Bus ride sex stories

I love being a tease. I love getting attention. It excites me. If I’m on the bus I like to push my chest on someone. Or if I notice someone is looking my way I’ll bend over and pretend to pick something up and give them a peek. One time I wore crotchless panties when I bent over, I looked back at the guy a smiled. He wasnt sure what to do with himself. I made it clear I wanted him to follow me. We go to the back of the bus. I sat on his lap. I could feel him growing and that was just making me wet. Being on a bus was perfect. The bumpy road, the risk of being caught.

I needed him in me.

I was able to unzip his pants without anyone seeing. Or maybe someone saw, I dont know

I’m just too excited.

I slid down on his cock. God we dont even know each others names.

And I just sat on him. Every pothole would make me bounce. He started thrusting very little. But enough to make me notice. I was very carefully grinding on him. Another pothole. Bounce.

Being this careless is getting me so fucking wet. I’m trying to hold back my moans. I came all over that dick. I knew he could feel the warmth of of cum surround his cock. It made him start to thrust slightly harder. I was starting to think the other bus riders were noticing. But oh god what if everyone noticed and they were enjoying the show. I start grinding more. Another pothole. Bounce.

Fuck my heart is racing. I’m going to cum again. Another pothole. Bounce.

The bus comes to a stop and we all leaned forward. Everyone was looked forward. No one was looking at us. My mystery man thrusts harder a few more times very quickly and then sighs. Hes pumping me up with his cum. He puts his cock back in his pants. I got up and got off the bus.

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