CONSEQUENCES, Pt.3 sex stories


(OK so here is an older one – and perhaps not on the level of ‘SOLD’ but I had alot of peeps asking for more, so – I wrote that concerns a woman who is forced to take on a double-life due to choices & Blackmail, & how it affects her as she tries to balance it out. Let me know what you think and enjoy!)


I woke up Wednesday with a severe boner, apparently from anticipation. Noting that it was nearly 10AM, I texted “Clear your late afternoon, you’ll be busy after 4” and then sat down to a leisurely breakfast.

Sarah was thankful her phone was on silent, as she had been enjoying having her man spooned up to her, and it wasn’t until he got up to make breakfast for her that she saw the text, spoiling her mood. She decided she was going to enjoy her day and deal with that later, damn him, and deleted the text.

I figured on no response, so I sent another that I knew would get at least a reaction. “Something in a box for you on back porch. You’ll be wearing it later.” I had spent the day off doing more than making her send pics, as Sarah Connor was about to discover.

Sarah Connor almost exclaimed “Oh Shit!” aloud before catching herself. Thankfully the BF was not in the room. She made an excuse to keep the shades closed, and after an admittedly great breakfast of eggs and bacon, she was just able to see thru the window the corner flap of a box.

While he was in the shower, she dashed out and grabbed it, stuffing it under the kitchen counter, but not before stealing a glance. In it was a totally TRASHY lingerie set – it looked like something a cut-rate whore would wear, and she was determined to have NONE of it.

I vacuumed and dusted as I promised Mom I would, then sat down to some gaming for a few hours, and after that, I went for a walk, as I was ahead on my virtual learning. I checked my phone and unsurprisingly, there were several texts, all basically saying ‘This has to stop; I can’t do this; yatta-yatta…’

I saw that and simply responded “Look Sarah, if you think you can explain your way out of that video, go right ahead. Otherwise, be at the Belk end of Cross-Creek Mall @ 4:15, and be sure to wear something on top of that lingerie!” that response made me laugh, then I added “Make it a dress, nothing tight.”

About 1, I sent another email, letting my prey know she would be wearing a skirt. I also texted Timmy, who currently owed me some $300 from a recent card game. “Confirm ready, and this will stay between us.” After a minute Timmy sent back “K. I paid up 2?” I nodded. “yes, but remember.” And got back “K”. All was set.


Sarah chafed in the lingerie, and wearing it made her curse. The damn set was positively lewd, in that it was “open” not only showing her nipples, which really wasn’t a surprise, but in the crotch as well! She had chosen a Casual Pleated dress with a zip front, in a darker color. That along with a hat and sunglasses made her appear the least noticeable, or at least she hoped.

I saw Sarah’s Mercedes at the light, waiting to turn into the mall. “You’ll see me at the door. Follow me, but not closely.” I remained at the door until I saw her park and get out, then walked in. I then moved in and nonchalantly over to a rack…then over farther, drawing my prey along.

Sarah understood the deal, and played it nonchalant as well. She was half-panicking because the little asshole had her in public, and followed him to a more ‘desolate’ portion of the store, but she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him step past some “Closed to Public” tape and into a closed dressing room!

“Danny…What the Hell?” Sarah said in a hushed tone as she stepped in to a foyer area, where it was apparent two dressing rooms had been removed, and in their place was a combination chair/ottoman. It was round, yet had a backrest of sorts

“let’s just say I wanted a change of pace.” I said with a grin as I moved the cover off the ottoman.

“Are you fucking nuts?” Sarah exclaimed, then followed with “No Danny…NO.”

My face flushed red as I stepped over to Sarah Holland in a flash, getting right up in her face as I grabbed her wrist & twisting it. In an angry voice I replied “I RUN THIS DAMN SHOW.” Seeing her shrink and step back I grabbed her other wrist and pulled her closer to me, adding “No doesn’t exist for you woman, unless you want to lose that Mercedes you pulled up in, plus a helluva lot more. Got it?” she was looking away so I gave her a shake and repeated “GOT IT?”

“got it” she said meekly.

“No doesn’t exist. Say it.” I told her. I needed to break her will.

Sarah looked at Danny pleadingly & said “Plea….” But then she realized there was no ‘please’, just as there was no mercy, at least at the moment, so she meekly repeated “No doe-…No doesn’t exist.” And stared at the young man. At this moment, she could not have felt lower.

I smiled. “very good Sarah, ver-rrrrr-ry good…” I purred. The front of the dress had a zipper, and I unzipped it. Tugging it just off her shoulders bore her breasts. The bra was too small (intentional) pushing them up, and her nipples were sticking out. “Nice” I said and began to suckle them. With my other hand I reached into my little bag I had brought and produced a pair of pink nipple suckers. She grunted as I attached them. Seeing her so helpless made HARD.

Sarah dropped her guard, and the front of her dress, and simply waited. Her torturer suckled her nipples (which in different circumstances would have been nice) & then that asshole applied little suction cups to her nipples. They affected more than her nipples.

I lifted the front of Sarah Holland’s Dress, and I had to chuckle at the sight of her lips poking out of the lace crotchless panties. They were a gorgeous pink, and I wanted them. I unbuckled her belt, and without instruction she simply stepped out of the dress. Seeing my new fuck-toy step out of that dress made me stiff (like I wasn’t already) There were a few hangers still around, so I kindly hung it (hey, it’s a nice dress), and turned to find my fuck-toy already reclining on the ottoman.

Sarah was totally out of her element. Here she was, naked except for her shoes, panties that were that in name only & a too small bra that left her nipples poking out, but hey, at least that little suction on cups on them, right? And to top it all off, she was in department store dressing room in the local mall!

It was terrifying, humiliating, and oddly arousing all at the same time. She sat because she was thought she was about to suck it, but was she surprised when her tormentor knelt in front of her, and wrapped his arms under her thighs, and kissed the inside of one knee. ‘Remain quiet, girl’, she told herself, with a slight gasp of anticipation.

With a look of smug control, I knelt and, wrapping my arms under my fuck-toys thighs, I opened her legs. The smell of her sex was intoxicating, and with a long, slow, la-aa-ap I ran my tongue from her vagina up to her clit. My toy made a loud gasp and ‘mew’ moan. Her legs tried to clamp around my head, but I held them TIGHT, & I repeated the process, this time, making eye contact and holding up a finger to mouth “Shhh…..”

Sarah’s body had again betrayed her, and now it appeared her mind might as well, because as her tormentor undressed her, she became incredibly aroused. When he held his finger to his mouth she nodded, and motioned to him, he reached up and for the first time, they kissed. He may have been average at best in looks, but DAMN could that kid kiss! When he removed the nipple suckers they were engorged and much more sensitive to his mouth, and it made her produce a low guttural groan, Damn-Damn-Damn it felt good.

Lowering myself back down as before, I began a process of using my tongue to ‘flick’ her clit, suckle the labia on one side, give her vaginal entrance a solid lick using the whole tongue, the work up the other side and back to the clit. Sarah Holland’s thighs kept trying to clamp around me, & the way she was holding my head and gyrating told me she liked it, Goodness know I was.

Sarah had one hand on the back her tormentor’s head, the other covering her mouth as she tried to not orgasm. She was at the point of biting her fingers to divert attention and thought she had it, and then that damn kid did it; he sucked her clit into his mouth, & at the same time began pumping in & out of her, and that did it. Her hips bucked on their own as the wave washed over her, and she tried to not make too much noise.

I let my fuck-toy finish her convulsing, and I slowed y fingers to a stop. She was heaving and still coming off the ‘high’ of it, when I shifted so that both her ankles were on my shoulders. I unceremoniously grabbed her hips and tugged her towards me slightly, and with no indication or ‘foreplay’ I thrust all of me right inside her, clamping my hand over her mouth to muffle her cry. Without hesitation I began slamming myself into fuck-toy VERY hard, VERY fast. I had one hand around and on the small of her back, the other at her throat. I was pounding it hard, because I was about to blow my load.

When her torturer “threw his hotdog down her hallway” and started slamming himself in and out of her, Sarah made a series of fast, whimpering grunts, and her body followed with a cascade of mini-orgasms. Her body was completely open to the kid now, he could have whatever he wanted, and was taking it, and her mind was enjoying it as well. Part of Sarah knew she should be fighting back, but the now larger part simply lay there and took it, thinking her torturer would be cumming in her soon.

The wave was there, I could feel the orgasm on me. With a final good stroke I whipped myself out, and stood up. I cupped this total MILF’s chin in my hand and she obediently opened her mouth. With a final hand pump and a grunt, I shot two good ropes of ejaculate into her mouth, some of it hitting her chin. I got some more in her mouth, but the rest landed on her neck, chest, and tits. I got the last bit on her with a few hard jerks, then stepped back, satisfied with my work.

Was Sarah ever surprised when that damn asshole shot his load in her MOUTH! After he dribbled out the last bit onto her chest he stepped back, and released her chin. Immediately, she swirled the foul warm goo forward and spat it out as she leaned forward, saying “asshole” and wiping her chin. Her stomach rolled as she had swallowed some of it, and the taste and what it meant were NOT to her liking, making her repeat her earlier statement, “asshole”.

I smiled at my fuck-toys reaction. “for someone so upset, you sure were willing to let me blast your mouth, not o mention eating and fucking you.” I took one of two small towels I had brought and tossed it to her. After I wiped off using the other I said “There’s a mirror there to clean up, be sure and close the door behind you as you leave.” And without another word said, I left, zipping up as I left. As soon as I exited the closed area, I made my way across the store, where I could just see where fuck-toy had entered the store, and played it cool.

Sarah gagged and hacked a little after he left. She was ANGRY at the situation, what had been happening, including what had just happened. But mostly she was angry at herself for having gotten into this situation, and her mental state that seemed to be oddly enjoying it. Dressing quickly, she was thankful for the glasses & hat that hid her face as she made a beeline out of the mall. As soon as she pulled into her drive, she opened the door and vomited, then had a good cry. It had to end, somehow it just HAD to end.

I saw my toy leave. I then stopped by and let Timmy know we were even, & slipped back over to the room and dug out the two small cameras I had discreetly placed and discreetly exited the mall. In the last week plus my plan had worked far better than I had ever hoped. I was getting laid more than I ever had, and with a woman FAR above my norm to boot! But, the look of desperation in her eyes was palpable, and the simple fact was, if it kept going until it crashed I was the one would be in deep shit. So with that rolling about in my head, I headed home as I needed a shower.

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