20f best shower of my life erotic confession

holy fuck I just had the most amazing shower… I have been tied up and horny all morning so I got up to take a shower finally and I couldn’t help myself. Before I got in the shower I rubbed ice all over my tits and put my butt plug in. Then I put on my nipple suckers and brought some ice with me. I got in the shower and stuffed my pussy with ice. It felt so good with them warm shower covering my body. I went through the routine of watching my body and hair, every once in a while reaching down to rub my clit a little. After all the ice melted I got on all fours in the shower and throat fucked myself with my dildo, getting it nice and wet. I then fucked my pussy hard and rough, it was hurting and I loved it. I was moaning so loud, basically screaming at that point. I got close to cumming so I pulled the dildo out and slapped my pussy hard a few times. Then I stuck the dildo back in my pussy as far as it would go and stood up. I took off the nipple suckers and gave my tits some hard slaps. I took the dildo out and got out of the shower, drying myself off. Then put some toothpaste on my nipples and a clit pump on my clit while I did my hair. Unfortunately at this point I realized I had started my period and so I put a tampon in and played with my clit a little before putting my clothes on. I i as a good girl and didn’t cum but I had so much fun.

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