Bros before hos was not on his radar that night [MF] real sex stories

I was about 28 at the time this took place (32 now), not too long after a pretty rough breakup. I hadn’t been single in the age of dating apps before this, and I was really giving tinder a run for its money. I have always been pretty picky about who I sleep with, let alone date, and I really enjoy sexy conversation even if it goes no further, so this approach kind of seemed like there was no way to lose.

On this particular Saturday, I swiped on a fairly attractive guy called Ben. He was a few years older than me, with his job listed in his profile. It didn’t take a whole lot of detective work to figure out that he was a hot shot lawyer in a different city, clearly in town for the weekend for some reason. He was a good looking guy – fit, light brown hair, blue eyes, well-groomed beard, and an impish smile that suggested he probably had something up his sleeve. I wasn’t really looking for anything serious at the time, so him not being local made no difference, and I was pleasantly surprised when we matched right away. He messaged me within about an hour or so, and we spent most of the day chatting and flirting, getting more and more sexual as the afternoon went on. He was in town for his buddy’s bachelor party, but he suggested we should meet up later that evening to play if I was down.

I was absolutely down. We made a tentative plan to check in that evening and went on about our day.

A few hours later, around 10 or 11 that night, I texted to check in and see if he was still interested. He definitely was, and asked for my address. I obliged, and he said he’d be there as soon as the Uber could get him across town. I freshened up my face a little, and put on some perfume. I tend to think I’m a pretty attractive woman – long blonde hair at the time, a pretty face, librarian-esque glasses, big perky tits with pierced nipples, and a cute little pussy with a clit piercing. Ben and I had exchanged a couple pictures through the day, and the clit ring was a particularly big turn on for him, especially paired with my girl next door look while I’m dressed. I’m very much the definition of a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed, if I say so myself.

I was dressed in a low-cut black top that hugged every one of my curves, black lace panties and nothing else. Ben’s jaw dropped a little when I opened the door for him, but he quickly composed himself before grabbing my hips and pulled me in tight against his body. He was dressed nicely, suit pants with short sleeved button up under a leather jacket, and his hard cock was already straining against the thin material of his trousers.

“You look even better in person,” he said, squeezing my ass as he kissed me, hard and deep and needy. He tasted of whiskey and cigarette smoke, and knowing that he had a little bit of a buzz going made everything that much hotter for me. My pussy had been soaked and aching for most of the day, and his kiss and his hard cock and his sheer level of confidence and bravado (the hot shot lawyer attitude apparently went beyond the courtroom) had every nerve in my body on fire as I moaned against his mouth.

“I’m glad you like me,” I replied, my hand moving across his hips and down his thigh, so close to where he needed it but not quite there yet. “You’re just as sexy as I thought you’d be.”

He smirked at me, a really cocky smile that said he knew exactly what he had. He was obviously a smarmy asshole but for whatever reason, in that moment it was incredibly sexy to me. I needed him, bad. I gave his cock a little squeeze, before taking my hand away and walking toward my bedroom. I heard his jacket land on my sofa, followed by footsteps.

I settled myself on my bed and patted the spot next time, inviting Ben to join me. He wasted no time, and we were quickly making out like teenagers. Hands all over each other, his lingering on my big tits more than anywhere else, his shirt was soon gone and he was reaching for his belt before our lips ever left one another. His hand slipped between my legs, teasing my pussy briefly over the fabric of my panties, before forcing my thighs apart and sliding down my bed to settle his face between my legs. After a surprisingly gentle kiss against my clit through the panties that made my back arch, he took them down and began to eat my pussy for real.

His tongue against my clit felt absolutely unreal. I had been so worked up all day thinking about, and everything he told me he wanted to do with me, that my vision went white almost immediately. He wasn’t doing anything spectacular, but he was clearly very into it and the enthusiasm combined with my intense arousal resulted in a really hard orgasm after about 10 minutes of him working my clit. I was drenched at this point, and dying for his cock inside me, but I knew I would regret not sucking him first. He repositioned himself as I sat up so we were face to face again and kissed me, deeper than before, so I could taste myself on him. I had told him earlier in the day how much that turns me on, and it was almost sweet that he remembered.

“My turn,” I said. He didn’t argue.

Rather than lay between his legs, I opted to stay on my side so my pussy still was easily accessible for him. I started by taking just his head into my mouth, enjoying the groan that escaped his mouth, as I wrapped my hand around his shaft and started stroking. Gently at first, almost teasing, as my tongue swirled over the tip. I paid special attention to the little v-shaped spot where the head met the shaft, which drove him as crazy as I’d hoped it would. His hips were already starting to thrust up, begging for more. He slipped his middle finger into my pussy, fucking it in time with the motion of his hips. The moan around his cock seemed to encourage him, because he slid his ring finger in with it and began finger fucking my pussy harder.

I took that as my cue to quit teasing him and started sucking his cock for real. He was a little bigger than average length, but not too big around. I was able to take him all the way down my throat, my head bobbing up and down as I choked on his cock when his fingers sped up. I took his cock out of my mouth and used the spit I had left behind to stroke him while he started to really pound my pussy. It was demanding and aggressive, his cocky attitude still very present, and he shifted slightly so that his fingers were right on my g-spot, and before I knew it, I was literally moaning like a whore.

“You’re going to make me squirt if you don’t stop, babe,” I warned him.

“Good.” I could hear the smirk in his voice as he started to fuck me harder, and that was all it took. My pussy was gushing everywhere, soaking his hand and the mattress, but he didn’t let up until I grabbed his wrist and made him stop.

“Fuck me. Right now, I need it so fucking bad.”

He slid in, raw, and it felt too good to worry about. I knew I was clean, and I was on birth control. All I cared about was having his cock, especially because he had the skills to match the attitude. After a few minutes, he slid out and flipped me over onto my stomach, planting his feet on the floor before plunging back in. His grip was so tight against my hips I knew he’d leave bruises, and the angle was the same one he’d found earlier with his fingers. My pussy started to gush again, the first time anyone had ever made me squirt on their cock, and that was enough for him. He pulled out and started stroking himself, fast.

“Where do you want to cum, baby?”

“All over that gorgeous face and those incredible fucking tits. Get on your knees like a good little slut.”

I wasn’t on a position to say no. Like a good little slut, I got on my knees and opened my mouth wide. I had sent him a photo earlier that day of me in this exact position and I knew how much seeing me like that turned him on. He groaned and threw his head back for a moment, before looking down into my eyes as he started to cum. He shot rope after rope, covering my lips and chin and tits in a massive amount of cum. It had clearly been building up all day for him, too.

Before I could suggest round two, his phone started to go off. He picked it up from my nightstand and ignored the call, then asked where my bathroom was. I directed him that way, and, still covered in his cum, took a couple of photos to remember the night by before finding a towel and wiping off. His phone rang again, and I yelled to him that it was going off. He hollered back and told me to silence it, which I did.

He returned a few minutes later, now dressed, to find his phone ringing again.

“You’re really getting blown up, huh?” I teased.

“Sorry, I guess I need to take this,” he said to me, answering the call and stepping into my hallway. I couldn’t hear everything he was saying, just bits and pieces enough to realize his friends had no idea where he was. “I’ll be back soon, man, I just went for a walk.”

I was chuckling at this point as I put my shirt back on. He stuck is head into my bedroom, his face apologetic, and said “I hate to fuck and run, but I need to get back.”

“Ben, did you seriously tell your friends you were going out for some air and then get in that Uber?”

He smirked again, somewhere between bashful and proud of himself. “Yeah, I did.”

“Oh my god!!” I was laughing for real now. “You bailed on your friend’s bachelor party for this? They’re blowing you up like it was your own party, get back over there.”

“Promise it’s not my own party, but I do have to go. Thanks for having me over.”

I got up and walked over to him, kissing him one last time. “Pleasure was all mine. Lock the door on your way out, please.”

He rounded the corner back into the hallway, and I heard his muffled voice back on the phone with one of his friends, telling them he’d be there shortly. I made my way to the bathroom myself, double checked that the front door was in fact locked, and then settled in to sleep.

By the way…turns out it was his own bachelor party after all. The next time I heard from him was on his honeymoon.

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