C [M] and me [F] – Cummed 7 times in 5 hours real sex stories

It’s been a while since i went online to post, anyway… will keep this very short too.

Been chatting with C for a while for perhaps for 2 to 3 years but we have never met. Either our timing doesn’t match or I am just too busy (plus Covid too), lol. Our conversation was quite normal, nothing sexual too so what happen during the day we met was quite surprising.

As luck would have it, the both of us were free one day. We met, we chatted and we checked-in. And for the next 6 hours of us being in that room, from the moment we stepped into the room, we were naked and were fucking pretty much all the time. He fucked me hard, deep and good. He cummed. We rested and we start all over again. I was surprised at the amount of energy we had since we had fucked for 6th time in less then 5 hours. I mean, that is just far too many for any average person right?

During our short conversation during the break, C mentioned that it was hard for him to cum while getting head. I could sense that when I tried to give him one and he refused to let me continue. Well, a guy would know his body best right. But that really frustrate me so for one last time before we call it a day, I went in for the challenge.

For someone who just fucked 6 times, I wouldn’t expect him to have the strength but boy I was wrong. Maybe the tiredness helped a bit as he did not nudge me aside. But instead, while giving him the head, I could feel him starting to tremble. He wasn’t resisting like before and I could hear him groaning. That’s it! I decided to play around and control him from cumming. I went in deep, then fast, then slow. Played with the balls, the head and the nerves. He was high and it was orgasmic for him for sure. Because at the end of the day, he went speechless and mentioned that the head was the first ever and it was better then the any sex he had. Well, glad he enjoyed it I guess.

But then again, a good sex is easy to come by but a good blow is hard isnt’t it 🙂

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