Church really is for sinners. sexual confession

About an year ago My cousin was getting married in a Catholic Church and as many may know catholic weddings really drag on. So about an hour into the ceremony I got up to “pee” really I was going out side for a smoke. While outside i ran into my cousins stepbrother, no relation to me at all. So anyway we hit it off and start talking about our darkest fantasies and I mention that I’ve always wanted to get it on in a church. I am a very anti religion person so I found this fantasy hot and funny. Anyway he says why not do it now there’s about 3 hrs left in the ceremony so we go back in through the back door and into the little room where they do the baptisms or what ever. I was wearing a red mini dress and 6 in heel (yes I know that’s not appropriate for a wedding but oh well) he pushes me against the wall before pushing up my dress and rips off my panties with one hand he pins my hands behind my back and drops down to where he could start eating me out. I ended up splitting open my lip trying to keep quiet. After a few minutes he straightens up and pins my hands above my head before ramming his dick into me. He fucked me like that for about 30 min before bending me over a table and finishing me off. After we finished I pulled my dress back downs and began to search for my panties. “Looking for these” was the only thing he said before slipping them into his pocket and going back out to the ceremony. Family never found out and yes I did spend the rest of the day without any panties on it was kinda fun.

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