A Halfling’s Winter Problem [mf][anal][rimming] erotic short stories

In the dead of winter, even the temperate regions of Argwyll get particularly chilly, forcing those without homes of their own to go out of their way for warmth and shelter. Elves and varani in particular loathe these cold conditions, but more than anyone, halflings are positively unsuited for the ice and snow. In the stone city of Ganall, in northeastern Alanjeh, conditions often call for immediate shelter when it starts snowing hard, and it’s far from unheard of to find stowaways sneaking into one’s home to keep warm. During this time of the year, those who are arrested for trespassing are often let off lightly on account of these circumstances–sometimes, people hiding in others’ homes aren’t even reported, and are instead welcomed as a temporary house guest. While wholesome on paper, this does open the door for some less savory individuals to take advantage of the situation and steal from their generous hosts.

These extenuating circumstances were the first justification Eriss thought of when she finally decided to get out of the freezing alleyway and sneak into an open door–kindly taking a moment to close it behind her, so as to not let the cold in. Eriss was delighted to discover that the inside of the home was warm and crisp, her pointed ears fluttering slightly when she heard the crackle of a fire in another room. It was the perfect opportunity to rest a while and wait for the storm to blow over. However, despite Eriss’ curves, she needed something more than a distant fire–some sort of warm blanket, or even a towel, and so the search began for a suitable cover for her to build up heat before she set back out.

After a few trips into several vacant rooms, it became rather obvious that the house was completely empty. The door must’ve been open because someone left in a hurry, Eriss thought to herself. It didn’t mean she could stay forever, but there was certainly less risk of getting arrested for breaking and entering. Unfortunately, none of those vacant rooms seemed to have any suitable blankets or sheets for her to use, except…the bedroom. Perhaps the most risky room to hide out in. Eriss found herself lucky when she managed to find a spare sheet in the closet–she could simply take the sheet, find an unused room or corner, and rest up for a short while! Her plan was flawless, right up until she reached the bedroom door to leave and suddenly heard stomping coming from the entrance-and sole exit-to the house…and the stomping was getting closer and closer to the bedroom.

Thinking fast, Eriss buried herself under the sheets in the closet. At the very least, it was warm, and even rather comfortable. But if someone was coming into the bedroom, how long would they stay? Were they a heavy sleeper? Were they going to sleep at all? What if they were coming to get the spare sheets? Paranoid thoughts raced through Eriss’ head until, finally, the loud thunk of the closed door snapped her out of her overthinking, and the creaking of the bed alerted her to a single other inhabitant. The slightest peek from the sheets revealed what appeared to be a soldier or adventurer taking off their leather boots…very, very large leather boots. This house belonged to a goliath!

The stone-skinned giant stripped down to his umentionables and sprawled over the too-small bed, rubbing at his forehead with a booming groan. “One day. One day without getting paid a pittance to carry someone out of your house because ‘peasants are diiirty.’ Fucking bluebloods can’t even cough up decent money for their whiny bullshit. Maybe I should just put up a sign. ‘If someone snuck into your house so they didn’t freeze to death and you knock on my door because of it, you’re a piece of shit.’” Well…at least he seemed like a decent guy. Still, even carrying around flowers wouldn’t make it any more tense to be hiding ten feet away from a nine-foot, nearly five-hundred pound giant of a man.

Eriss waited quietly, only barely shifting under the sheets to be as un-lumpy as possible. Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes began to feel like hours, before she finally heard the telltale sound of snoring coming from the direction of the bed. She’d managed to warm up, and it was unlikely that the snow was going to go on for all that long, so at the very least, she had an opportunity to sneak out of the bedroom and into a better place to wait out the rest of the storm. However, the moment she removed the sheets and stood up, she stood face-to-face with a goliath’s thigh, the stranger looking down on her from on high. “Well, isn’t this ironic? I just got finished hauling some sneaky goblin out of a lady’s house, and now I find you all snuggled up in my very own closet. What ever should I do with you? Kick you out? Call the authorities?” The stranger’s stern, stone-like face furrowed at Eriss, even as he leaned down to get a closer look at her.

“No! No, please. Just until the storm blows over. It’s freezing out there! The icicles on my ears are growing icicles!” Eriss pleaded with the gruff-looking stranger, only thinking she even had a chance because he was just rambling about not wanting to throw anyone else out on the street. “You know a halfling can’t survive out there for more than a few minutes! At least let me keep the shee–” “Alright, already. Sheesh. I have enough of a headache as it is, you don’t have to yell. Get in the bed and bundle up. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Eriss didn’t have a chance to get a word in edgewise before he left the room, soon finding herself happily snuggled up in his blankets. Even goliaths like soft covers, apparently. The goliath soon returned with a bowl of hot ham-and-potato soup, setting it on the beside table and looking to Eriss expectantly. “Well? I’m not a good cook, but it should warm you up.” And warm her up, it did. Between the comfy covers and the hot-if bland-soup, Eriss was feeling wonderful!

Eriss was so embroiled in eating her meal that she barely noticed her host falling asleep next to her without any blankets or sheets on. That was the first time she really got a chance to admire his body. It was exactly as one might imagine a goliath warrior–sturdy, chiseled, powerful in every conceivable way. The broad curves of his abs compelled Eriss to go for a touch before she even really considered what she was doing–the second she got a feel, she reeled back immediately and threw some of the covers atop him, turning over to look away and try to take a nap. The awkward feeling of sleeping in a stranger’s bed-with that stranger present, no less-didn’t fade, but eventually, she managed to start dozing off.

The next time she woke up, though, she found herself cuddled up next to the goliath, with his monstrously-huge hand placed firmly over her ample derriere. It wasn’t going to be easy to get him off without waking him up, so she didn’t try. “Uh, excuse me…your hand is on–” “Your ass? I noticed.” He wasn’t asleep at all! “Thought you wouldn’t mind, after you felt me up already. So…do you?” His gaze held purpose behind it, this time. The halfling’s face flushed red, a stark contrast to her fair skin and cool hair. “…no. I suppose I don’t.” “I was hoping you wouldn’t. Now, I’ll be honest…I’m not very wordy, and I’m no good at feathery romance or anything like that. So, that being said, I’ll ask you straight–and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. You can still sleep here. Do you–” “Wanna fuck?” Eriss was the one to blurt it out, in the end, and the goliath didn’t give her much chance to regret it. Almost instantly, he sat up, resting her ass on his thigh, and leaned into her for a kiss that smothered her plump body with hardened, stone-like muscle. When there lips met, there was a magic there. Perhaps it was simply the contrast of his larger, firmer lips against her soft, pillowy ones, or perhaps it was simply the intensity with which he held her close, embracing her for their first properly romantic interaction. Either way, there were stars in her eyes when he pulled back.

“It’s Razma, by the way. I have a feeling you’ll need to know that pretty soon.” “Wow…okay. Razma, then. I’m Eriss.” “That’s a nice name. I’ll be honest, Eriss. When you first stood up from the sheets, I was really, really hoping you’d be happy to climb in my bed and share it with me. Forcing these things isn’t my style, but you’re the kind of girl I’d go out of my way to get into.” “Don’t you mean–” “No.” Razma displayed shocking speed for his size when he suddenly lifted Eriss up into the air and pressed her back down into the bed, face-first, with the massive Razma kneeling over her on all fours. “I’ll get you all ready and be as gentle as I can, but I’m warning you now–when I get riled up, I get aggressive. If you aren’t ready for it and you try to back out too late, I might not listen. So, if you’re really ready for this…lose ‘em and let me see that fat halfling ass.”

Eriss couldn’t resist such an earnest request. He didn’t help, only watched her slowly strip away what little she was still wearing after being bundled up in bed. Razma, to his credit, didn’t jump on her until her panties were around her ankles, but at that point his face was firmly between her plush cheeks, nose poking out from the valley of flesh that hid his goal–her tight, dainty little backdoor. Tight and dainty, that is, compared to the tongue that started assaulting it without relent. The licks and lashes were one thing, but Razma’s passion caused the primary sound in the room to be wet, aggressive slurping, overshadowing even Eriss’ pleasured whimpers from having her ass so suddenly and thoroughly violated. It felt like ages before Razma finally proceeded to stiffening his tongue and pushing it in as far as he could, veritably tongue-fucking his houseguest and warming her up for the main event.

In truth, Eriss hadn’t properly considered the consequences of someone her size getting it on with a goliath, but when Razma finally stood up and dropped his loose-fitting underwear to the floor, she got a glimpse of something equally tantalizing and dangerous–eighteen throbbing, rock-hard inches of goliath cock. Throbbing for her. The only thing that kept her sane when she first felt the sharp sting of cock slipping into her rear end was the nature of goliath saliva–particularly slick, syrupy spit with a side effect of numbing what it’s slathered onto, provided enough saliva is provided. Evolution’s highest priority is copulation, after all, and goliaths needed some way to keep their women healthy during the dirty deed. Of course, being a halfling, with their flexible, sturdy bodies definitely helped. Despite the size contrast, it was actually a match made in heaven.

That didn’t mean Eriss had it easy, especially with Razma’s impatience. Once he slipped the head inside, he wrapped one arm firmly around Eriss, keeping her left arm pinned to her while he held her almost like a toy. There was, at least, some display of romance when Razma pinned Eriss’ free hand to the bed, wrapping her smaller, slender fingers up in his own skull-cracker of a fist. With nowhere to go, Eriss couldn’t do much but relax in his grasp while she took the oncoming inches, each one seeming thicker and more lively than the last. When Razma finally stopped about halfway in, she let out a sigh of relief–trying to keep her voice down while taking such a massive insertion was getting harder and harder. Unfortunately, that sigh quickly turned into squeaky squeals of pleasure when Razma reeled back and started to thrust properly, shoving his hips forward and filling Eriss to the brim in long, thorough sweeps through her. Razma’s prediction finally came true while he was in an almost feral state, completely dedicated to ramming himself into Eriss’ backside. “Oooh ghads, fuck, Razma! Too much! Too much…! Don’t…don’t stop!” Not that he was going to, one way or the other.

Razma lost himself in the mix of her body and voice, pounding away at her battered body well past the storm’s end. By the time he was finally satisfied, he’d finished a total of five times. Only the fifth and final load ended up being released in Eriss herself, leaving her with a noticeable bump in her cum-bloated belly alongside the absolute deluge of goliath seed covering her from head to toe. After catching his breath and looking down at his guest, just about passed out from being used as a cocksleeve for hours on end, he showed off an uncharacteristic little smile and covered her up with a blanket before walking out of the room to go catch himself a hot bath.

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