Administrative Assistant’s Day [F] short sex stories

Your work area look’s the same everyday. Shuffled papers and such. Your phone never leaves your view. Only the brief times when your really working does it disappear from your view, and than, and only when it’s safe.
Always with your ear buds in quietly listening and working. What only you know is that your not listening to music, although it might be more akin to an audiobook.
You hit the wax before you enter the building, say your good morning’s and sit at your desk. Its a good desk, out of the way of things. Quite.
You get to work, and than.
That warm tingling begans at the base of your trunk. Did you put your plug in this morning?, your asshole has found that bumb, that bumb that puts just that extra amount of pressure on your plug. Gets it good and set. Just like you like it.
Your doing pretty good for the first hour or so. Depending on where your mind goes. Which hole first? Work or pleasure?
Work settles down a bit. Bathroom break. And thats when you realize your soaked. Sliding around on your chair. Not only does that bumb in your chair push your plug in just the right place, but your clit rubs in just the right way while pulling files from the bottom drawer. Lets your tits out of your bra as you lean forward grinding your pussy into your chair. Looking around the room, pulling your nipple while hanging in nothing but cloth netting.
You return after taking care of yourself. Really nice warm piss. Extra drollie from your morning.
You can handle this. You’ve hit the wax since getting in today, and things are going smooth, until lunch.
You’ve got time, nice day, go outside.
Half an hour later, lunch half eaten, your two fingers deep in your pussy when you realize your going to be late for work and haven’t cum yet. Fuck!
But your not finished yet, oh not at all.
Couple more wax hits. You got this.
You sit down at your desk in a hurry. 10 min. Think they noticed? Its ok. Just this once you remind yourself. Now lets doe this. The ear buds go in. The mind turns on. The sounds, the noises. Your mind is a carnival ride of lights and buzzers. Your pussy is a dribbling mess of want. You never finished from lunch. Mad dash out the door, remembering to grab your keys on the counter, your purse and coat thrown to the floor three feet from the front door, and your quietest and smallest vibrator kept in the night stand of your bed. Perfect spot for constant accessibility.
You now access smalls. Your leaning forward to view your monitor, you ever so discreetly slide smalls between your allready slowen and unsatisfied clit and the bumb of your chair. And there you sit. Enjoying the pleasure it gives you. You really really want more. But your breaking the rules. You can’t masterbate at work. But your a dirty girl. You love the hope of getting caught. Your fellow coworker walking up next to you. Touching you. Anywhere.
Would you take his cock in your mouth? If he would only let me. Would you pleasure yourself before him. Show him how good you be to him? To stroke your pussy for him would give you such pleasure. To know it makes daddy proud to see me cum. Oh.
Your clit it close to breaking. You’ve been semi rocking in your chair for what seems like forever. And than you notice the time. I’m pretty caught up for today. Know what has to be done tomorrow. You shut off smalls, his batteries almost exhausted. You begin to clean your area when it hits you. Hard. This urge to urinate. You have to go, now. You stand up. Shit. Total wrong move. Your chair has a wet mark, and to make matters worse, that quick stand up made you piss yourself a little. A little. You just twinkled enough that a few drops hit the seat as you were standing up. Fuck. Gotta go.
You speed walk through the office. Doors locked? You try it twice. You hear a rustle of t.p. No time. Unisex bathroom.
You get inside. Lock the door in a furry, pulling you pants down as you slid your ass on the cold seat. You try and let it out. Your pussy and clit are so swollen that your piss filled bladder won’t let go. You begin to spread your legs apart further, but you pants get in the way. Fuck it. You pull out one leg. You rest your back against the tank and legs spread out as far as possible, further up the seat you slide. You begin with just you muddle finger, but one turns to two as your finger tips begin the dance of the clit. Around and around they go. Clockwise,counterclockwise, figure eights, up and down. Sometime they disappear, a couple at a time. And than its there. You’ve been biting your lips and breathing heavy, but its there. And you release it. But you cry out. Not in pain but in fright. You should have known to check before you finished. You didn’t realize how far off the seat you’d slid. And when you finally satisfied your self enough you realized you made a hell of a mess. But you can get home early and finish for real.

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