Angry Sex sex stories

It happened several years ago, but I’ll never forget my first (and so far) only experience with “angry” sex.

My husband and I were traveling with our 3 year old daughter. We had stayed at my parents house in another state and were planning on leaving the next day for the 13 hour journey home. Unfortunately, however, things soured between my parents and the three of us. I won’t go into detail, but we left late that night instead of the next day as planned.

Our daughter fell asleep in her booster seat which allowed my husband and I time to talk…or in this case, argue, over whether or not my parents should stay in our lives at all. I agreed that especially my mother was a horrible human being, but wasn’t quite ready to cut her out of my life altogether.

Too exhausted to make the entire trip home, we stopped at a hotel around midnight. My husband carried our sleeping daughter to the room and laid her in the only bed. We stood in front of the hotel door, in the entryway, where the bed was not visible and continued our heated conversation in angry whispers.

Suddenly I felt his hands grip my face as he pulled me in for a kiss. Surprised, I stumbled back a little bit. What the hell was happening? His index finger pointed at my face, almost threateningly, as he whispered “I still love you and just remember you’re my partner always and forever.”

My hands reached up and clasped his face as I leaned forward to kiss him. Our arms wrapped around each other as we heatedly made out. His hand slipped up my shirt to cup my breast. My own hands lowered to my sides to slide my black sweatpants to the floor.

He briefly stepped back to step out of his own jeans and boxers before he returned to pin me against the wall. He embraced me to lift me just high enough that he could slide into my cunt. Our eyes met and we stared intently as he roughly thrusted into me for several minutes.

Our height difference proved to be too much to allow either of us to finish against the wall. I felt his cock slide out of me as he stepped back and laid on the floor, motioning for me to get on top of him. After I slid him into my pussy I rocked my hips in a humping/grinding motion. The roughness on my clit brought me to orgasm in moments. As my pussy throbbed around his cock, he arched his back and I could feel the pulsating of him emptying himself into me.

I remained on top of him while we both caught our breath. Leaning forward for a quick kiss and embrace, I whispered “That’s one way to stop and argument.”

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