Cuckolding with Vicky erotic short stories

**Cuckolding with Vicky-Part 2**
Hello guys I am Samrat (The Submissive Cuckold) and Shriya is my hot wife. We are living in Cuckolding lifestyle. She enjoys cuckolding and getting fucked in front me and also enjoy a lot while bull fuck me or dominate me.

As you all know in the previous part of the story, Master Vicky and stranger used shiya and me both to the deep and we all enjoyed a lot. In this part I am going to share what happened on the next day.

**Note**: we are not native English writer so please bear with our poor Indian English. Thank you in advance.

My morning boner woke me up from my deep sleep because my dick was getting pain in the chastity. I must say this is one of the biggest challenges for locked cuckold in chastity. Anyway when I woke up, I found my face was full of sticky white semen stains. I understood that they might have cum on my face again while I was sleeping. I was on the floor, totally naked, in chastity, dried cum was smelling from my face, when I try to standup I was feeling pain in my ass due to restless fucking of yesterday. Somehow, I stood up and found that Master Vicky and Shriya was sleeping in the bed, Shriya was in his arms and his one leg was on her pussy, I can see his flaccid cock hanging and touching shriya’s milky thighs. This erotic scene pushed me in flashback and I start remembering how shriya was getting fucked like a slut and how I was totally submissive to Master and stranger, then suddenly I realized stranger is not in the room. I start searching in bathroom but it was empty, I thought he might have gone in the night.

So after a while I sit and relax in the sofa while I see Master vicky is having a morning boner which was touching the clit of Shriya and I guess due to the excitement Shriya woke up and kiss Master.
“Good Morning Master and Mistress”, I greeted them from the sofa,
“Get on your knees cuck before you greet”, Master responded.
I quickly got on my knees and Master come near me and I see his erected long and thick cock infront of my mouth which gave me shiver to my body especially to my locked dick. I love his erect cock actually, It was slightly curved and thick.

“Now wish him good morning and say thanks for satisfying your wife” he ordered.
“ Good Morning Mr Dick, Thank you for satisfying and giving orgasms to my wife” I spoke just like he wanted.
He laughed as I address him as Mr dick and ordered me to crawl to the bathroom, I understood his intension.
“Hold Mr. Dick with both of your hands and aim on your nipples.” He added. I was sitting on toilet seat and he was standing, without delay I grab his dick and aim on my nipples. He starts urinating on my nipples which gave me more excitement and then he changed the aim to my locked dick. I felt like I was bathing in his salty water. When he completed, he pushed his dick in my mouth and give 3 to 4 jerks like he was fucking me and asked to clean his dick. I did that without any trouble. Then he asked to wait in the room on my knees.

Around 10 a.m. when they both had bath and come out they were talking to each other like they are hungry so they ordered the breakfast, they didn’t even care to ask me anything. After they order, they both get dressed. I was looking to Shriya, She was looking like a pure slut again, she was wearing a black top with deep cleavage show and cups were hardly able to hold her boobs. Nipple arousals were clearly visible and the top was above knees. And she didn’t wear any innerwear. When I was overjoyed looking at her and fucking her in my dream, I was got back to real world when I heard a ring bell. I thought breakfast must have come. Master smiled at Shriya and she smiled back and understood his wish. So Shriya asked me to open the door,

“Naked? No way” I responded.
“I am not that much harsh on you, honey”, She threw her bra and panties.
I was totally shocked on her bold move but that also excites me. So I wore it and went to open the door. My heart was pumping the vein and I can feel that while I was opening the door. But I was shocked more when I see waitress rather than waiter and I guess she was double shocked when she saw me in just bra and panty. I was expecting a male rather than female, in a horror I was unable to speak anything and her mouth was open wide while her eyes was froze to my locked dick which was visible through transparent panty.
“Darling, who’s there at the door?” Shriya shouted from inside.
“Its room service ma’am, I bring your breakfast” she responded as she noticed I am unable to move.
“Come inside and bring it on the table” Master added loudly.
She got shocked again and gives wicked look to me and then laughs a little. I thought she is aware about the cuckolding lifestyle. She made her way to come inside; I was still frozen at doorstep. She kept the breakfast on the table. I turned around in a shock and noticed Master and shriya are in the bed in each other’s arms and kissing.

“Enjoy your meal ma’am” She spoke while seeing the kissing scene with half eyes.
“Wait; don’t go without taking your tip.” Shriya looks towards me, “Darling, please give her some tip”, she added and start smooching Master again and this time she was caressing his dick in his trouser. I was searching my wallet while waitress was biting her lips watching shriya playing with master vicky’s dick. Somehow I found the wallet give the tip to waitress and thanked her with smile. She giggled while leaving the room and gently slapped me on my naked butts before closing the door.

I was still recovering and thinking in my mind what was just happened, but Shriya and Master was doing like nothing happened, they were smooching and playing with each other and in no time they both get nude and start laughing on my confused look. And after that they both finished their breakfast on the bed and I also finished breakfast on the sofa.

After a while Master shouted “Get on your knees and hands you sissy”. I get on doggy position and Master come near and keep her feet on my butts and then give one hard spank on my butts.
“Ahhhha….” My mouth responds like this, which make shriya laughs from the bed. She also joined Master and they both start spanking me one by one and I was keep screaming. Then Shriya removed my panty and unhooked the bra. I was still on my fours while shriya sat on the couch and offered me to lick her clean shaven pussy. I happily start licking it with an excitement but suddenly I felt some fire on my butts which makes me very uncomfortable and stop licking shriya’s pussy, When I about to see at my backdoor, Shriya grab my hair and lowered down forcefully on her clit, I start licking it but again I feel fire drops on my butts but this time shriya hold my head so forcefully that I could get up to see. I head Master was laughing.

“Does it hurt cucky? Don’t worry it’s just a candle wax, you will start liking it” Master said.
I was keep licking her pussy and keep baring burning sensation on my butts, He was specifically aiming the wax drops nearby my butt hole to make more uncomfortable. But to be honest, after a while it was giving me pleasure as a submissive sissy. I was start loving the sight, licking pussy, hearing her moans with the mixture of burning sensation. He was keep pouring wax on my butts and I guess this was too hot to handle for shriya, because I feel like she was about to cum, She grabbed my hairs hard and pushed me more towards her clit and I start licking her clit more vigorously and she keep moaning loud and suddenly she start squirting hard on my face and eyes and she was jumping like rabbit on my tongue. After some moments when she catches her breath, she was looking in my eyes like she wanted to say thank you for the orgasm. I smiled back saying “It’s my duty to give you an orgasm whether through my tongue or from another dick.”

I start sensing fire on my butts as I stop licking her and due to constant wax dropping. Then Shriya asks Master that she also want to try it.

“Oh my god, his ass cheeks are totally painted with different color of wax” shriya spoke with surprise.
“That’s very erotic and kinky, isn’t it? Master added.
“I have seen this for the first time; I love such submission from samrat” she said before kissing Master.
I was trying to bare the drops and my knees was start hurting but Master had more kinky plans.
“Hey cuck, your asshole is keep twitching whenever wax is dropping on your butt, don’t you think we should fill that hole?” Master asked.
“Yes master” I replied as I do not have any other choice to say.
So I guess Shriya hold the candles from both of her hands and keep pouring the wax.

Master comes with a long and thick dildo type white candle. It seems like it was 1 foot long and 1.5-2 inch wider, I instantly get fear watching that. But without any further delay, Master wore a condom on back of the candle, put some lubricant on my hole and inserted it inside the hole. I felt Goosebumps instantly and filled like a rod inside it. When half of the candle was inside, master ignites the end of candle which was outside and wax start dripping heavily on the floor.

“Listen you cuck, If you move from your position, wax will start dripping on your locked dick or balls or either side of your legs, so now whatever we do with you, just try not to move from your current position, do you understand you pervert?” master asked.

“Yes master.” I respond in a soft voice because my focus was on the candle.
“I can’t hear you, say louder” He spanked my right butt,
“Yes master” I speak loud with moan.
“What?” he spanked my left butt again.
“Yes master, whatever you do I will not move from here” I spoke it loud and clear.
“That’s better” he spanked both butts with his both hands.
I feel like my whole lower part of my body is on fire. My butts are burning, my hole is stretched with hot and solid rod like candle and I have to keep saving my dick, balls and legs from localized burn. Now master sat in front my face and he offered me his dick in my mouth and I understood his intensions, so I start sucking his hard cock and start playing with his balls. He was enjoying this and petting my back. On the other side, shriya was still pouring wax on my butts but she also starts moaning, maybe she got excited to see me sucking his cock. Master slowly starts pushing my head in his dick.

“Show me your love hole, darling” master said to shriya. Shriya was about to keep candles aside but master stopped her.
“Keep pouring wax on his filthy butts, just climb on him turns around and show me your pussy.” Shriya obeyed him and he start playing with her clit while she was pouring wax on me and I suck his cock deep. Shriya start moaning slowly and I was having mix feeling of pain and pleasure, because Shriya’s moan always give me pleasure whenever I heard it. After about 5 or 7 mins, master asked shriya to leave candles and come near to him.
My butts felt relief from burning pain and now I able to concentrate more on master’s dick. Shriya sat beside him and they start smooching. That makes him more excited and he start fucking my throat.

“Do you like watching your husband being totally submissive to me?” master asked to shriya
“Ohh yes Master, I love it when you empower him and he obey your powers.” He increases the speed of fucking my throat, which making me shaking but I have to keep in mind not to move to save my legs and balls.
“Do you like to get fucked by my dick while your husband tied and locked in chastity?” he asked again.
“Yes Master It’s making me hotter and extra wet when samrat is unable to move while I am being fucked and above all, I don’t like to see his tiny dick while I am getting orgasm because it is never made to give me orgasm, so it feels good to me when he is locked in chastity.” Shriya responded. Hearing this I felt master is at the edge of cumming. I was also feeling horny while listening all these from Shriya, my dick start fighting against chastity walls.

“Do you like when this slut getting fucked in his sissy ass?” master asked again to Shriya.
“Ohh fuck, I love it when you show him his place in our relationship; I wish I could have the cock, so I can also fuck his ass.” Shriya responded with heavy moans this time. I was surprised hearing that from shriya and I guess master was also surprised and overjoyed because his cock start pulsating and fucking my mouth vigorously and with a very loud moan he start Cumming deep in my throat. He held my head so tight and deep that I was unable to move but was able to feeling each and every stream of hot fluid going down to my throat and I had no choice without gulping it down immediately in my stomach. They both start smooching to enjoy the heat of the moment. After more than 7 spurts of cum, his cock was losing erection in my mouth but he was not leaving my head.

When it completely loosen up, he removed his wet dick from my mouth and standup, cleaned his cock and remove enlighten candle rod from my ass, I felt so relief that I moaned softly but that feeling was not long lasting, he examine my gaping hole and said this should be loosened more to keep it ready for next session and put the butt plug inside my asshole and asked me to take bath.
When I see in my butt in the mirror, I was surprised seeing layers of wax with red, purple, green, orange colors, It made me hornier but then I remember the words of master and start worrying what will happen in next session!
**End of Story**

Hope you like this part of the story; however everything was not truly happened, some are mixed with fantasies and some were truly happened. Please give your views, comments, suggestions and don’t forget to give some reaction if you like it. And ya stay tuned for next part of story which will let you know how shriya becomes more dominant and becomes my pegging mistress.

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