Baghdad Showers [MF] non-fiction sex stories

“Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” – Winston Churchill

For those who missed [Chapter 1, available here](, Paula and I were on a small military team serving in Iraq. We arrived in Iraq in April 2003, and would spend the next year there. The first night during the drive north gave us a chance for an appetizer, but that started a frustrating period of waiting and teasing.

Over the next few months, we moved constantly. Supporting first one area, then getting shuffled to the next. We had minimal privacy, and Paula and I had not had a chance to be alone since April. We touched when we could, stolen kisses or lingering gazes. We discussed fantasies and kinks, and I learned she was on birth control–thank goodness! She often found a way to set up her sleeping area near mine so we could see each other (even woke up one morning to see her staring in my eyes as she touched herself under her poncho liner blanket).

By July, we settled into a routine, as well as a new place to live. Our team house was on the east side of Baghdad, in an abandoned factory complex. The base was mostly secure, with walls and several guard towers. We were staying in a single story building with a few small rooms. The furniture had been looted, so mosquito nets and ponchos hung as dividers.

I had my own room, such as it was, but it was mainly just an alcove with a cot and a folding camp chair. On particularly hot nights, I would climb out the window and sleep on a cot outside. The best part of the new setup was a shower room around back, complete with room temperature water!

One evening we were relaxing after running a mission. There had been some small arms fire at us as we drove, but nothing more than a few holes in the vehicles and rounds buzzing by. Regardless, everyone was keyed up and full of adrenaline, joking and laughing. And for Paula and I – extremely horny. Danger and horniness go together, apparently.

*****The Good Stuff***** I was laying on my cot in my room, and she was relaxing in my folding fabric camp chair, one leg thrown over the armrest. Both of us were clean, her in shorts and a t-shirt, and me just in shorts. The others in the house were laughing and playing cards outside my alcove. Paula and I were supposedly watching a movie on the team laptop, but it was being ignored while we stared at each other.

Paula ran her hands along her thighs, massaging sore muscles. I was hard and printing through my shorts, watching her writhe. She licked her lips and leaned her head back, and I lowered my hand to my shaft, gripping through the fabric. My eyes roamed her body, admiring her braless c-cup breasts and erect nipples poking through the shirt. She pulled the crotch of her shorts to the side but covered her pussy with her hand, teasing me. Only allowing slight peeks.

Two can play that game. I freed my cock through the leg hole of my shorts, but kept myself covered with my hand also. She smiled at me wickedly. Our gazes held forever. I unconsciously started stroking my shaft, and she lowered her eyes to watch. Soon, she was touching herself as well. Sliding fingers up and down, dipping one in for wetness, circling her clit. I could see everything now, her dark pussy lips, glistening with excitement, and a soft coating of hair.

Time flew by. We savored the views and mental closeness, leisurely watching the other masturbate. I was leaking precum all over my lower stomach and hands, and I saw that her chair had a spreading area of sweat and wetness under her. The card game had become increasingly noisy, and I seized the opportunity, motioned her towards me. She stood slowly, stretching tensed muscles, and moved to the head of my cot and stared down with lust.

I stroked her leg softly as she looked into my eyes. Paula read my mind when I pulled her leg towards me gently, and she straddled my face. My arms circled her thighs, and she pulled her shorts to the side to give me access.

The view and smell were intoxicating, and I gave her a long lick from bottom to top with the flat of my tongue. She shuddered and breathed faster, then reached an arm back to grasp my shaft. I planted my entire mouth on her, trying to take in everything. I could tell she was close, and we were in an extremely dangerous position. Lips around her clit and tongue flicking slightly back and forth, my arms tightened around her legs. I felt her hand clamp down on my cock and her breathing stopped. She was cumming hard, silently, almost smothering me with her legs and pussy. I licked slowly as she stopped shaking, then gave her soft kisses on her clit and lips and thighs.

Paula stood, arranged her shorts, and leaned to whisper in my ear while her hand stroked my leaking cock, “Save that for later tonight.”

Fast forward to 0200 hours, and I was trying to sleep on my outside cot against the building wall. Between the 100-degree heat and my throbbing balls, I wasn’t having much luck. I heard a date palm frond crunch in the sand, and I tried to focus in the dim light. It was Paula, staring at me. Shorts and a t-shirt, carrying her rifle and a towel. She disappeared around the corner towards the shower room. I grabbed some shoes and my rifle (never leave it behind!), then followed her.

I arrived at the shower room to see the door just closing. I looked around to assess the quiet, and slipped inside. The room was lit by a few green chem lights hanging on some cord, and bare other than a chair to place your clothes. Paula stood behind the door, and she latched and locked it after I entered. We set our weapons against the wall, then stood just inches apart, staring, savoring the moment.

*****The Better Stuff***** She pulled her t-shirt over her head, then held my eyes as she shimmied out of her shoes and shorts. I finally saw her completely naked, bronzed and dark in the green light, sweating in the heat. And then I was on her, taking her in my arms, pushing her against the wall. Kissing her salty neck, mouth, tongues playing. She moaned and grasped my back. I was still shirtless, and her hard nipples rubbed my chest hair. “Now,” she said, pushing my shorts down. “I need you inside me now.”

I picked her up in my arms, thighs in my hands, and pushed her against the wall. She was much shorter than me and light enough to hold without much effort. My cock brushed her pussy lips, and I felt her hand on me. Coating me with wetness, then guiding me in. She was so tight, gripping me between her walls, hot and wet and needy. Her rapid breathing was loud in my ear.

I wasn’t thrusting yet, just holding her against the wall with our bodies finally joined. Months of teasing and waiting. It was everything I could do not to cum immediately. Paula did, however. I looked down into her eyes as she let out a soft, “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Her pussy clamped down on me even more, almost pushing me out. I leaned in harder on her and the wall, salvaging whatever willpower I had to make this last. Still against each other, slight movements and thrusting, we kissed. I licked the sweat off her neck, another few kisses on her ear, and lowered her to the ground. My cock slipped out and she gave a sigh of displeasure.

Taking her by the hand, I led her to the chair and sat. No arms on the chair, so she was able to straddle me easily. I held my cock so she could lower herself onto me and I was back home where I belonged. She leaned over and kissed me, breasts on my chest, grinding her pussy on me in small back and forth movements. Hands on the side of my face.

I stroked her ass and thighs, pulling her where I wanted and at the speed we needed. We tried to take it slow, make it last, but neither had much willpower left. Her wetness and sweat coated me, and we became more urgent. I pushed up against her as she rode me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Give it to me. Cum in me. Fill me up and make me yours.”

That was it, the dam broke. I pulled her tight against me and held her close, breathing into her neck, arms around her body. My cock throbbed, months of need for her finally made real. She groaned as she felt me swell inside, first a small pulse, then several huge ones, then tapering off. That sent her over the edge as well, and she was cumming on me. Pussy grasping tight, holding me in, taking everything I had.

We kissed softly, and I stroked her sweat-coated back. Savoring the closeness, we relaxed against each other. She squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles, signalling her appreciation.

Many kisses later, both soft and deep, we were able to disentangle our bodies. We washed each other under the lukewarm water, savoring the intimacy. She played with my chest hair, running soapy fingers through it, stroking my cock again for comfort. Eventually clean, we watched as the other dressed, then some final lingering kisses. And a slight voice in my ear, “Thank you,” she whispered. “I love carrying you around inside me.”

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