A night all about him – servant girl role play [MF] – Part 2 real sex stories

Picking back up from [Part 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/mrixvy/a_night_all_about_him_servant_girl_roleplay_mf/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf).

He is just getting out of the shower – having cleaned himself off from the escapades of earlier in the night. I’m still wearing that very tiny blue shear harem style bikini with the gold metal detailing – just a quick refresher.

“Sit here,” I say pointing to the vanity. He hesitantly looks at it – I’m sure wondering what I will be doing and guessing if it will hold his rather large 185 lb frame.

“It’s fine,” I say motioning to the fact that it’s sitting on the ground (we used to have a floating vanity that I’m sure would rip right out of the wall 😉 ).

“Fine – what are you up to?”

“Well I need to finish your shave.” As I motion to the new razor on the counter. “You trust me don’t you?”

He smirks not answering. I know he will let me shave him. He is so easy going for anything that I want. Honestly it’s super hot to have basically no limits between us. I lather his heavy five o’clock jaw, already shadowed even though he shaved earlier in the day. Slowly standing in between his shirtless torso covered only by a towel across his lower abs I begin to slowly shave him. Honestly I’m a bit excited by this – a bit of a thrill making passes up along his jaw and to his neck. He is so large above me even sitting like this but vulnerable to my movements. I laugh as I reach his Adam’s apple. “No way I’m doing that.” I say. He takes the blade from me a bit smug and shaves the small patch I’m too afraid to do.

I then gently clean his now soft face with a warm wet cloth and my heart hammers a bit at the intimacy. I hope he likes what next since we’ve only ever really talked about it but never had a night where it was the main focus.

I then lean him out of the bathroom into the bedroom which I have already set up as a little spa. Picture relaxing music. A big towel on the bed and some candles in a lowly lit room.

“Get on the bed face down. I know your not shy so you can just drop that towel if you want.”

I notice he is already at half mass when he gets on the bed – laying on his stomach like I asked. I slowly start to massage and oil his shoulders standing to the side of the bed. Realizing it’s hard for me to rub him deeply like he likes from this position I ask “Do you mind if I get on top of you to rub deeper?”

“No – I want to feel you straddle me” he says in a relaxed tone.

I maneuver my one leg over him and then the other. Laughing as the medal skirt and bra jingle. I keep going and he lets out moans with my deeper touches.

All right I think to myself – time for the real phase 2. I’ve slid all the way back now to that his cute butt is plumped up in front of me – me on his legs and put more oil on him. I start needing both his cheeks spreading them a little with my thumbs. I can feel him tense a bit as I get more adventurous towards his back entrance.

I lean down and whisper “I’d like to make you cum with my hands like this – will you let me bring you pleasure?”

“Yes” he simply says moaning slightly as my fingers make my way to his ass circling his entrance.

I lean back further now – and grab the back door lube and slowly ring his asshole with my fingers. My other hand massaging his taint and balls. As I feel him relax – I want to get bolder. I slowly slide one finger in. It’s tight and wet and I get goosebumps from the feeling I get that this is what I must feel like. I keep going in and out – my other hand slightly brushing his dick – but I don’t want to touch it. I really want him to cum from prostate play alone.

“Can you handle another?” I say.

“I’m..m.. not sure.” He responds.

“Let’s try and I can always stop.”

So I slide another finger in him. It’s sort of crazy having this big dude under my control. I do slow pumps and he is panting.

“It’s too much,” he hisses out.

I immediately remove my fingers.

Honestly I’m disappointed I couldn’t get him there. He sees the disappointment on my face and smiles, “Aw babe it’s okay – I didn’t expect to cum this time. I know your my little perfectionist.”

I nod and give a timid smile back – he knows me too well – wanting to do everything really well when I do it.

He is now turned over and sitting up. His gentle big hand on my cheek – somehow pulling me into a passionate but timid kiss. We stay like that kissing – his hands tracing my ribs now. I break the kiss.

“Your massage isn’t over,” I tell him. Playfully pushing him on to his back. I quickly clean my hands and then I’m back to massaging his chest, his biceps down to his hands. His face is blissed out. And as I get to his lower abs I see he is hard.

“You are never allowed to get a massage from someone else if this is your reaction.” I say motioning to his huge hard on.

“I literally have been begging you for a massage and you keep telling to go somewhere and I tell YOU that I don’t want to.” He laughs.

His laughter makes me want to shut him up so I kiss him. His hands quickly slip under the see-through bikini top and I’m moaning as he plays with my nipples. It feels like ecstasy as he roles them between his thumb and forefinger. I reach down and bring his dick to my see through panties and push them to the side with his head.

“Fuck your so wet”

I nod into our kiss and slide him in me. I love the feeling of him stretching me. We both moan as I ride him hard and fast. Making a figure eight motion with my hips as I go. The metal on my costume jiggling. I’m getting my money out of this thing.

“I’m going to cum,” he cries out as minutes pass.

I quickly pull him out of me and pump and suck his cum into my mouth and swallow.

Hope you enjoyed – I almost didn’t tell this story embarrassed that I couldn’t make him cum from prostate play – sorry if I disappointed. I’ll work on it 😉

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