43[F] – I still get game from the nudes I took as a teenager Part 1 non-fiction sex stories

I turned 18 before the age of digital camera. Before we left for our studies my boyfriend wanted to have some pics of me. I approached my regular studio with the negatives and asked the guy at desk, the owner’s son, to get them printed. Looking at the bikini pictures he asked if they were for someone special. I said they were for my boyfriend. After the booking he followed me to the parking and quietly suggested that he can arrange for more risqué pictures of me. He and his father can arrange for a private space where his father will take the pics. He promised to keep my face out of them and remove any body marks. The idea was very bold for me I had only been with one guy and the thought of my naked pics in front of two men, father & son was just too much. I just jumped in my car and drove away.

When it was time for taking the prints, I went at a time I knew his father will be at the shop. I made the payment and took the prints. “So what do you think?” he asked me. My stomach drops realizing that he told his father. “Umm I don’t know I mean I don’t want to”.

“You don’t look so sure, let me show me around to convince you” he takes me by the hand and pulls me behind the desk. We walk past many rooms into an unmarked studio. The studio has a red background, a makeup room, a bed in the corner & very small space already filled with equipment and lights.

“Doesn’t this look great. I can make you look like Marilyn or any other bunny you like” He grabs a folder and starts showing me pictures. I almost fainted from the shame of being in that room looking at naked pictures of other girls. “Maybe you know some of these girls but can you tell? No, we take good care of that. Only me and my son work on the pictures.”

His gentle way relaxed me a little and I notice that his son has also joined in the studio. “She is too shy Dad she is a good girl. I dont think she wants any of this.”

His father picks up another folder “We get a lot of good girls like you but they turn wild on this room” He flips the folder to the pictures of girl with a black guy. “Very nice girl but revealed herself to us.” I freeze and start to look at the pictures very carefully. I had never seen anything interracial, his dick looked unreal.

After some talk I get out and leave with my pictures. The idea stayed with me and I brought it up to my boyfriend the next day. “My pictures as we talked but you know something funny happened at the photo store.”

“What? The owner offered the studio for sex pictures?” We stare at each other in silence “He did?”.

“I have heard about it but …is it for real? They don’t offer it to everyone…I have heard it only for the girls they think are good looking. OMG i cant believe they offered it to you. What did you say?”

I told him about how both of them tried to convince me by showing the studio and pictures but I refused. His face was red either horny or upset that I refused. We never talked about it and I never visited that studio again.


After some time in my college in a different state, I had grown into a slut. I had completely forgotten about the studio until one night at a party I met a guy with a Polaroid camera. He was taking picture of the girls who agreed to strip. I kept following him around the party and he asked me if I would like my picture taken. I agreed and pulled by top up hiding my face with it. I hear some guys cheer me on and then the shutter. After sometime he handed the picture. It was quickly taken from me and made its way around the party. Some guys eve pulled my top to check if it was really my pics. I just snatched it back and left the party.

The next day when I looked at it, the picture was perfect, I had with me my first naked picture, I kept it in my journal that I kept locked up.


I never got married and live alone so never had to hide the picture and I keep it in a book in my bookshelf. Occasionally when I have people over to my place, they end up finding it going thru my books. They don’t believe it is me and I offer to get naked to compare. Once I am naked in my house I end up fucking the person. I have been with guys, couples and some group sex thanks to this picture that gets me a reason to get naked.


…….Part 2 Intro…….Back in college, I asked about the guy from the party but couldn’t find him I was upset but then the studio offer came back to me. I got dressed and start walking around the shops near campus looking for studios. I found some but they were staffed by students and I wanted someone similar older who may have done it before. Finally tired, at a store away from my campus I just ended up asking if they have a studio for naughty stuff. The guy understood what I meant and gave me a card for a different studio “They do this kind of stuff but be careful don’t go alone.”

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