An Unorthodox little catholic. [A Free Use Story][Incest][Rape] sex stories

# An Unorthodox Little Catholic

*1st January 2021Day Zero*

tl;dr: an 18 year old girl is forcibly used by her father, before facing the consequences of her disobedience. See the bottom for more details.


Dana Frances Bacri was an 18 year old girl living in rural Virginia with her parents, both catholic. Her father was the local pastor and her mother worked at the church. Both were devoutly catholic and Dana, unsurprisingly, had been raised in the church. Her parents weren’t the strictest like many of her church friends’ experiences, but she still maintained a healthy respect for the Bible.

It was the Bible she was reading on that fateful day. Laid on her stomach on the bed, dressed in her private school uniform; a grey pleated skirt, white button up shirt and very modest grey sweater. Her hair was down. blowing in the soft breeze she could feel against her inner thigh. Dana had never masturbated, she knew better. The only time she ever got curious was times like this. On her bed, legs slightly open and her window open. A gentle breeze would brush over her mound, which she kept shaved for personal reasons. She usually avoided underwear in her bedroom. she found it uncomfortable. Times like this, when the cool air would stir a tingling feeling in her untouched, virgin clit, were the only time she had ever been curious about the pleasures of masturbation.

Shaking off the thought, she continued her passage. The bible was confusing for Dana. She knew sex before marriage was a sin, and her mother went out of her way all her life to convince her that sex was for babies, and nothing else. The bible painted a different story though. Surprisingly, the bible teaches that sex between married couples is to be celebrated. It should be had often, and with no shame. Dana found herself reading these passages over and over, usually finding herself in a daydream. In the daydream she’s married, and her husband is almost always making gentle love to her, she’s cumming, whatever that feels like. Dana found herself wishing for this most days, but she’d become adept at pushing these thoughts from her mind.

She’d never had a boyfriend and she often pondered why. She knew she was attractive with delicate features and very pale skin. She was just pushing 5 feet tall but her legs made up a large proportion of that height. She was petite, with hair that fell to at least half way down her ass. It was tiny, but far from flat, like a two perfect little pillows. She was well endowed in the breast department though. In reality, she had perky B cups which didn’t hang from her small frame even slightly, but her petite frame made them look ample. All of this made for the picture of a school girl fetish and unbeknownst to her she received plenty of attention, she just never noticed it.

A large portion of this attention came from her father who had been stood in her doorway for a creepy amount of time, his eyes running over the pale flesh of her thighs, willing her skirt to ride upwards just a little more. The truth was most of the catholic influence in the house came from his wife, he’d lost his faith long ago. He stepped into the room with a deep breath, pulled his shoulders back and mustered the courage of a man who knew that he now had every right to violate his daughters body.

“Dana?” He queried, peering over her shoulder. He placed is hand firmly on her lower back, getting ready to apply pressure when he needed to.

“Yes Daddy?” She replied, turning slightly to address him.

“Have you seen the news? They just announced something important.” Dana could hear a gentle moaning from downstairs. Assuming it was the TV, she turned again to respond to her father.

“No, why? What is it? Everything okay?”

“Everything is perfect, little pea.” He moved his hand gently down to her ass. she didn’t seem to notice. Either that or she wasn’t phased. “They passed a law called Free Use. It came out of the UN just now out of the blue.” He slid his phone over, resting on the page of the bible she had been reading. Several minutes passed as Dana read the words in front of her. She took a while to process, scanning the page for any sign that she’d misread. A pit opened up in the bottom of her stomach, it felt like her insides had fell from existence.

“Daddy we have to do something!” She yelled, spinning out from under his arm and standing up. “This isn’t right! This is rape! This is.. This is horrible!”

“Actually sweetie, I was hoping you’d see it differently.” He spoke softly, unbuckling his belt. Dana backed away. “I was hoping you’d be happy that now you get the chance to please Daddy. You get the chance to grow up with me, instead of a strange man. I can teach you to be a woman.”

Dana moved around the room, attempting to manoeuvre towards the door. “Daddy please… where’s Mom? I want Mom.” She said sternly, trying to hide the shakes in her voice. Just as the words left her mouth, the moans from downstairs got significantly louder, and she heard the voice of her uncle. He was yelling obscene words that made her flinch, interlaced with piercing slapping sounds.

“Your Mom is busy.” He spoke, still softly but an element of severity creeping into his tone. He stepped out of his pants, and several seconds passed while she stared directly at her father’s dick, swinging from side to side as he walked towards her. Plenty of things could have gone through her mind as he closed the gap, but the sweet little virgin catholic girl needed the whole two seconds to process the fact she was seeing a dick for the first time, and that it was moving in her direction. As he reached her, she put up little resistance. She could feel the conflict pounding in her skull — she knew everything about this was wrong, but she was reluctant to incur her father’s wrath. She couldn’t make it to the door and it was becoming clear that her mother had already fallen victim to a similar fate. Deciding to see just how far this would go, she sank to her knees, defeated. She took a deep breath before looking up at her dad.

“What do you want me to do?” She demanded to know, trying to sound brave but not concealing the fear in her voice very well.

“Just put it in your mouth, little pea.” He instructed, his hand guiding her face gently towards his dick. He wasn’t exactly well hung, maybe a girthy 6 inches, but this was Dana’s first and tears began to form in the corner of her eyes. “It’s okay,” he reassured her, using his other hand to gently wipe her eyes, “just remember how happy you’re going to make me.” Dana was beginning to feel the pit in her stomach gently fill with disgust and anger however. Her father was acting like a predator, reassuring her while he assaulted her. Eventually his cock began to disappear into her mouth and the young girl went to work on her first blowjob. Her friend’s had vaguely described the process to her, but that didn’t stop her from clumsily sliding her lips along his length. She attempted to run her tongue in circles like she’d been told but ended up all out of sync, somehow getting everything wrong and pulling away from him, coughing and spluttering. When she looked up, her father was furiously stroking his cock in her direction, pointing at her face. Before she had time to register any protest, she looked into his eyes and saw a primal look that wasn’t there before and a palm made firm contact with her cheek, knocking her to the ground. “I am your father and you will do this to the best of your ability!” he yelled, pulling her up by her arm and directing her towards to bed.

She sat on the bed, thankful for the seat. Her knees were hurting a little, and she thought maybe she could get this right with a bit of practice. Maybe she could play for time if she could keep him going with her mouth. She’d look for an opportunity to escape and maybe she could stay with someone. She steadied herself as her father approached her, and opened her mouth dutifully. She held back the tears as his dick approached her mouth once again, but it never made it to her lips. He reached forward and shoved her, sending her backwards. She raised her legs in an effort to shuffle over to the otherside of the bed, but he caught them, pinning her to the bed with both ankles over one shoulder. She began to struggle as his eyes fell on her bare pussy, smirking at her lack of underwear. “You’re telling me you don’t want this Dana? Look at this! What would your Mom say? HEY DAVID, BRING HER UP HERE.” Dana’s anger was replaced with sobs of despair as his father rained down strikes on her ass. By the time he was done she stopped struggling, understanding the message. Her mom entered the room. Her hair was a mess, her glasses crooked and her mascara was tear-streaked down her face. She looked at Dana and said nothing, prompting further sobs from the teenager as she understood the gravity of her situation. Her mother wasn’t even going to try and protect her. “Look at this, Camille. Your daughter was a secret little slut, not even wearing underwear.” he ridiculed as he threw his shirt to the ground. Dana’s uncle bent Camille over the bed beside Dana. A short woman with tits comparable to her daughters, Camille bore the body of a woman who clearly had once possessed the petite frame of her daughter but allowed the years to add a few pounds. Her pussy was unkept, although the juices and cum leaking from it didn’t exactly help. Her face was pinned to the bed, staring directly into space past Dana as her brother in law entered her ass, prompting nothing but a small grunt from the broken woman. Dana’s dad began to line up his cock at the entrance to his daughter’s pussy. She began to struggle again but she had no leverage against her father’s large frame.

“Please Daddy please don’t hurt me please please no no no no I’ll do anything please don’t do this please…” her begging was interrupted by a short sharp thrust from her fathers hips, popping her cherry and drawing loud distraught sobs from the deflowered girl. He closed his eyes and looked upwards, moaning loudly as his daughter’s pussy gripped his cock tighter than he’d ever felt. He pulled out slightly. Her pussy gripping his cock like a vice. Steeling himself, he plunged further and further into the no longer virgin pussy. He eventually bottomed out. It would be pointless to mention the sobbing anymore as Dana was reduced to a shaking, mumbling mess and every other party in the room was simply tuning it out. He began to fuck her in earnest. She was dripping wet, his dick sliding balls deep into her with more and more ease. The fucking didn’t last long, although Dana’s experience felt like hours, before he began to moan loudly and thrust slower and slower, generating greater force. Eventually, with a long grawn out groan, he began to pump thick cum inside her. At the same time, she began to experience her first orgasm. Her body shook and quivered around his cock but by this point her eyes were just as blank as her mother’s, fixed directly on the cross above her bed. He panted heavily, pulling out of her cunt allowing a thick stream of cum to leak from her pussy. He stepped away from her and over to David who was still railing Camille’s well worn asshole. “Hey man, let up a second, I want her to clean up Dana’s pussy.” David smiled, and glanced over at Dana. She wasn’t there. They both whipped around just in time to see Dana fleeing the bedroom. She wasn’t moving fast, there was a dull aching all over her body and a tightness in her thighs where her father had gripped her legs in position. She reached the top of the stairs before her Dad however, who had set off in hot pursuit. She felt his grip on her hair on the top step and stumbled. Her grip on the bannister kept her from falling the whole length of the stairs. She sighed in defeat, renewed tears forming in her eyes. Several seconds went by however before she looked up and saw the crumpled heap her father was left in at the bottom of the stairs. He wasn’t moving. Panic set in, and she stumbled down the stairs before slamming through the front door, stepping over her Dad on the way. She didn’t have time to consider the consequences, she just needed to get away.

Five minutes later she was sprinting towards her friends house a few streets away. Luckily her father had been too eager to rape her he hadn’t even bothered to strip her, although she was shoeless. She hadn’t registered the cum running down her leg, she was too busy spiralling. By some miracle nobody had been on her route, and she burst through the door, fell to the floor and began to sob in earnest.


She woke to her friend, Kristen, peering over her. “What in God’s name happened to you?” She spoke quickly. Dana noticed that her legs were slightly damp but clean, and her feet had been wrapped in some soft slipper socks. She was on the couch, her head pounding and a sharp pain between her legs.

“Daddy raped me!” She began to cry again and Kristen swiftly swept her into an embrace.

“Oh my goodness. Does this have something to do with this new law? I don’t know what to make of it. My parents are away on business, I dread to think what Dad will do when he gets back, I’m pretty sure he already steals my panties.”

“Yeah well your panties are usually pretty messy, and he’d hardly be your first lay would he?” Dana chuckled softly into her friend’s chest. They laughed together, Kristen doing everything in her power to restore her friend to a stable state.

“You can stay here, okay?” If your Dad shows up you can hide in the basement.” Before Dana could panic at the mention of her father who could be dead for all she knew, there were three strong raps at the door.

“Dana Bacri? This is the police, come out or we’re coming in.” The voice was slightly raised and very deep. The girls stared at each other in a stunned silence for several seconds before the door opened. Kristen hadn’t even thought to lock it yet. Three men in suits strode into the room and stood across from Dana. “Would you come with us please ma’am,” they each flashed badges smoothly in the girls’ direction, “you’re wanted for assault, and offences committed under section five of the Free Use Act. We’re here to detain you and take you to the nearest Bureau of Free Use detention centre for questioning and prosecution.”

“She wants a lawyer. You can’t prosecute her without formal charges.” Kristen said immediately, standing between the officers and Dana who was still staring blankly at the three men.

“I’m afraid she doesn’t have that right, miss. We retain the right to prosecute Free Use offences without a fair trial under the authority of our supervisor. She’s obligated to come with us or we’ll take her by force. Now please, stand aside and take off your clothes while my colleagues escort your friend to our vehicle.”


*I hope you enjoyed this one, I had a blast writing it. In case you missed it, this is Dana who makes a brief appearance in a recent story of mine “An Enforcer’s First Day” which you can find on my profile. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know what you think!*

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