Bartending: Fake ID [MF] non-fiction sex stories

Bartending: Fake ID
I bartended for 10 years at various bars. Being a bartender you flirt with everyone that enters the place to make tips. Sometimes things get wild. The story is true. Specific conversations is often artistic license when I can’t remember but the events happened….


The night wound down a while ago. Sometimes on a Wednesday we get a rush towards midnight, but tonight there wasn’t even a trickle. It was one AM and John my only customer for the last 30 minutes just settled his tab. As he walked out, I went and locked the doors. As I was locking the third door, a car with PA tags pulled up. There were 4 or so people inside but only one got out. Packaged goods. The girl that got out had short brown hair teased up. She was nineteen trying to look twenty-one. I told her we were just closing up and she said she just needed to grab a case of Yuengling. I held the door and looked at the car as she walked in. The light hit the driver just enough that I could see she looked young too. This would be interesting. The drinking age being 21, I was pretty sure how this would go. I was going to ID her before she entered but what the heck, I’ll play the game.

I walked around the bar and asked her for ID. She handed me a driver’s license. Fast… too fast. I smiled and looked. Low and behold the ID was issued a week ago. It was real, photo matched but I doubted the information really her. I looked for what I would question her on. Zodiac sign? Zip code? and the street name was some looooong ass word hard to pronounce let alone spell.

I looked at her, “Ok Jennifer what’s your street address?”

She rattled it off quickly.

“That’s a nice area lived their long?

“My whole life.”

“Spell the street name.”

“Ummm… ahhh…I…” defeat washed across her face.

“Sorry Jen-ni-fer,” I drew out her name, “I can’t serve you, but I’ll give you this ID back so you can study your friends information better.”

“Please, I’ll pay extra. You’re the last place open between here and the shore. I’ll give you 40 bucks plus the cost of the beer. I’m 19 just a little shy.”

This was tempting since the night was slow but I was already set to get on down the road to my hang out. “Look I’d love to help you Jennifer, but the ABC has been hammering our area recently and with my luck you are one of their undercovers or they are sitting outside watching the place waiting for you to walk out. Sorry I can’t take the chance. Listen, study that ID and try again another day. Make sure you know everything on that ID. Even the fact that the birthdate makes you a Gemini. Which should be easy since that the double identity. Anyway, I gotta stock the bar. Better luck at the next place.”

“I thought a cute guy like you would give a girl a break.”

“I appreciate the flirting but don’t ya think that is exactly what the ABC agent would do? Have a nice night. I’m trying to get out of here so I can have some fun at the next place.”

I watched her walk out the door and looked back at the beer coolers. I made a mental list of what I needed and walked into the back to the cooler. I was stacking the cases near the door on a hand cart so I could get them all at once. I head the cooler door open and figured the owner had stopped by for the bar till. I turned to see Jennifer standing in the doorway naked. I jumped in surprise. She looked stunning. She had pert round breasts and her nipples were ready to cut glass. Her waist slimmed and then her hips rounded out. She had a neatly trimmed bush.

“Do I look like an ABC agent now?” I shook my head. She moved over to a stack of beer cases and sat down. She pulled her legs up and leaned back on her elbows across several cases. Her legs were spread wide and I could see her glistening folds. She ran her fingers through her bush. “My boyfriend dumped me a month ago and I haven’t had any since. I was going to the shore for the week to go wild and forget him. It has been a long hour in the car driving here from Pennsy. I have been horny the entire time thinking about what this weekend is gonna be like.. I figure I might as well start early. I like to try new places. You wanna have some fun here instead of the next place. ”

“Oh yeah, here will do…” I stammered.

“I’m ready, do what you like.”

I walked over to her my cock hardened in my pants with every step. I knelt down and pulled her to the edge of the case of beer. She fell back so she was laying across them I dove into her pussy. I shoved my tongue into her folds and licked and sucked on her lips. I moved my tongue all around. Her pussy was juicy and I sucked up all of it. She tasted incredible. I used my fingers and spread her wide pushing my tongue deeper. My fingers started to massage her button. And I slid down to her asshole. I pushed her legs back with my free hand and this revealed her tight starfish. I flicked and swirled my tongue across it as I stroked her clit.

“Oh god… holy shit… that’s amazing. “

“Hold your legs back and open” I told her. She grabbed her legs by her knees and pulled them back and apart. All was revealed nicely. I slid two fingers inside of her snatch as I teased and tickled her puckered asshole. She was squirming and moaning. I felt her muscles clamp down on my fingers. I moved my hand from her clit and slid it down to her asshole. I slid a finger in. I pumped my fingers in and out of her asshole and her pussy. Her body matched the rhythm I could feel tremors wash across her body. The bottles were making a little noise as the cases moved below her. I tucked my head down and began to tease her clit. My hand spun and I fingered the inside of pussy under her where her clit was. My tongue flicked across her stiff clit.

“Holy shit… oh god I’m so close…. Oh god… don’t stop please….”

I sucked on her clit and swirled my tongue around again. That was the moment. I felt her muscles clench and saw her breasts heave. Her back arched. I flicked and sucked faster and harder. I pumped my fingers in deeper.

“Oh. God Yessss….” She screamed.

Her body convulsed. Juices exploded from her pussy. I pumped harder and licked faster.

“Yesssss…gooooooooooooood…. Fuccckkkkk…. Yesssssss” she screamed

Juices were spraying everywhere. I licked up what I could but the flood was steady. I pumped away with my fingers. The bottles rattled as the cases shook. The cardboard was soaked. I kept pumping and sucking. My face was covered in her juices. Her body trembled and shook.

“Oh god fucckkkkk meee ram your cock in meeee…..”

I licked more as I unbuttoned my pants. I pulled my cock out and stood up. I plowed my cock into her pussy and pumped away.

“Ohhh yesss fuccckkk meee… Fuck mee hard…”

I pushed her feet on top my shoulders and pumped away into her snatch. My cock slid in and out easily with how wet she was. The bottles rattled underneath her as the cases shook. I grabbed her tits with my hands and kneaded and squeezed them. Pinching at her nipples and tugging on them. My cock slid almost all the way out and then I slammed it back in thrusting harder and harder each time. I watched as my cock pulled on her lips and then pushed them back as I hammered away. Her muscles clenched on my cock as I push inside of her. I felt her body tremble again as a wave of pleasure hit her.

“Holy fuck that’s good oh yeah. Your cock is rubbing me the right way…Oh god I needed this…” I kept pumping in and out hard and fast. She trembled and shuttered. I felt her muscles clench and tighten. I decided I wanted to flip her over.

I slowed my rhythm and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up as I pulled out. She was sitting on the edge of the beer cases. I grabbed the back of her head and guided her mouth to my cock. She slid down to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I held onto the back of her head and pushed her onto my cock. She took me almost all the way in.

“Let’s get my cock wet again so I can slid right into you some more.”

“Uhhh huhhh” she moaned as her hands and mouth went to work on my cock. I kept my hand on the back of her head and pumped away. She worked my cock with her mouth and one hand while her other hand played with my balls. Her lips never left my cock. She worked my balls and shaft like an expert. Pumping with her hand while swirling and sucking with her mouth. Her nails teased my balls and stroked at them. Part of me didn’t want to stop her but I really wanted to be inside her again. I grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her up then spun her around and bent her over the cases again. I slowly pushed my cock into her and putting my right hand on her shoulder pulling her toward me. My left hand stroked and tweaked her breast. I slid inch by inch in to her pussy. Finally hitting my balls against her. Then pulled almost all the way out again. I kept doing this slowly increasing the pace as I went. I grabbed her breasts with both hands as I quickened the pace. Her body matched my rhythm. I kneaded her breasts and squeezed at her nipples. She arched her back and pushed against me.

“Ohhh god yesss that’s it don’t’ stop fuck meee….”

I pumped faster, grabbing on to her hair with my right hand. I smacked her ass hard with my other hand.

“Ohh god yesss fuck me. Oh god I’m gonna cummm again… Oh yesss….”

I smacked her ass again. Then pulled her hips in close to me and pumped away. I kept my cock inside her and pumped with short hard thrusts. I felt her pussy clench and her body shook. I felt the juices flood down her legs and my cock slid easily in and out. She felt fantastic her pussy was wet and slippery. I just pumped away as she bucked and slammed back against me. I grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed and held on to her. The bottles rattled below us as we slammed against the cases. I thrust deeper into her my hands pulling her toward me so I could get deeper. She forced her body back toward mine. She was pushing so hard back against me I almost lost my footing. I turned her on her side and put her left leg over my shoulder and her right leg between my legs. This let me slide further inside her.

“Oh fuck yesss, “ she screamed. “Oh god it’s so deep…. Fuckkk yesss.” Her juices were flowing out of her and she was shaking uncontrollably as orgasm tore through her body. I held on to her leg and pulled her to me as I thrust forward. She was bucking wildly. I matched her rhythm as best I could. I kept pushing till her body relaxed. The tremors slowed. I kept a good pace pushing. I my balls rubbing against her leg as I thrust into her. I felt the tickle in my balls.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said.

“In my mouth,” she said as I pulled away, she spun around. She dropped to her knees and locked her lips on my cock. I held on to her head as I pumped away again. I felt a surge through me. She worked my cock with her hand pumping and mouth sucking on the head. I felt electricity flow through me as the surge hit the base of my cock and exploded. Cum shot forth. She caught the first mouthful and tried to swallow the rest as she pumped her hand up and down my cock. Man, I felt so good I hadn’t cum that hard in a while. Some cum went in her mouth but a lot just ended up on her face, tits and the beer case behind her.

I stumbled back and steadied myself leaning on a keg. Jennifer stood up, cum on her face and tits, her knees dirty from the floor of the cooler. She was using her fingers to scoop the cum from her body and sucking it off her fingers.

“That was awesome. Seems these beer cases are stacked at just the right height for us.” She said.

“I never noticed that before but your right they are the perfect height. Wow that was wild, never thought a beer cooler would be a good place for that.” I pulled up my pants and headed for the door. “let’s get you dressed where are your clothes?”

“Right outside by the bar. I never fully left out and took them off as soon as I came back in.”

“Ok I’ll be right back.” I went and fetched her clothes. As I came back, she was coming in the barroom from the back.

“It’s a little chilly in there when you’re not doing anything.” She smiled

I handed her her clothes and walked behind the bar. I grabbed a bottle of Polish vodka and poured a shot then threw in a dash of cherry juice. I set it down on the bar in front of her.

“Here is a shot to cleanse you mouth.” Then I poured a glass of Brandy and Benedictine for both of us.

“I thought I wasn’t old enough and I was an ABC agent.” She smiled and knocked back the shot.

“I’m pretty sure this would be entrapment if you were an agent. Besides, I’ll take my chances. This is B&B it’s one of the finest liquors we have in this bar. It’s great for warming you up inside and since you mentioned you had a chill, I figured it would help. I like to sit down and have a drink after work, usually that comes before the sex but sometimes the page gets flipped.” I smiled and toasted. She toasted back and we drank our drinks.

“I should get going my friends are probably wandering what is going on in here.”

“What did you tell them?

”I told them you wouldn’t serve me but that you were cute and I wanted to fuck you so I would be right back.”

“Wow, ok well let me get the case of beer you wanted.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” I went into the cooler and grabbed two of the cases we were fucking on. I laughed as I realized they were Yuengling. I walked them out to the bar.

“How much do I owe you?”
“I think we are more than even.”

I grabbed hold of her and gave her a kiss. I told her to enjoy her time at the shore. I handed her a bar napkin with my name and number on it. I told her if she gets bored give me a call and maybe I’ll come to keep her company.

She smiled and nodded. She said would be headed back in a week or so and may stop by on the way home.

“Ok Jennifer just make sure you memorize that ID better and stay out of trouble.”

“You know my name isn’t Jennifer. It’s…”

“As far as I’m concerned,” I interrupted her, “Your name is Jennifer. I saw you ID. Now let’s get these cases in your car and get you back on the road.” I walked her out to the car and loaded the cases into the trunk. Her friends were just staring at me. I gave her a kiss and she got in the car and drove away.

I looked at my watch. If I hurried, I could get down the road to have drink and then come back and clean up later. I jumped in my car and drove down the road to the next bar. They had a busy night going. I walked in and said hello to everyone. I stopped the bartender.

“The usual” she asked.

“Nah I’ll have a Yuengling.” She shrugged, smiled and put a bottle down in front of me.

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  1. Being from ohio i can definitely tell this is a PA story. The love for PA born Yuengling and the fact that its hard to get beer anywhere other than a bar. Great read ill be waiting for the trip back!


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