Corrupted by a [F]emale colleague Part 6 – Return of the Ex non-fiction sex stories

*I saw a couple of messages from Lucy which i opened out of sight of Chloe, the last one which read “That was so hot, can’t wait for you to fill my arse again x”.*


Despite Lucy’s message, which being a red blooded male naturally got my imagination working overtime, I was into Chloe in a big way and didn’t want to start something with her whilst fucking around with someone else. That said, the Lucy situation had to be managed carefully so as not to be awkward at work so I did send a well thought through reply that tried to laugh off her comments and blame late replying on being wasted etc. After temporarily disarming that time bomb, I spent the rest of Sunday trying unsuccessfully to keep my hands off Chloe.

During the next week, i tried to gradually reduce my communication with Lucy and got it in early that the following weekend I was golfing so wouldn’t be able to see her (Looking back on this I am fully aware that this was the coward’s route out and i should have been upfront with her but hindsight is a wonderful thing and i was trying to preserve a working relationship as well.) I continued this charade for a few weeks, all the time spending more and more time with Chloe. Things were going well and i even started to confide in a close friend at work that i saw this being something serious.

About a week later, this close friend, Noel, and I were in the pub when Lucy decided to join. Now this wasn’t uncommon for the three of us to hang out, it would often happen multiple times a week but Noel was none the wiser to the illicit activities that Lucy and I had partaken in, which perhaps looking back was an oversight because it would have prevented the next sentence coming out his mouth.

“How’s things going with that girl you were telling me you liked?” he asked innocently.

If the world could have swallowed me up at this point, I would happily have obliged, and if looks could kill, I’d be in the morgue and Lucy would be serving a life sentence!. What transpired over the next few hours was a bit of a blur but in a nutshell Lucy now hated me and I wouldn’t be filling her arse anytime soon! Despite all this (and i should point out that despite acting like a selfish cunt, seeing Lucy upset really cut me) there was a sense of relief that I could now crack on properly with Chloe without feeling like i was living a double life. That weekend i pretty much spent every waking second with her and it was great. I actually started to feel like i was falling – she was gorgeous, cute, funny, slightly ditzy and just great to be around, there was only one small issue… the sex.

Now I’m not saying the sex was bad, it wasn’t. I’ve had bad sex. There was the girl at uni who whenever on top would treat my dick like it was a space hopper and would madly jump up and down on it to the point it was quite painful and there was also the girl who would lie there and silent, no matter what i tried. This was just, well ok, and quite vanilla. Anal is a delicacy I have experienced only a handful of times in my life so it’s not a situation that I need to have it regularly, but Chloe would flip out if my finger got within 5 inches of her arsehole so there were many times the mood would be killed by this as i got caught up in the moment. It also sometimes felt like sex was a chore to her, like she couldn’t be arsed which was fine if we were seeing each other every night but this would sometimes result in a few weeks on end without fucking. This partly contributed to the events of late April…

As you’ll remember, this whole story started off back in the Autumn of the following year when I broke up with Nic and moved back to my parents. Nic wasn’t local to the area and whilst she had recently started a new job in London, she couldn’t afford the rent by herself so I continued to pay my share of all rent and bills. (Just as a note, I’m not trying to my paint myself as a saint here, more to give abit of context to Nic and I’s relationship). Whilst i was no longer in love with her, i did still love her and wanted to make sure she was ok so agreed that I would do this until she found somewhere else, even going to look at places with her to make sure she wouldn’t end up in a dive. This ultimately had to have an end date though as Nic was still desperate for us to get back together and i knew there was an element of her hoping that the longer we kept the flat connection, the more chance there was i’d come back so it was finally agreed that she’d temporarily move in with her sister in April. Again, wanting to make sure she was ok and not financially impacted by me leaving her, i hired a van and helped move all her stuff. Unfortunately the van hired was not big enough and meant there was roughly a car load leftover which i agreed i would bring over the following weekend.

I text Nic that Saturday morning to find out when was a good time but she quickly replied to say she was just heading out and wouldn’t be home until the evening but hoped that it would be ok if i dropped it over then. It wasn’t ideal as it prevented me from going out but i didn’t want things to drag out for any longer (it had been really hard saying goodbye the previous weekend) so i told her to text me when she knew she’d be back so i had time to make the hour long journey. It was about 7pm by the time she finally text so after a quick shower, i jumped in the car and made my way over. I arrived just after 8 and knocked on the door a few times but no answer. I kept on ringing the doorbell but again no answer. I was starting to get really pissed off now – she had made me wait all day, even though i was doing her a favour, and now i was left on the doorstep! When eventually the door opened, it revealed Nic in a silk dressing gown.

“I’m so sorry H” she said. “I’ve just had a shower and couldn’t hear the doorbell over the hair dryer! How long have you been here!?”.

For some reason, I find girls incredibly sexy when they’ve just come out the shower. I’m not sure what it is but i think its a combination of their silky smooth skin along with the slight goose pimples from the cold air which cause their nipples to be fully erect, and I was pretty sure I could faintly make out Nic’s through her silk gown. This instantly brought back memories of our early years when we’d fuck in the shower of her university halls. There’s a very strong chance it was this that caused by anger to suddenly disappear and I gave her a hug before carrying her remaining stuff in from the car.

When i had finished, Nic asked if i wanted a drink.

“I’d love one but I shouldn’t. It would feel a bit weird with your sister around who probably hates me!” I replied.

“Oh she’s out” said Nic. “She’s out with Jon tonight and is staying at his.” I knew I shouldn’t but I was desperate for a drink and Nic was standing, still in her gown, with a lovely looking bottle of malbec so i agreed but only one as i had to drive back. Nic handed me a rather full looking glass and we sat down on the sofa and started chatting, whilst the tv murmured in the background. She must have been topping up my glass more frequently than expected as it wasn’t long before Nic got up to fetch another bottle. Whilst she was gone, i looked up at the tv to see the opening title credits for a film but my gaze was interrupted by her return.

“Oh is this the new 50 shades film?” she asked. “I’ve really wanted to watch this!” It was at this point, I realised i was in abit of a pickle. Half a bottle of red deep, ex girlfriend sat next to me on the sofa looking smoking in a silk gown and some soft porn on the tv – I was going to have show some immense will power. I knew at this point she had 100% played me, engineering to have me over when her sister was out and ploughed me with wine so I couldn’t drive back. I’m pretty sure she had planned the film as well! I should have been mad but I couldn’t help but smile and think “Well played girl!”. That said, i didn’t want to lead her on because as much as this evening was great, i had moved on and was happy with someone else.

“Have you seen it?” She continued.

“No” I replied.

“Let’s watch it then!” she said. “Unless you don’t think it’s appropriate?” Fuck, she was testing me.

“Nah, let’s watch it, might as well”.

We continued to chat, but both the conversation and body language was definitely more flirty. Nic had shifted closer to me and there was lots of grazing of my arm and leg. I could smell she was wearing the perfume I had bought for her birthday last year and knew my chances of rejecting her advance if/when she made it, was paper thin. We had blitzed through the second bottle of wine so Nic got up to fetch a third but when she returned a few minutes later she wasn’t carrying a bottle.

She walked towards the sofa in her pink robe but as she got close she stopped and slowly pulled the belt keeping it together, revealing a matching pale pink bra and thong I had bought her for Valentines Day a few years before. She knew i loved her in it. We stared at each other for a few seconds before she stepped closer towards me and straddled my lap. My hands automatically slipped inside her gown and pulled her towards me, inhaling her sweet perfume.

She stopped her lips millimetres from mine, before whispering “You know you want me”. My cock that had already risen to attention, stiffened slightly more and pushed through my jeans against the fabric of her panties.

“We shouldn’t” i said breathily but with very little conviction.

“But we’re going to” she replied. “We’ll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow” before seductively biting my earlobe. It was at this point, that last remaining ounce of willpower I had, evaporated.

I pulled her even closer into me and our lips met. We had kissed thousands of time over the 5 years we were together but this was potentially the most passionate – after 6 months of not having her, i now wanted her more than ever. My hands had already removed her silk gown and my left hand made short work of unclasping her bra, releasing her perky B/C cup tits. My mouth instantly found her nipples and i ran my tongue round them whilst she pulled my head in close and was trying to remove my t shirt. I helped her with the latter, and our mouths met again as our naked chests pushed together. She was grinding down hard on me and i could feel my boxers getting wet with the pre cum from my rock hard tip. My hands were both on her arse and i lifted her up slightly so i could reach under and rub her cunt through her now soaking thong.

At this point she got up and peeled it off, rolled it in a ball and told me to open my mouth so she could place them in. She then stepped back and sat on the coffee table, all the time making eye contact, where she began to finger her dripping pussy. My eyes were locked on her as she circled her clit before slipping in one finger, followed by another. I quickly released my by now throbbing member and began to slowly stroke it, watching my ex finger fuck herself. She then disembarked the table and shuffled forwards on her knees, between my legs so my cock was right in front of her face. Her head dipped down slightly and i felt her warm tongue against my arsehole as she licked all the way up, stopping briefly to suck on each of my testicles before reaching the tip of my cock. She slowly took the helmet, followed by the shaft into her mouth, not once breaking eye contact. It was as if she knew this would be the last time she sucked my cock and wanted to make sure i never forgot it (something she achieved as i have cummed to the thought of it countless times since). Part of me wanted to blow my load there and then, reward her for absolutely worshipping my cock but the taste of her panties had got me desperate to feast on her snatch so i released my pork wand from her hungry mouth, lifted her up and placed her on the sofa and began devouring her eager snatch. If this was to be our last night, i wanted to make sure she orgasmed more times than she thought possible. Fortunately having been together for the time we had, i knew all her spots, and it wasn’t long before i was sucking on her clit with fingers in both her cunt and her arsehole.

After the fourth time, she begged me to stop and being desperate to fuck her, i let her push me back onto the sofa whilst she slowly lowered herself onto my pulsating cock. Fuck she felt good. She rode me slowly but every grind was deliberate and inched me closer and closer. I knew the time was nigh but wanted us to cum together so reached up to her mouth so she could suck my right index finger which i then proceeded to push up into her tight little shitpiece, knowing it would send her over the edge.

“Fuck Harry! Cum for me!” which i did obligingly, flooding her sweet, wet cunt with bollock milk. She collapsed on my chest and I lay there holding her tight. I should have felt a wave of guilt for Chloe at this point but all I could think about was getting another round in before I had to depart…


To be continued…

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