Camping With Friends [Part 1] short sex stories

Part I

Every summer, my girlfriend, Allie and I go on a weeklong camping trip with our good friends Cameron and Sam from high school who were also seeing each other. After high school, we had gone our separate ways, so we didn’t see a whole lot of each other. Our annual camping outing was something both couples looked forward to very much. We usually would drink and catch up on what we had been doing over the past year and sit around the campfire. The rest of our time was spent hiking ang kayaking through the wilderness.

This summer, we decided to camp in Glacier National Park. We like privacy, so we usually don’t stay in the designated campgrounds. It is more fun this way, as we don’t have to worry about bothering other people or other people bothering us. Cameron and Sam had been to the park previously, so they new a place we could stay. Upon arriving, Allie and I saw that Cameron and Sam were already there and had almost completed setting up their tent. After greeting one another and the usual chit chat, I decided it was time to set up our own tent.

Within a couple hours, we were all around the fire Cameron had built, drinking and laughing the night away. Before we knew it, it was almost three in the morning, so we decided to each go to our respective tents to get some sleep.

Allie and I sleep on an air mattress when we go camping. It isn’t the same experience as sleeping in a sleeping bag, but it’s a lot easier for us to sleep next to each other and cuddle on the air mattress. A few minutes after we laid down and began to go to sleep, we heard noises coming from Cameron and Sam’s tent. We looked each other in the eye silently while listening closely to try to figure out the sounds that were coming from our friends’ tent. At first it was a sort of rustling, but the rustling noises quickly turned into the muffled sound of bodies repeatedly slapping against one another.

The four of us have always been pretty open about our sex lives, but we had never had an experience quite like this. Most likely, Cameron and Sam were too tipsy to care about whether or not we heard them. I gave Allie a look that said, “What do we do?” but our silent communication was ruined by a new sound coming from the other tent. Sam began to moan with each thrust that was going into her. As the noises continued, Allie closed her eyes for a moment as she bit her bottom lip. When her eyes opened and met with mine, she whispered, “This is making me so fucking horny baby.” I smiled in reply.

She rolled herself on top of me and sat up on her knees to peel off her oversized t-shirt which was the only thing she was wearing besides panties. Her long brown hair was in two braids, as it usually was. She loved it when I would pull on them while fucking her from behind. As her t-shirt rose up, her perfect body was revealed to me. She was a naturally thin person with a flat stomach and a perky set of B cup breasts.

After her shirt was completely off, she leaned forward and began to make out with me. Allie loved all forms of foreplay, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. We could still hear the sounds of our friends having sex travelling from their tent to ours. I could feel myself begin to get hard underneath my boxers. As we were making out, Allie began to grind on me. It was clear how turned on she was, as I began to feel her wetness soak through both of our underwear. As she pulled herself away from our kiss to strip off her tiny black thong, I too sat up and began to take off the remainder of my clothes.

We could hear our friends’ fuck session get more intense as the rhythm of their bodies colliding increased and Sam’s moans got louder. I could even faintly hear Cameron’s breathing begin to get heavy.

Allie got on all fours and arched her back in preparation for me to insert myself in her. I stroked myself while looking at her surprisingly plump ass which was pointing at me. Now that I had become fully erect, I positioned myself behind my girlfriend and pulled her ass closer to me by her hips. I rubbed my girthy cock on the outside of her steamy pussy to tease her a little bit before slowly easing my way inside of her.

Allie normally isn’t a loud person during the act, but as I began to push myself further into her now dripping pussy, she let out a long, deep moan. Quickly, I began to pick up the pace, almost matching that of our friends who were less than ten feet away from us. With each thrust, Allie let out a loud yelp of satisfaction. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or hearing our friends that was causing her to be so turned on, but it was turning me on also. I was pumping myself so hard into her that my balls slapped against her pussy, making a noise as they did so.

From the other tent, we heard Sam begin to scream, “Oh fuck, oh fuck! Right there, right there, right there! Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” The clapping sounds from our friends got louder, as did Sam’s uncontrollable moans as she fell into orgasm. Upon hearing this, my own girlfriend began to increase the volume of her moans as she began to use her own fingers to work on her clit. I was beginning to sweat as I continued to fuck Allie from behind. With my right hand, I grabbed both of her braids and gave them a small tug, which led to an extra sensual moan. I used the other hand to balance myself and pull her hips back onto me to meet my motion.

Shortly after Sam’s orgasm, we could hear Cameron grunt out his warning to his girlfriend that he was about to cum. He grunted again and again with every rope of cum he shot. Sam must not have been used to him ejaculating that much, since she exclaimed, “Oh my god, that’s so much fucking cum baby!”

I don’t know why but hearing that sent me into a primal state that I had never gone before. I released my grip on Allie’s braids and bent over top of her, almost laying my chest against her back and using my fists to hold me up while thrusting into her harder and faster than I ever had. It was the most raw, intense sex I had ever had up to that point. This must have sent Allie over the edge, as her legs began to quiver, and she let out one long moan. I could feel her pussy tighten on my thick cock and her warm juices began to flow down her inner thighs.

After her orgasm was finished, I knew I couldn’t last much longer. As I pulled out of her, she knew what was coming. “Cum for me baby. Cum all over my fat fucking ass. Yeah, baby you fucked me so good.” Using her pussy juices to stroke my throbbing meat, I began to release my load onto her ass and back, draining everything that was stored in my balls.

We were both breathing heavily and too tired to clean up after ourselves, so we just laid down and covered ourselves with a blanket. As our breathing began to slow, we hear Cameron say, “Good work tonight everyone.” We all chuckled and fell asleep to the sounds of nature.

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