, melting both of our bodies. “No words for whatever THAT was….”, I breathed rubbing your nose with mine. “Let’s just be sure to do it again please” was your response and I couldn’t not kiss you again. This chemistry is absolutely intoxicating and I cannot get enough of you. I slide off you and you discreetly dispose of the condom by grabbing a tissue from the box on the side table. I pull a throw off of the couch and you help me cover us both with it. I feel like we are are in a bubble of afterglow and my only thought is that I really don’t want to fall asleep so I can enjoy this as long as possible.

Your gentle snores get slightly irregular and it rouses me from the sleep I fought unsuccessfully. I stretch a little and it’s enough to awaken you. You pull me close and I feel my core fully relax again. I start to rub your belly softly just needing to feel your skin. “You drive me CRAZY”, you whisper pressing your lips to my forehead, “I love the naughty girl”. “She is only responding in the only way possible. You are so damn sexy – I’ve never felt this kind of sexual chemistry before. It’s fucking amazing”, I was totally vulnerable in this moment and it felt equal parts safe and scary. “It’s a first for me too” I am relieved to hear you say. “I always had hopes about a connection like this but it feels so much better than I could imagine”, you went on and I have to lean up to kiss you again.

We relax there for a bit longer…kissing and already reminiscing about the sex we just had when I sit up to stretch and shake out my hair. You run your hand down my back and give me a little spank on my hip. I giggle and let you know that I like that. “Oooooh…I will remember that”, you say sitting up and pulling me me to face you. I instinctively slid closer and you slid your hands umder my ass to help me lift up and position my pussy over your already rock hard cock. How does he do that? I wonder as you quickly slide a condom on just in time for me to sink down fully, our bellies and chests pressing against each other. We are kissing immediately…passionate lovemaking kind of kissing and I love it. My toes are legit curling from the feel of your cock inside me. Your groan tells me that you can feel my pussy slowly tighten and release almost milking your cock. We start to move together, face to face with full eye contact and it felt so good – simultaneously sweetly intimate and naughty – and I found myself wishing we could stay like this forever.

You break the kiss with a soft gasp and press your forehead to mine, smiling. “Suck and bite my nipples baby…make me cum on your cock”, I gently command and my eyes close when I hear you groan “yesssss…” and then I feel my pussy melt as your lips nibble my left nipple. Your hand reaches up to squeeze my left nipple, rolling it between your thumb and middle finger and it’s straight up driving me crazy. The feel of your cock filling me combined with the electricity pulsing from my nipples to my clit is making my whole pussy tingle…I am going to cum hard and soon. “Baby….” is all I manage to get out before my orgasm hits fully. It’s centered on my clit but I feel waves of pleasure from the tip of your cock as I squeeze you tightly, fully immersed in the sensations. I feel as if I’m floating and I let out a long satisfied sigh and opened my eyes. There was that look of proud awe again on your face and I laughed out loud. Our lips locked again and I felt your cock throb as the kiss deepened.

I lean back and when you try to pull me back, I say “I want you to fuck me in my bed now, naughty boy”. This seems to be amenable to you because you immediately help me disentangle and we get up, grabbing the box of condoms still groping each other as I lead you to my bedroom upstairs. I have a small home and the entire second floor is dedicated to the master suite and bathroom plus my walk in closet. I switch on the fireplace that faces the bed but I leave all the other lights off. “Wow…this is cool. I should have known you’d have a sexy bedroom”, you say hugging me from behind as we stand in front of the fireplace. Yo”u turn me around and cup my face for a kiss and then your knees bend as you get in position to lift me. I figure it out in time to jump up at the right moment and you first move to the left of the fireplace to pin me up against the wall before you finally take me to the bed and gently toss me on the mattress.

You hold my legs in place when I go to make room for you and instead you grab a pillow and tell me to lift my hips. I remember how good this position felt and I like the twist of you standing beside the bed while you fuck me. I slide to edge and adjust the pillow while you slide on another condom. I reach down to guide you in and you take my ankles in each hand, spreading my legs out and slightly back. I realize that this must give you a really sexy view. I rub the tip on my clit and then down in between the lips enjoying that slight friction. You watch and then one time you thrust just the head in and pull out. You keep teasing me like that – going deeper each time until you finally push yourself all the way inside me. You release my ankles and my legs instinctively wrap around you to hold you close.

You start thrusting, still standing upright and looking in my eyes. Your slow but steady pace feels so damn good and my pussy is dripping, covering your cock. “I love this pussy….love to feel it grip me and pull me in”, your dirty talk makes my pelvis rock against every thrust. It’s slow and hot AF. I can’t believe it when I feel another orgasm building. “I’m glad you love it…I’m gonna cum again soon baby”, I said. “Yesss….I want to hear this naughty slut…let me hear your pleasure baby” you eagerly reply and with that, there I go again. I feel my pussy so warm and pulsing and suddenly you are gripping my boobs and I feel your ass clench as you empty your balls in me. “I’m coming baaaabbbyyy…” and a second wave hits me rendering me speechless for a full minute.

I open my eyes as you start to collapse to lay your head on my chest. I love this transitional state….still part of the lovemaking in my opinion. Feeling ourselves sort of coalescing back into our bodies mentally while still deeply connected to each other – the coveted afterglow. After a few minutes, we are both craving the relaxation of naked cuddling and we get settled in bed, me laying on my back and you wrapped around me with your leg pressing heavily on my low belly. I can already feel my eyes are heavy but I can’t stop from kissing you. Lazy, sweet kisses and when you rub my nose with yours, I’m done for. My eyes drift close and you pull me just little closer dropping warm kisses on my collarbone. We drift off to sleep, fully relaxed.

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