(24F) Came home to find a stranger jerking off on my couch! sex confession

I’d been working a late shift and got home around 1.30am. I get through the door and before I’ve even got my jacket off for a weird second think I’ve somehow let myself into the wrong flat. Because right in front of me sat on my couch is a guy I’ve never seen before half naked and jerking his cock to a video on his phone.

I totally froze not really knowing what to do. Weirdly two thoughts that flew through my confused head were ‘he’s hot’ and ‘he’s got a fucking big cock’!

By now he’d reacted to the interruption and is half standing, trying to pull his boxers up. He stammered an apology saying he didn’t know my flatmate lived with anyone else.

I instantly relax. Thank fuck. It’s not a weird robber, it’s one of my flatmates dates that’s taken a weird turn.

He continued apologising and offered to leave. I’d calmed down and just found the whole thing kinda funny so told him to stay. He sat back down just in his boxers.

I asked him how badly the date had gone if he was sat up alone and masturbating while she was presumably asleep. With some persuasion He said the date had gone well but the sex after hadn’t been so successful. He hadn’t finished and she’d fallen asleep. Now he was too wound up to sleep without finishing and he didn’t think there was any risk of anyone walking in.

I joked she often had that problem and she’s notorious for leaving guys in the lurch. And that sometimes if I am home I feel so sorry for them I’ll get the job done instead.

I was joking and I think he knew I was joking. But I still saw his cock twitch through his boxers.

And he was really hot. And I hadn’t had sex for nearly two weeks. And he was right there and already nearly naked.

So I asked him if he wanted me to do that for him too…

We fucked. Right there on the sofa. I climbed on him and rode the fuck out of his cock.
And Unlike my flatmate I made him cum!

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