Back Room Fights 3.2: Abby vs Gus (Mixed MMA) [mf] [Str8] short sex stories

“Alright everyone, I hope you are excited for our next erotic fight. One of our next fighters is the heaviest combatant we’ve had step into the ring so get ready for a true clash of heavyweights. The fight will take place under MMA rules where the fighters will compete in three minute rounds until one submits or is knocked out cold. The winner will receive a 2,500 dollar win bonus as well as the right to perform any post fight sex act. Now introducing in the blue corner. A newcomer to Back Room Fights, she stands at 5’10’’, weighs an impressive 235lbs, and is a 26 year old artist. Give it up for the big beautiful woman Abby!”

Abby threw off her robe with enthusiasm. Her fair, massive body shining like a beacon in the low light of the bar. Even with her fat she was a shapely woman with wide hips that stretched a hot pink thong across them. Her huge, fat ass was covered in stretch marks and she shook it with glee for the spectators. Abby needed the money from this fight bad and was determined to become a fan favorite. Moving up her pale body, rolls of fat and a flabby belly could be seen below saggy breasts that were bigger than her head. She took one tit in her blue, fingerless MMA gloves and lifted it up to suck on it. The crowd went wild for this slutty display from the blonde woman who continued to suck and slobber on her own breasts.

“Jesus Christ,” muttered Claire, stunned by the newcomer. She took a moment to collect her thoughts and move on with the announcements. “And in the red corner. He stands at 5’11’’, weighs 194lbs and is a 25 year old IT worker. He holds a record of zero wins and one loss via a boxing match to Brett who will be fighting later tonight. Please welcome Gus back to the ring!”

The Mexican-American beef cake removed his robe and flexed to show off his wide, powerful physique. Hair covered his light brown body and he was sporting a little bit of stubble for tonight’s fight. His MMA gloves covered his meaty paws tightly and made it look like he was swinging bright red clubs as he shadowboxed in his corner. Tight black briefs hugged his crotch, allowing his muscular legs and glutes to be shown off. He was a handsome man with his brown eyes and neat haircut but he found himself immediately overcome with the desire to dominate the woman across the ring from him. Part of this came from the need for redemption after being knocked out in boxing two months ago but Abby’s blue eyes were driving him wild with lust. Her ample curves didn’t hurt either.

Claire called the two to the center for a final reminder of the rules and to touch gloves. Reaching the center, Gus stopped just short but his opponent kept walking forward until her curves were pressing into him. Gus didn’t give an inch and stared slightly down into his opponent’s eyes. Claire worried for a moment that the two might start swinging then and there but Abby swiftly smack her gloved fists against her opponent’s and started walking back to her corner. The crowd was loving her so far, she just needed to have a performance to back up the attitude she was giving off. The man she was facing tonight looked strong to her, not to mention handsome, but the loss on his record gave Abby some much needed confidence. In reality, Abby was just a shy artist trying to make her way. In between jobs, she needed some money to help her pay rent until her artwork took off. She knew a cocky, slutty persona in the ring would help gather her the attention she needed to be welcomed back. Gus felt surprisingly intimidated as he returned to his corner. Sure, he was a big muscular man fighting a fat woman who seemed more interested in playing with her own tits but his opponent’s confidence must have something to back it up. Her weight advantage would significantly help her in this match especially if things went to the ground. Cracking his knuckles, Gus waited patiently for the bell to ring. His loss to Brett the month before had been embarrassing but understandable. A loss to Abby would be beyond humiliating.


The first round started with Abby rushing eagerly out of her corner with Gus keeping a tight guard. Abby threw the first strike a quick slap that Gus easily blocked. Still being cautious though, Gus circled his opponent, waiting to see what else she might throw his way. Abby’s curvy body jiggled with each step and she suddenly shot in for a single leg takedown. Surprised by the big woman’s speed, Gus failed to step out of the way in time as she latched onto his right foot. Standing up quickly, Abby tripped Gus down to the floor where he covered up defensively. Giving her fat ass a smack, she taunted, “I hope you like cake” before leaping butt first onto Gus’s prone body in a body slam. The ring shook under the heavy impact as the big woman came down hard on her opponent’s ribs. Gus let out a grunt of pain as he was crushed but kept his guard up to protect his face. Abby rained down hammerfists onto his guard but none of them managed to break through. Worried that the fight might be getting boring, Abby grinded her crotch against Gus’s body. “If you aren’t gonna fight back, I might as well use you as a sex doll,” she sneered at him. Not wanting the embarrassment to continue any longer, the muscular man decided to let loose. He bucked his hips into the fat ass on top of him to no avail. The weight was just too much to move from this position. If Abby was going to get off him, he would have to coerce her into doing so. Gus went on the offensive, driving short hooks and back fists into his opponent’s ample curves. He drove a left hook into her gut that was absorbed by her fat and followed it with a right back fist to her hanging left tit. Abby seemed unfazed at first, responding with her own slaps, one of which caught Gus hard across the face. Her opponent kept hitting her with shots from below which were not lacking in power but the big woman was able to shrug them off. Grabbing a hold of each of her opponent’s hands, Abby inched her way up his hairy body until her heavy ass and thighs were smothering her opponent’s face. Continuing to grind her hips, Abby lifted her hands and ran them through her beautiful blonde hair as in a show of casual confidence. Oxygen was quickly becoming scarce for the muscular man but he stayed calm and kicked his legs up to wrap them around his opponent. He caught her with his calves hooking in beneath her shoulders. Abby’s eyes went wide as she was forcibly pulled flat on her back by the powerful legs wrapped around her. Gus quickly sits up but finds his torso caught between his opponent’s own legs. With not much time left in the round, Gus postures up and begins to swing down onto Abby. A hard right hook lands against her cheek followed by a straight left that bounced her head off the mat with a sickening thud. The woman beneath him looked dazed but the round ended before Gus could go for a finish.

Sitting in his corner, Gus drank some water while eyeing his opponent. The big woman looked unsteady on her feet as she stood from the mat and returned to her corner. Landing those shots at the end of the round had rebuilt Gus’s shaky confidence. Strong, big, and determined, the powerlifter was beginning to feel himself. His cock grew hard in his briefs as he fantasized about knocking Abby out cold and then fucking her thick body rough. Smacking his gloved fists together, he felt amped up for the next round. Abby eventually made her way to her corner on her wobbly legs. She had practically been knocked out there at the end but the bell had saved her. Feeling her head, she tried to focus on a strategy for the next round. Gus’s ground and pound had been devastating but the takedown had been productive before he reversed it. Her own strikes had lacked technique and had largely been ineffective. Abby’s only likely path to victory was to smother Gus into unconsciousness.


The second round started with a reversal of roles from the first. Gus eagerly left his corner, bouncing on each foot while Abby kept her gloves raised defensively. The muscular man initiated the action with a quick left hook to Abby’s breast. She let out a little grunt but largely seemed unfazed as the large tit was punished, and she instead focused on keeping her face protected. Gus smiled at how shy she was being now and launched a heavy straight right into her gloves. The shot was blocked as Abby’s own fists were forced back into her face and the blonde stumbled backwards. Stepping back to her opponent, she dove for a double leg takedown which Gus stuffed with a simple stiff arm as he circled around her. The surprisingly fast shots of the fighter from earlier were replaced with those of a dazed woman. Taking her back, he slammed rapid right hooks into her face trying to end the fight. Three shots landed in a row, cleanly throttling Abby’s head but the woman kept reaching to defend herself. An even greater force would be required to knock the BBW out cold. Sliding to side control, Gus wrapped his arms around her torso and got his legs underneath him. In a feat of strength, Gus lifted all 235lbs of his opponent on his shoulder before viciously arcing her through the air into a slam back on the mat. The impact shook the entire ring which threatened to collapse for a moment. When the dust settled, there was no doubt that Abby was out cold. Her helpless body splayed wide across the ring, chest rising and falling with short breaths, and her huge tits flopped at awkward angles to the side. “The winner by slam knockout is Gus! Congratulations on your first win in this ring,” announced Claire.

Abby slowly began to shift shortly after her knockout. As her vision focused, she saw Gus crouching naked beside her. His thick cock was already fully erect and just shy of six inches. Turning to the now conscious woman, Gus said, “I’m gonna fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before. The louder you scream the harder you get pounded, understand?” Abby nodded to understand and Gus immediately shoved his cock into her mouth. Being a graceful loser, Abby began sucking him off. Gus moaned as she did so and began removing her gloves and followed shortly after with her panties. The sight of her cleanly shaven made his cock throb in her mouth as he hungered to ravage it. Abby felt the wet cock slide out of her mouth as Gus grabbed her by the hands and pulled her up to her feet. For a moment Abby thought they might kiss but Gus firmly grabbed her legs below each ass cheek and said, “Wrap your arms around my neck and hold on tight.” Muscles bulging, Gus lifted her up and walked her over to the ropes. Leaning her against the ropes, Gus penetrated the BBW as he groped her ass. Abby let out a little moan but Gus wanted more from her. He thrust his hips forward into her with animalistic force and a loud clap could be heard as their bodies collided. Abby was shocked at how much power he generated with the short thrust as his dick slid deep inside her. Again and again he thrust into her until her moans built into screams of pleasure. With each thrust, her breasts were jostled wildly and her rolls of fat jiggled. Hearing her scream, Gus readjusted his angle for more leverage and let the ropes carry more of her weight so he could focus on pounding his prize. Abby struggled to hold on to the muscular man as she was fucked. His sweaty body was slick to the touch but if she let go she would take a dangerous tumble over the ropes. Biting her lip, the blonde tried to focus on her grip through the rough fucking. She couldn’t help but let out another sensuous scream as Gus’s dick explored new parts of her pussy. The climax was building for the victorious man. Each thrust forward came with a primal grunt of pleasure. His hands dug into her thick ass as he gave every last bit of his strength to these final thrusts. Sweat flew off their bodies as Abby was pounded against the ropes. The crowd was enthralled by the dominance and strength Gus was displaying. With a final scream from both of them, Gus exploded inside of Abby, who threw her head back from the warm sensation in her fucked pussy. The two stood in each other’s clutches before Gus gently lowered his former opponent back to her feet and gave her ass a slap before exiting the ring. The normally reserved man felt like a barbarian who had fought for and taken his reward with pride as he left. Abby was disappointed in her loss but the impressive way in which she had been fucked was sure to win her some fans. Eager to get back some privacy to masturbate over the night’s events, Abby left the ring as well.

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