A present for her in the bedroom short sex stories

*Just a quick note. I wrote this for a girl i was sexting and she though it would be fun to post it somewhere. Its my first time putting this type of thing anywhere. And just heads up english isn’t my first language so there might be somme gramatical mistakes and i hope it doesn’t break your mood. But most importantly enjoy the read*

Hmmm ok lets start his story with me going back home from work all day. I have a big smirk on my face and lazy pace as if I am stalling for time. As I pick up my pace I get a text from a friend who’s waiting to meet up today and spend some time at mine. Lets call her Jess. Recently Jess has been having some troubles with her boyfriend. He’s just been lazy with the relationship, not going out for dinners or nights out. So since she’s a good friend of mine i wanted to talk to her and make her relax. When i reached home she was sitting in the doorway with her phone out and a dark expression. The darkness on her face is a beautiful contrast with her long blond hair and bright and colourful summer dress perfect for warm Julys afternoons weather. As she seems her expression becomes bright. I let her into my house offering her water for refreshment. Then we make it up the stairs to my room. Just before we reach the door to my room we can hear something moving. Jess seems scared and unsure if she wants to enter but i look into her eyes and with a bright smile i tell her it’s ok and she should not be worried. When I press on the handle and open the door Jess straps back and covers her mouth in horror. There’s a girl with red hair on my bed. Her naked, bruised and whipped body is fully visible, unable to hide anything. Arm and legs are tied together with duct tape, her mouth is stuffed with my dirty underwear and her eyes are covered. Sorry for the mess i said casually as its a normal occurrence to me.

Jess looks shocked and confused by the situation. Haven’t you seen a sex toy before? I asked her if it was just an item you find in a superstore. But she’s real, a real person Jess responds. To me she’s a toy I can use when I’m bored or horny as I say that I slap you across the upper thighs. I can hear a small moan, but you held most of it back. Jess seems to be still in shock. Do you want me to talk in another room? I ask her. But Jess just keeps looking at your naked body. Does she like it? She asks me quietly. Oh? Haven’t you done anything similar with your boyfriend? I glanced back at her with a surprise. No… She mutters. It’s simple, I answer. This slut came to my house willing to be played with. She loves pain above anything in the world. Whilst she’s in my house to me she’s nothing more than a place I put my cum in. After those words Jess’s face started to turn red. Can i try it too, she whispers under her breath.

But dont you i start. Dont! She says firmly. Right now i dont want to think about him and his lazy attitude to our relationship. He never even proposed this type of idea, or more realistically he never even considered my feelings in bed. So show me what it means to be a… sex doll. I’m shocked. I never seen Jess being so firm and open about sex. I grab her by the hand and pull her into the room and embrace her and with a warm kiss. As the moment passed I kissed her again opening her mouth with my tongue. As few passionate moments pass. Then you start moving your arms and legs. Can I see her? You speak quietly. I let go of Jess and turn back to you. I walk around the bed and lean over you, quietly whispering into your ear. You can certainly watch. I cut duct tape and let you move your hands and legs free but only for a minute. I grab you by the through, tightly squeezing it and lifting you off the bed and forcing you into the wall. Dont you dare speak again without my permission. I say it in a raised voice and slap you across the face. Now you can sit in the chair and… watch like you wanted but you are not allowed to touch yourself or join us. The shock and disappointment on your face is priceless but you follow the orders like a good little cum dumpster that you are. Come here i say gently to jess. She looks even reder and fidgety than before. Let me show you something interesting, you wont regret it.

Jess starts walking forward. When she reaches the bed I grab her by the arm and pull her hard. I can hear a small yelp as she falls on to bed. Haha there’s nothing to be worried about, I tell her as I lean over her but look straight at your naked body. You just need to relax and be a good girl for me. I direct the message to Jess but am still looking at you. If you follow my orders I will give you what you want and so much more. That time it was directed to both of you. I can see that you are fidgeting in the chair, your hands moving around your body. Squeezing your nipples, moving your hands up and down your thighs. Getting ready to join us. But i can’t let that happen. I start moving my hands around Jesse’s body. Moving my fingers from her lips, down her neck easing her into the mood. She closes her eyes in pleasure. I lean over her whisper something into her ear. The only thing you hear is her responding, yes daddy. You can see getting off her and start walking towards you. Your eyes darting between me and Jess undresting. You on the other hand I say standing in front of you, need some teaching. I open my draw and get two items out. Rope witch I tie your hands to the hair. I can sense you trying to resist but in the end with my knee between your legs and me using my strength to hold you in place I managed to restrain you again. Your anger filled eyes make my cock get even harder. As punishment cunt, all you’ll be able to do is watch. And because I feel generous, i lick my fingers and stick them into your already drenched pussy. I leave you with a small present. I get my fingers out of you and then put a remote vibrator in you. I’ll be able to control how much fun you can have

As I turn around I can hear you struggling and trying to get your hands out of the restraint but my rushed job with the ropes will hold you in place for a bit. Oh lets not forget this. I go back into my drawer and get a gag ball. If you want anything today you’ll let me put this on you. You neither nod or shake your head so I take that as a yes and put it on you. Once again the chair starts moving because of your defiance and kicking of your legs. I turn back and start walking back to Jess in bed where she’s all naked and very embarrassed. Because she had her head bowed, her long blond hair covering started to cover her beautiful shaped tits and nipples. But she still had her pink laced underwear on. You dont have to be so shy, sweetheart it’s only just the two of us we can be as naughty as we want. I sit behind Jess and both of us are facing you. I start moving my hand around chest, squeezing her nipples gently. Jess do daddy a favour, I say in a reassuring voice. Look into that doll in the chair and tell her how good it feels when I touch your body. How my warm hand moves around your tits, how good it would feel, when I slide my hands down Jesse’s underwear and start touching her wet tight pussy. Looking into that waste of space and time and telling her how happy you’re next to me rather than on that chair. I still haven’t turned the vibrator on. Maybe I never will.

Jess completely forgets to follow my orders as one of my hands wraps around her neck as the other starts fingering her pussy. My lips kissing her neck, i start biting her ear but when all of this is happening i keep an unbreaking eye contact with you. Antagonising you, making you struggle and hoping you’ll break out of restraints i put you in because i know you won’t be your normal self. As Jesse’s moans get louder I ask her a question. Jess have you ever been with a girl before? Jesse’s body tightens up slightly and well as her pussy. No she answers in between big breaths of air. I smile devilishly. Would you like to play with my doll over there? I ask her. She looks you straight into your eyes… yes she whispers. Then take this, I pass her the remote controller to your vibrator. Play with yourself in front of her and dont forget to make her feel good. Jess starts crawling towards you and turning the vibrator straight to the max by accident. Your body become sensitive in the wait. All that build up anger, frustration and most importantly the desire to be fucked could not be controlled. So when Jess turned the vibrator your body was filled with ecstasy. And when a beautiful girl like jess was playing with herself in front the torrtcher became unbearable to you.

As the moments pass Jess starts losing her composure and starts to lean closer and closer to you. Her hands started to shake from please. She reaches in and touches your face. I notice that you lean your head so she could have an easier time touching you. Jess move her second hand away from her pussy and started to touch your body. Your neck, when she started to feel more confident she followed a whip mark down to your tits. Because i play with her tits earlier she’s trying to do the same to you. First gently move a hand around, and then start squeezing your nipples. Gently at first but when you moan a bit she decides to squeeze a bit more and more. Her shy appearance dissolving right in front of your face. Wait just a second Jess I grab her hands. Take the gag ball off her first. She reaches back of your head and when she undoes the strap she accidentally manages to pull on your hair tightly. I can see your face in agony but the best part is coming up. Jess, remember what I whispered in your ear? I ask her with the biggest grin on my face. Ask her the question. I ordered her. Ummm…. Joanna…. Cccan you.No! I Stop her, do it exactly like I ordered you. Yes daddy, i’m sorry daddy. She whippers. Joanna if you want me to remove the ropes all you have to do is beg daddy to let me do it. As she says it she gently presses her hand on your cheek.

Please, please take the ropes off, i can hear you quietly say it with anger. Still not begging but for jess it was good enough. She jumps off the bed, wait not yet I say but too late the ropes came off instantly. In an instant you push Jess to the door and start kissing her. I can hear her moans across the room and when your fingers sliding into her wet pussy she moans even more loudly and finally, she cum. Sorry she said out of breath, it’s my first time and it feels so good. She smiles at you and takes by the hand and pushes you on to the bed. Then she turned to me, since you were so mean to her now you have to sit in that chair and watch us. No rubbing your dick till we tell you to, she said firmly and turned back to you. As ordered i sat on the chair and started to enjoy the show you and jess put on just for me with a hard dick in my hand

As I sat down I noticed that Jess is being a lot more aggressive. Looking down to you with the wild look in her eyes until she finally leans over and initiates the kiss just like you imagine it would be on the night out. Just the two of you outside The Brage restaurant in the dark. But this time you can go all the way. You wrap your arm around her neck and embrace her. After a few moments out for toughs melting together you pull away. Jess has seen some videos on the internet of girls kissing and touching each other so she tries to replicate that. Climbing onto the bed taking you to the center as well. Both of you turn around with satisfied faces. Go on, I say and jess pushes you back down. Going straight to lick your pussy. At first she tumbles not sure how hard she should press her head. How much tongue she should use but she keeps trying. I see that Jess is unsure what to do so i decided to give an example. I climbed off the chair and walked behind her and started eating her wet pussy and fingering her ass.

Jess immediately pops up. What www what are you?aaa she just can’t get her words out any more. You on the other hand noticed that she’s paying me more attention so you wrap your legs around her head and force your wet pussy into Jesse’s mouth. Even if she’s not good at it it’s better than being in the chair alone. After a few pleasurable moments I pull away from Jess and walk around her. So cum slut i talk to you, finally having a fun time? I ask you with a grin. You just look at me angrily and grab my dick. It’s rock hard and hot. After a few strokes I grab your head and jam it fully into your mouth. No you have jess eating your pussy and fingering your ass like I showed her and my cock in your mouth. This is what you wanted. To be a toy for everyone’s pleasure.

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